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Hello, Shady Reporter here! Currently I'm in South Park, reporting on the strange events that seem to be unfolding in this anything but normal Colorado town. At the moment, I have one large project I'm working on, but who knows; I may report on other events if my reports are well received.

My latest project is a report on the strange superhero activity going on in the area. It all begins with something that threatens to unravel the very fabric of the boys' lives . . or at least drive them crazy. But what starts out as an inconvenience quickly evolves into a mystery that could very well mean the world's destruction. Or salvation. This sucker's in for the long haul, and the plot gets very interesting. Not to mention action packed. Y'all like action, right? And danger, and bad guys. Oh, and funny conversations of people arguing; I'm not that interested in anything can't be funny at least occasionally.

After interviewing various members in this town, I can say my favorite people are two kids named Butters Stotch and Kyle Brofloski. Butters is just so adorable, and its nice to see someone so pure-hearted. I like his extremely naive/innocent personality. Kyle is just hilarious as all get-out, not to mention he's also very cute in that hat; looks like a puppy. His fights with his friend Eric Cartman always lends to amusement, especially when Kyle gets the one-up on his fat friend.

Anyways I'd better be off to finish polishing the latest installments on my report. With any luck, I'll post it once a week; or more, if I get the inspiration.

So you wanna know about me, huh?

Age: Uh...lets just say that if I were to hang out with someone my age in South Park, I'd be spending my time with the parents, not the kids.

Age I Act: OK now we're talking lol. "I don't wanna grow up; I'm a Toys R' Us Kid . . ."

Gender: Girl, but oh am I a tomboy. I'd take an action movie over a chick flick any day.

Favorite Food: Chocolate. Anything covered in it. Unless its nuts; I'm allergic.

Favorite Color: Teal. And blue, and green and nearly every shade in between.

Favorite Music: A mix of everything, but right now my favorite bands are Within Temptation and Skillet. And yes, I also still like Backstreet Boys, shut up.

Favorite Story Genres: Science Fiction and Fantasy mostly, with a side of Mystery and Comedy. I love things that make me laugh.

Pasttimes/Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing. Watching occasional TV and playing occasional video games. Oh and studying animation; I have a fascination with cartoons and animated movies/shows. My dream job is to write for kids' cartoons.

I'm currently bored, so I'll ask some questions. First ones I made up, but I'll accept questions sent to me in PM so long as they're not too weird or personal. :P This list will get as long as I get interesting questions to answer. And no, I'm not disclosing my true identity; the Shady Reporter must remain in the shadows.

If I could pick a superpower what would it be? Flight. With wings. I love the whole idea of flying. Although my favorite superpower to create/write about is usually sound based stuff, like hypnotic singing and sonic blasting. Odd that.

Which SP character do you most relate to? As sad as this might sound, I REALLY relate with Butters. Like him, I like to think of myself as polite and cheerful, always eager to please and be accepted, and naive to the point of near stupidity (seriously, most of the off-color jokes in the show just go over my head lol; I can tell they're there, but I have no idea what a lot of it means). Like Butters, I could probably be taken advantage of because of my trusting nature, but thankfully I have awesome friends and family. Now if only I could be as cute as Butters lol.
There's a bit of Kyle in me too. Both in our devotion to our religions, and also in our love of things to just make sense in life. People who do things that make no logical sense drive me crazy lol. Kyle also has a conscience, something which is always nagging at me.

Which SP character would you like to be the most? OK this one is split, because there are two characters I'd like to be for different reasons, but I don't want to be them entirely. First off, I'd like to be a bit like Wendy. To be able to stand by a cause and not falter, to be smart enough to know how to do it, and to be able to stand up for myself when someone picks on me. These are the traits I admire in her. I could do without the hippy environmentalist side, or her bossiness, or her sometimes wishy-washy romantic preferences, but no one's perfect. :)
The other character I'd love to be like is Kenny. NO not his perverted dirty mouth side, thanks. But Kenny is freakn' awesome because no matter how bad he has it (and he's got it pretty bad in his life), he's always happy. He's a glass-half-full kind of guy, who's nice to everyone and can't but help those who are in need if he sees them, sometimes even against his better judgement. He's even died to help people. And if he gets annoyed with anyone, its probably cause they've pushed him too far.
Also, on a side note, I love Jimmy's love of comedy. If you've been reading my story, you can probably guess that comedy is something I highly value in life. Laughter is the best medicine, after all. I don't understand why some would rather brood on the depressing things in life when there's so much that can make you laugh, and its so much more fun too.

If you could date any SP character, who would it be? Uh...odd question. If I have to go with my age bracket, that limits me to the adults of South Park actually lol. And most of the good ones there are married. Like Kyle's dad; he's awesome. Stan's uncle Jimbo's kinda fun too, but not completely my type. I'd be totally OK with Chef, who's the coolest adult easily, but I have an inherent distrust of flirts lol.
If I myself could be any age, then actually...I'd go Gary (I think that was his name...). Even though he was a minor character that appeared in like one episode, he's also the nicest, most well rounded of all of them. And I like the idea of his family-focus personality. Kyle's a close second though; nice guy who stands up for himself and others. Go Kyle.

What is your favorite SP pairing? Oh an easy one. Stan and Wendy. They can be so cute together, especially with how Stan stands up for Wendy. Sorry if you don't agree, that's perfectly fine, I know some people don't like Wendy and I can kinda see why. She does get bossy and lead poor Stan on sometimes. Hopefully that will ease with age.
What confuses me though is 80% of the fanfics out there that make characters gay who haven't actually come out of the closet in the series yet. Nothing against gays, but the vast majority of the American population is still straight, so unless a character says otherwise I'm just going to go with the safe assumption. And by safe I mean most likely statistic-wise. Besides, where on earth did some of those pairings even start?? Creek? K2? Greg and Christophe? The heck? Oh well, if you like that stuff, go you; I'm just saying it doesn't make sense to me lol.
I'm also kind of a fan of a one-sidedish Candy. Sorry Cartman, but anything that leaves you hanging makes my day. XD I'd be more a fan of that pairing if I didn't have such a preference for Stendy. But I can see how Cartman and Wendy would get along real well. It would just be one heckuva violent relationship.
I guess I also kind of like Kyle and that home-schooled Rebecca kid, but I'd like to see more of her in the show. She was kinda dropped after her ep, which didn't make much sense considering where her character ended up, but oh well.

Who is your least favorite character in the show? Well when I was first watching I'd have said Cartman. Lets face it; he's the worlds biggest jerk. I just don't see how people like him could possibly exist. However, this show is just so well written, that even though I hate his guts, I found myself rooting for him at times, and cheering in his win moments. What a confusing character. Now I'm not really sure there is any character I hate outright. I still like to see Cartman get his just desserts though, so maybe its still him?
Oh, I don't much like Bebe. I think she's been turning into a slutty jerk also. See The List, she help up her own 'best friend' at gunpoint. That's like . . . Cartman level, lol.

What is your favorite episode? To be honest, I haven't see quite all of them yet; I DID just get into this series recently after all. But I've seen all the important ones. Oh heck, I've seen most of them, and read synopsis of ones I haven't seen. I'd have to say that my favorite episodes are the Coon and Friends trilogy. EASY. It was that arc that brought me into the series. The original Coon episode plus Professor Chaos are other favorites of mine. Professor Chaos himself is the most awesome thing in the series; sooo adorable. Another good episode is You Have 0 Friends. TRON references ftw! And that episode just up and summarized why I hate Facebook with a passion. My favorite earlier episode is Gnomes; its so freakn funny and Tweek is one awesome character who just doesn't get enough screen time anymore.

Lol I wonder if I suffer from indecision; I noticed while all the questions ask for only one answer, I can't help but give like . . . four, or something. Oh well, feel free to send me more questions, and I'll ramble on about them too.

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