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Poll: Summary: Just when I thought you couldn't make me feel even more guilty and grateful, just when I thought you couldn't possibly convince to live a happy life you do what you always do by fucking up my plans and giving me something I dont deserve. Upload? Vote Now!
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Hello everyone of the fanfiction world. Gosh is it lame if i tell u that im SUPPER nervous. After being a fanfiction addict for who knows how long(literally idk how i even found this site) i finally decided to make my own accout here.

Voice in background: What are u doing??

Me: Geez why do u care??? What do u want? Hey dont look over my shoulder!!! ICHIGO GO AWAY!

Ichigo: Fanfiction.net. Che so this is what u do in ur "free" time huh.

Me: You're an ass. *doorbell rings* You gunna get that a-hole?

Ichigo: What do u think?

Me: Fine I'll get it. *opens door* Who are you? *death glare*

Reporter: Im a... re..porter. *trembles*

Ichigo: Who is it?

Me(going back inside ignoring reporter): Just some reporter and... hey get away from there!!

Ichigo: Dont you think you should tell them a little bit bout urself.

Me: What for?!? All they need to know is that i was born on... on... I forget.

Ichigo: Typical.

Me: When was it again?

Ichigo: Why u asking me?

Me: Cause i'm ur fav twin.

Ichigo: Your my only twin dumbass.

Me*sigh* im still ur favorite even though ur not mine.

Ichigo: WHAT?!?!

Me: Geez take a chill pill i was just kidding.

Ichigo: You better be.

Ichigo's Hollow: Will u guys keep it down.

Me: yes i was waiting for u to come out. Now he is my favorite twin.

Ichigo: What the hell?!? I thought I was ur favorite.

Me: You both are moron.

Ichigo: But he's not even human.

Ichigo's Hollow: Ouch King that hurt a little... not *laughs*

Me: Ichigo ur such an ass. What u saying my hollow isnt human either?!

My Hollow: What did the asshole just say??

Ichigo: Crap.

(My hollow starts a war with Ichigo)

Ichigo's Hollow: Hey I get dibs on his head!

(Ichigo's Hollow joins in)

Me*sigh* Kay so my fav animes are Bleach(as u can tell), Blood Plus, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebob, Inuyasha, Durarara(just started it and liking it so far), Ouran High School Host Club and Others that i cant seem to remember or im just too lazy.

Fav Pairings: IchigoXRukia, Hollow IchigoXRukia, KisukeXYoruichi, NarutoXHinata, RoyXRiza, InuyashaXKagome and i think thats... oh and HagiXSaya.

Fav Characters: Ichigo/Hollow Ichigo, Rukia, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Byakuya, Renji, Ukitake, Kyoraku, Kenpachi, Uryuu, Chad, Isshin, Shinji, Ichimaru(yes i know hes evil), Unohana, Toshiro*takes break to take a breath* Kukaku(sorry i love bleach), Naruto, Kakashi, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Choji, Shikamaru, Neji, Rock Lee, Gaara, Spike, Edward, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sessomaru, Naraku, Edward(full metal alchemist), Alfonse, Roy, Riza, Celty, Shizuo, Shinra, Izaya and I will leave it at that.

My Hollow(slightly out of breath): Took you long enough.

Me: You're back. How did it go?

My Hollow(grins evilly): I kicked both their asses

Me: Hell yeah! (high fives hollow)

(Ichigo and his hollow come back)

Me: Hey whats up sleeping beauties? Have a nice nap?

Ichigo and his Hollow: Shove off.

Ichigo's Hollow: Fuck this im leaving.

Reporter(having been there the whole time but kept quiet): Umm excuse me...

Me: Oh you still here sorry bout that. What is it that you need?

Ichigo: Dont pretend to be nice. Umm You do realize that she saw our hollows.

Reporter: Oh don't worry I'll...(starts drooling at sight of Ichigo)

Me: What the hell? Dammit Ichigo!!! How many times have i told you to put a fucking shirt on when you wake up!!!

Ichigo: Thats not the issue right now.

Me: Fine. Making me do all the dirty work.

(walks up to reporter with evil expression)

(reporter backs away in fear but I put my arm around their shoulder)

Me: I want you to forget what you saw while you were here. You got that. If I find out that you told someone about this then I will make sure that you will go crying to your mother and scream at her for every having giving birth to you. Do you understand?

Reporter(stammering): Yes sir umm mam'am. Uh excuse me... Are you a boy or a girl??

Me(backs away abrubtly): What kind of fucked up question is that?!? *death glare*

Ichigo: Geez calm down. How can anyone know that if you are wearing that black cloak? I can't even see your face. Even I'm starting to wonder.

Me(just noticing the cloak): Oh sorry bout that forgot I was even wearing it. *smiles*

Reporter: Its... okay. Umm can you please tell me where Kisuke Urahara is?

Me: Oh you were looking for Kisuke. He lives next door.

(Reporter quickly runs away screaming bloody murder)

Me(confused): Was it something I said????

Ichigo: *sigh* You are hopeless.

(Ichigo goes unconcious after being wacked with a mallet)

My Hollows: Glad thats over. Hey. Wanna reek havoc??? *smiles expectantly*

Me: Hmmm sure. Why not?

GOOD LUCK WORLD!!! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

End of Scene*

Disclaimor: Bleach and it's characters do not belong to me. They are the respectable property of the genius Tite Kubo. Although I do acknowledge my evil hollow self:)

Any who most of my fics(if i get a chance to upload any) will be Bleach fics and the pairing will only be IchigoXRukia but who knows I may change my mind.

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