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Author has written 8 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Mega Man, Teen Titans, Advance Wars, and Gundam UC.

Name: Blitzwing
Affiliation: Blitzkrieg Imperial Armada
Rank: Lord Admiral

Race: Cybertronian
Power Level: Unknown, robot
height: 35 feet, 2 inches

Armor: Cybertronian Standard
Weapons: Standard Issue rifle, Electron Schimitar
Transformations: Soviet T-72 Tank, MiG 29 Jet Fighter

Personality: Matured in recent years, still acts like a goof sometimes.

Real Life Name: J. Matt Beverley
Nicknames: Jago, Beverley, Jarhead (don't ask why, I don't know)
Gender: Male

Occupation: Military
Age: 22 Lives: Oshawa/Various military bases

Relationship status: Single
Wants to: Go to Japan, Russia, or maybe Australia
Fears - Anything too cute and fluffy, door to door salesmen, People who try to make me change my religion (Hail Primus and Dende!)
Likes - Apple Computers, Anything reptilian, Jackie chan.
Hobbies - Taking things apart and rebuilding using Lego, Writing, computer animation
Zodiac - Leo
Pets - 1 dog (Jack Russel terrier, Spike)

Favorite Author: Sele-Chan, for all your stories!
Fav anime gendre: Giant Robot, ie Gundam, Macross, Robotech, Patlabor, Transformers.
Fav Games: Megaman, all series. Final Fantasy series
Fav Color - Black and Green
Fav Food - Pizza, Steak
Fav Drinks - Vanilla Coke, Dr. Pepper
Fav Alc drinks: Vodka, Sake, Molson export
Favorite Male Character - Radditz, May have been a minor character but I think he was the best saiya jin.
Favorite Female Character - Videl, one of the best looking ones on the show, must have some canadian in her.

Current feelings : Do my duty to my country...

The story of Matt

Matt is my middle name. I just chose it off the top of my head as a basic name for most of my original characters.

Matt is in no way a representation of myself. He can be anything. In one story he is a Saiya jin who falls in love with a Teen Titan(A Saiya jins fury). In another he is the leader of a reborn Soviet Union taking revenge on the entire planet of earth (The Red Army). One unpublished story has him hunting Jason Voorhees (Of Friday the 13th fame) for killing his parents years before.

In my most expansive story (140 pages in MSWord), he is a Canadian forces pilot who would give his life to protect his family and friends, and puts his committment to the test in repeated encounters with his arch nemesis Edgar Valen, former British special forces elite.

In another long story Matt is a fighter in a tournament who ends up putting his life on the line to stop the man who put his beloved in a coma.

In conclusion he is just a name, not basis on me, jsut a simple name I chose.

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