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I am yet another one of those Harry Potter fic writers. And am just about to try my hand at slash. I' m addicted to the wonderfulness of slash, thanks to dear Emily, aka lipstick traces. In addition, I love LoTR RPslash, mostly Emily's, although the demons at have banned all RP fics. Bummer.

I don't write any HP fanfics without Draco. I can't help it! He's so much better than that smarmy git Potter, who has no personality and is such a good boy that it's sickening. Darkness is what makes good characters better.

I've only been writing fics for about a month, but I've been reading for YEARS! Literally! It's an addiction. I thought I had broken the habit, and then someone mentions, and soon everyone's telling me to read these fics, and those fics, and to try fictionalley and schnoogle and next thing I know, I've set up a account and reading fics at a rate that is hardly healthy.

I read far more fics than I review, the sad fact of the matter is that has become so crowded with REALLY BAD WRITING that most of it just isn't worth it. Misspelling laden, grammatically incorrect fics with screwy plot lines are everywhere. And flames are too much work. Unless I come across something horrible that has a million reviews and everyone is gushing compliments, in which case a full slamming is in order. I'm all for people expressing themselves, and not being a good writer is forgiveable, but for godsakes, SPELL CHECK BEFORE YOU POST!

I'm going to now continue with my little rant about writing on, HP fanfics, fanfics and other writing in general.

1) For those of you who put anything along the lines of "This is my first fic, please r/r!" in your summary, please don't. I avoid things with desperate pleas for reviews in the description often, and know many who do the same. And admitting that you've never done this before is often not wise. No offense to the rookies, I'm fairly new at this myself, but really!! Don't flaunt your inexperience.

2) Mary Sues are retarded. Most people have this opinion. I have, much to my shame, experimented often with self-insertation, with disasterous results. So don't even try. Having invented chars in your fanfic is great, I'm all for that. As long as it is not based on your "Erised Self" aka that wonderfully perfect version of yourself somewhere in your subconsious embodied and placed in a fanfic. Or any writing. The worst thing I have written recently was an original piece that was really just a very bad Mary Sue story.

3)DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PLACE AN AMERICAN AT HOGWARTS SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT BRIT-PICKING OR SO THAT YOU CAN USE AMERICAN SLANG OR TO HAVE A MORE MARYSUE-ish MARY SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole 'American at Hogwarts' thing is generally very nerve grating. Sure, there have been some good ones written but the ones that are simply really bad Mary Sue fics. And the whole thing about not wanting to Brit-pick - that's just lazy. The series are set in Britain, find a good Brit-picker or just figure out what they don't say there and do it yourself. Lestatian (on my favorite author list, go read her stuff!!!!!!!) in a very nice email says: "Just a very big thank you!!! I'm British, and the whole American-transfer-student thing is just as annoying as it is insulting. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against American slang or anything but usually it's really badly done." So there, I'm not alone.
And why bother with transfer students ANYWAY in most cases when there are hundereds of Hogwarts students that JKR never gave names or personalities? Just use one of them!

4)Get a Beta. Now. Those who think they do not need one often need it most.

5)Slow relationship developments down!! Especially when writing slash, because those are relationships that need extra time, simply because the world is still pretty strange about homosexual relationships, and many of the slash pairings require a great change in both chars. One of my biggest peeves is when Draco suddenly falls into Harry's arms and without warning they are madly in love. Draco/anyone not in Slytherin pairings generally require a lot of character development, mostly on Draco's behalf. The easiest way to do this is to set the fics later on, so you can leave some of the gaps open but relationships still must always happen in a coherent way. . .which brings us to 6...

6)This section of the rant is devoted entirely to Draco. People who have him change instantly from evil git to fluffy bunny are insane. DON'T DO THAT! As a Draco lover, I take such things personally. He deserves better. Bad Draco spy fics are also horrible -- if you decide to write one, you have to justify his joining with the Ministry. One day he woke up and hated his dad and all things evil/Dark Arts related is NOT a good reason. SoG is a spy fic, and I am working very hard to avoid that. If I sink into any of that, please PLEASE tell me! PLEASE!

7) More relationship ranting. Prof/student pairings?!?! Come on. That's just weird, and often a little gross. Especially Snape/any Wonder Trio member pairing. HE HATES THEM! ALWAYS WILL!

8) If you are new to fanfics, here's a tip: read parody fics. A good parody fic will define the things it parodies (many rookies don't know what slash, yaoi, yuri, twincest, betas, R/R [once upon a time you didn't know what it meant either] PWP, POV, talking heads, etc. mean).

9) Short chaps suck. I think (and know some agree) that anything less than 450 words or so is just sad. I usually aim for 1000-3000 per chap, god knows half the time I barely scrape that. But I still think that unless it's a prolouge/epologue/interlude, chaps should have some substance.

10) Bad formating has no excuse. I know, I know, the upload often screws things up, but still. You should always ALWAYS preview and check to see if everything came through alright. I just stick some HTML in for line breaks and formatting, and that is one of the relatively few ways to keep your breaks, bolds and italics.

11) Don't dis slash. Some very stupid, closed-minded idiots have a problem with non-het relationships. To them I say: GET OVER IT. This is the 21th century, people, we are not barbaric idiots. Love is love is love, het or not. Everyone against slash should shut up. Because most people against slash are homophobes. Which is not only stupid, IT'S WRONG.

Rant over. So good to get that off my back. . .

While I'm not in front of my computer, rotting my mind with fanfics, I most likely am hurling myself down a ski slope at 55 mph while pissing off the idiot tourists, teaching ski school at Loveland on the weekends (seriously!) or climbing at REI because I'm too cheap to buy a membership to the climbing gym by my school. Well, not actually too cheap, I just got a pair of climbing shoes and I'm out 90 bucks.

I go to a high school for artists, my "art" is writing. My real-life collegues maX Voulnutt, Idria, and lipstick traces also write fanfics, go read their stuff. NOW! They can be found on my favorites list with a host of other good fic writers.

Flames are always fine, I am a pyro. If I become hypocritical and lapse into any of the things I warn against in my rant, FLAME ME! PLEASE!

Ah. Nearly forgot to expain my favorites list: if an AUTHOR is on my list, it means they have more numerous excellent stories and their stories will not be on my story list, although they are wonderful. Most of the people I know IRL, here in the "real world" where they are mostly other first year writing majors. Or pseudo-stepsiblings.
If a STORY is on my list, more often than not that is the author's really outstanding work. I just felt the need to tell everybody that. Go figure.

Stories I have written:

Shades of Gray: BWAHAHAHA! Something I started and didn't finish. How typical.

Contradiction: Me screwing around with styles and stuff. Twas muchly fun to write

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