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The Winner's Drabbles are coming in!

Check out Chapter 5 of the Contest fic for Airdrie's drabbe for Faith-a-saurus, winner of honourable mention in the RobStar First Kiss Competition

Check out Chapter 4 of the Contest fic for Kry's drabbe for Ravy-Rah, winner of second place in the RobStar First Kiss Competition

Seven Signs

Check out Chapter 3 of the Contest Fic for Kry's drabble for menamebephil winner of third place in the RobStar First Kiss Competition:




It was a very close competition and we are so pleased with the amount of entries we received. Some people broke out of their ships to enter, wrote in the fandom for the first time and other went even further: they gathered the courage to post their first stories. All entries were fantastic and which made the decision very difficult.

1st - ilusweets with "A shocking moment of clarity" This piece was chosen for its naturality. Moments in time that could have easily appeared in the show. The description was elegant, the emotion entrancing and the final kiss flowed with everything we love about Robin and Starfire, while oozing romance, it delivered normalcy at the same time. Just delightful.

2nd - Ravy-ruh with "Without her" "Without her" was so full of emotion it was hard not to be affected by it. Loaded with the real possibility of losing her without her ever knowing what Robin felt, the first person technique added a new dimension to it, dragging the reader in to become part of the story. The execution of the description provoked a real kinship with Robin and even though Starfire had no lines, her part in this was just magical.

3rd - menamebephil with "The Unbearable Solemnity of Being (Fifteen)" It was the humor in this one that was a real pleasure. Found at every turn, every line had the element of fun. The acknowledgment of teenagers in love/lust was adorable. Even though it was AU, it still felt like the Titans, which can be a difficult feat. The inclusion of bromance was icing on the cake. The kiss was simple and contained all the awkwardness we remember of our first kisses in high school.

Honorable mentions:

Katergator - "Robin's Favo(u)rite Holiday" For being a good sport and her unofficial entry.

.Faith-o-saurus. - "If I ain't got you" She gets real credit for having a costume party and not having ZombieDick make an appearance, If I ain't got you was a fun read.

TheForceisstrongwiththisone - "Gotham Love" The relationship between Raven and Starfire really shone here, which we adored. Starfire's inner thoughts were perfect and Raven's care was touching. The kiss was nice too.

Serenity - formerly sb1 - "First Kiss" Starfire's unconditional love for her sister continues to burden her and again Robin is there for her, but when she makes a move to leave again, he's not about to make the mistake he made in 'Sisters'. We loved the completeness and emotions of this one shot, and how the pair settled in nicely after a wonderful first kiss.


First prize: 5000 word limit any pairing they like, any setting, whoever they want to write it

Second: 2500 word limit any pairing they like, any setting, whoever they want to write it

Third: 1000 word limit Any pairing the winner likes, any setting, and whoever they wish to write it.

Honorable mentions will receive a drabble of around 500 words. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Just drop Grayson note with your choice and either Airdrie or Kry will contact you to discuss the particulars.


Kryalla Orchid & Star of Airdrie Rob/Star First Kiss Contest Entries 2011



10/31/11: Our contest closed today - so sad!! results up 11/7/11


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9/7/11: I'm here, just lurking, behaving for the most part. Being a good fanboypart. All the happy stuff.


8/19/2011: I've added a new Teen Titans ship: Grayson (me!!!) and Kry's Gretchen from Promise. (I lurvessss her!!!)


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My favorite DC story line is the Final Cake Crisis:

I enjoy the song stylings of Barry White, Barry Manilow, Barry Gibb... actually the song stylings of most guys named Barry. I enjoy the cover of darkness, reasonably sized heating ducts, leash laws, cake, and long walks along the beach. Oh, and sunsets. They're nice.

But most of all, I'm here to make a difference.


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Skippy and I have been given the provision go head by Spouse of Airdrie for our upcoming first fic based on One Man's Junk with the working title 'The Adventures of Grayson... Tales of a Weekend at the Sorority (with a side trip to the home for Wayward Young Women): Beware the sound of the little tiny metallic feet'. (Hmmm, maybe that title should be shortened a little bit...)


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