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Hello, my fellow writers. Welcome to the profile of the Princess of Nightmares, namely myself. You can call me Bek, I really don't care. Well, since you're already here, I guess I should say a few things about myself.

I'm actually not as bad as you would think. Sure, I do enjoy giving innocent children horrible nightmares from time to time, but normally I only punish the evil. So yeah.

I just love the things on Earth! The one thing fascinating me right now is anime; it's my addiction. So far my favorites are: Black Butler, Black Bird, Shugo Chara!, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Vocaloids, Squid Girl, Vampire Hunter D, Evangellion, Itsuwaribito, Beyblade, and Bleach.

The other thing I'm addicted to is Pokemon! I've watched most of the episodes already! It's so amazing!

Favorite Characters from animes (Most fave in Bold)

Black Butler- Sebastian, Ciel, Claude, Alois, Grelle, Finny, Will

Black Bird- Kyo, Sho, Kaede, Shuhei, Zenki, Hoki, Sagami

Shugo Chara!- Ikuto, Yoru, Kukai, Utau, Amu, Dia

Hetalia: Axis Powers- Italy, Japan, America, France, Canada, Hungary, Austria, Britain, Sealand, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Spain, Russia, Romano, Finland, Prussia

Beyblade- Tsubasa, Kyoya

Vocaloids- Len, Luka, Kaito, Gakupo, Taito

Favorite Pokemon People (MOST favorite have their own category and why I love them):

Ash, Max, Conway, Burgh, The Shadow Triad, Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Paul, Cheren, Clay, Morty, Wallace, Ruby, Black, Team Rocket (when they're actually cool), Diamond, Pearl, Bianca, Grimsley, Gary

Most Favorite Pokemon Characters:

Striaton Brothers

Why? Well, it's because they're so different from one another~! And since Cress and Chili are minor characters, their personalities are really easy to mold. Cilan isn't so hard, and he's pretty fun to write for. Their character changes a lot when I write fics with them, but I usually follow the "Chili's the womanizer, Cilan's the nice one, and Cress is the smart ass" pattern. Except for a few, one where Chili goes insane, another where Cress is an assassin, and so far there is no weird Cilan one. If you want me to post those two that I just mentioned, PM me please~! Anyway, I wish that there were plushies of them. That would be awesome...


I like N a lot because he's not your stereotypical antagonist (Yes, I realize that Ghetsis is the main villain manipulating him, but N is majorly the force opposing your goals. Or you're the antagonist, since he wanted to liberate pokemon for a I'm rambling.). He's calmer, and not a guy who looks like he's in his mid-forties ;) Well, his story makes me sad every time I see it, so he's kind of the best villain. I have changed his personality from calm and pensive to twisted and corrupted on several occasions, but he usually feels guilty afterward and tries to make up for it. Since I am an Isshushipper, if I add Black in a story, N is usually right by his side.


Barry has successfully made it into my absolute favorites because he's so random and fun to add to any serious story! Honestly, I have not written a fic with him as the main character, but it might include a little ColdCoffeeshipping or Collideshipping, since those are my favorite ships with him. But one of those shall be coming soon~! Anyway, he seems to be a pretty fun character to write 'cuz he's usually smiling and hyper like one of my friends.

Status of my FanFiction

Lila's Crazy Journey: (Pokemon)Chapter 7 shall be coming ASAP. I forgot how much fun it was to write this~!

100 Things Cilan Should Not Do: (Pokemon) Complete (yay, first one completed! :D)

Words Left Unspoken: (Pokemon) Complete

1000 Moments of Hetalia Stupidity: (Hetalia Axis Powers) Chapter 3 in progress

Stockholm Syndrome: (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

Just Another Kill: (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Chapter 1 in progress

Seduction: Doubled Up: (Kuroshitsuji) Chapter 1 in progress


These are my favorite quotes from shows, life, and stuff I've created~!

"MY COWS!!!!!! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!!!!!!!!"~My BFF and me, playing the cow game on a field trip bus (2011).

"Where are your chainsaws?"

"...should we be telling the insane girl that?"

"Yes. It is for your own safety that I find the chainsaws."~America & Chili, Sanyo Randomness 2: Return of The Strange.

"Guess who has a derp fish~?!"~Me, after catching a stunfisk.

"Who wants to play a game? A game...FOR THIS CAKE! OF DEATH."~I have absolutely no idea where that came from (no joke, I just thought of that on the spot.)

"Wow, Cress is kind of an ass!"~My mom, after seeing Ash battle Cress.

"NOOOO he just has sexy emo bangs!"~Me, in a hostage negotiation about whether Cress was a girl or boy.

"Claude Faustus is a shitty baker, hence why Alois is awful. Sebastian is the awesome baker, that's why Ciel's all cool. Claude came over and totally destroyed Cake-Ciel, so Sebastian had to remake him. But he would never be the same."

"But what about Ciel x Sebastian~?"

"You don't see a baker getting it on with his cake!"~My mom and I having a discussion about Black Butler.

"Guess what I found?!?!"

"Judging from your tone, I say Cafemochashipping or something Black Butler."


"You scare me sometimes..."~What my best friend would say if I told her that.


"Is that another yaoi thing? What's Wishful?"

"*sigh and eye roll* Iris x Cilan."

"...I don't know who those people are."

"Aargh!!!! *wants to swear so badly*"~Me and my mom on shippings.

"(whispers) [enter name here] just pulled a Burgh..."~Inside joke between me and my bff


"TEEEEEAM SEALAND!!"~Some stupid thing my friend and I were doing

"No matter what the 'real' answer is, Sealand is always the answer!"

"The right answer was 42. You put Sealand as all the answers."~ A thing from 2 different things (VAGUEST DESCRIPTION EVER.)

"Baily! What is the capital of Minnesota?"

" Prime?!"~What would most likely happen if I was asked this question (I almost did say this once.)

"In which Germany became a girl, Italy tried to hug the crap out of her, The France Fort was established, Paris stabbing Moscow with a knife, and running around in freezing cold weather. THIS IS AN RP."~Me explaining what happened on a Thursday.

"Japan invaded China!"

"-is trying so very hard not to fangirl and squee and scream nonsense gibberish-"~Social Studies class

"Apparently neutrality means 'stay the f*k out'"~Hetalia: World Series episode 20

BTW, add me of Sketchfu! My name's Shizu! Deviantart is ThePrincessOtaku475 and tumblr is Shiny Things and Anime Boys

I guess that's it... :)

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