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Author has written 2 stories for Inuyasha, and Harry Potter.

I have written quite a few stories, but most of them aren’t divided into chapters, and the ones that are have really short chapters, and I never finish my stories, so what you get is what I got, because I don’t do many fan fictions… It’s easier to make things from scratch.

Some of my favorite subjects on this site, since last updated are(In alphabetical order):

(1)Animal Crossing, (2)Anime Crossovers, (3)Azumanga Daioh, (4)Baten Kaitos, (5)Bible, (6)Book Crossovers, (7)Card Captures Sakura, (8)Charmed, (9)Cheeper by the Dozen, (10)Chobits, (11)Constantine, (12)Cowboy Bebop, (13)Crossovers, (14)Dark Cloud, (15)Diagnosis, (16)Digimon, (17)Digimon/Pokemon, (18)Dragon ball Z, (19)Early Edition, (20)Fairy Tales, (21)Final Fantasy Crossovers, (22)Final Fantasy X, (23)Final Fantasy X-2, (24)Full House, (25)Fullmetal Alchemist, (26)Game Crossovers, (27)Greek Mythology, (28)G Gundam, (29)Gundam Wing, (30)Hamtaro, (31)Harry Potter, (32)Harvest Moon, (33)Inuyasha, (34)Lord of the Rings, (35)Luigi's mansion, (36)Lupin III, (37)MASH, (38)Misc., (39)Misc. Books, (40)Misc. Comics, (41)Miscellaneous RPG, (42)Mutant X, (43)National Treasure, (44)Neopets, (45)New Jedi Order, (46)One Piece, (47)Outlaw Star, (48)Petshop of Horrors, (49)Pirates of the Caribbean, (50)Pokemon, (51)Pretender, (52)Princess Diaries, (53)Resident Evil, (54)RuneScape, (55)Rurouni Kenshin, (56)Shaman King, (57)Sherlock Holmes, (58)Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, (59)Sky High, (60)Sonic the Hedgehog, (61)Soul Calibur, (62)Spirited Away, (63)Star Ocean, (64)Stargate: SG-1, (65)StarTrek, (66)Tales of Symphonia, (67)Teen Titans, (68)Tenchi Muyo, (69)Trigun, (70)Veronica Mars, (71)X-Men, (72)X-Men Evolution, (73)Yu Yu Hakusho, (74)Zelda, (75)Zoids, and (76)Zorro.

Wow... so my last update was... three years ago, and before that... two years ago. I am cutting down on my profile because who really wants to know about that weird girl who used to not know how to spell "talk"? A short story about that word in perticular, I was told to use the spell check... I did. Type in "toke", which if you try to pronounce it comes out the same as "talk", and try the spell check. When I tried it, it did not give me any options that made sense. When you are eleven years old, and have had no spelling classes thus far, I don't really think you should be spelling a word pronounced "t-ohk" with a word that looks like "t-ahlk"... Enough said. And do they honestly think if I couldn't spell "talk" in the first place, I am going to recognize it in a spell check? Shesh. Anyway now you know a very tiny bit about my personality... I like anime. My favorites are DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, and Inuyasha. DBGT is not nearly as good as DBZ, so don't even ask.

If you actually, and this may never happen, want to read more of my stories... review as such, and I'll really try and update it... if on the other, and more likely, hand... you hate them... I am sorry. My writting style has to much diologue and sometimes it's just pointless...


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