Painting the Roses Blue
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Painting the Roses Blue

"I was told to stay away
Those two words I can't obey
Pay the price for your betrayal
Your betrayal, YOUR BETRAYAL!"

- Bullet For My Valentine: "Your Betrayal"

My Battle Royale/Total Drama fic is coming off the internet until I have more of the chapters written out so I can post it all at once. 'Kay? ;)

"This isn't a Harry Potter fic, this is just your Mary-Sue parading around, refusing to wear school uniform and kissing every character in sight."


"...yeah, that's it."

"There are two doors in this house, cat, and you can only enter through one and only if it's opened from the inside?"
"Good luck with that, then."

"The frustration, it's a regular thing
I hate the ones who love to hate because they're just like me."

- Escape the Fate: "Situations"

"Stabbed and decapitated of natural causes." - Hamlet Summary - High School Summary (by Max and Dan Lance, visible on YouTube under the penname ml962)

"I have an irrational fear of axe-wielding psychopaths." - my friend, Carly.

Eighteen hours without food. One and a half hours of sleep. And the first thing in the morning: making muffins. Oh, yeah, b*s, this just got serious.

"We're making cupcakes in HE!"

O_O "Rainbow Dash?"

"Uh, Kirstin, what chu talkin' 'bout?"

"I don't want to make any cupcakes. Not the way Pinkie Pie makes them."

"As in the the My Little Ponies?"

normal face* "I don't know whether I should be more freaked out by the cupcakes or the fact you recognised the names of the My Little Ponies." - myself and friends.

"So, I went back to Glasgow with my mate, who was running this bar I used to be a bouncer for. His wife, well, girlfriend, they weren't married yet, was working behind the bar and it was Halloween."

raised hands* "Is this a scary story?"

pause* "If you don't like spiders."

another pause* "Oh."

"Anyway, this man dressed in a Spiderman costume starts coming up to her and saying rude things. My mate starts to get annoyed but I just tell him, 'It's a man in a Spiderman costume--" - Mr. Findlay (Religious and Moral Studies) and students. Never heard the end of that story. (Carly says it ended with a fight with Superman and Wonderwoman and Spiderman.)

"You never know, Jeremiah and Daniel might turn out to be famous doctors and Kyle a brain-surgeon."

Daniel is asleep/barely conscious, as always, Jerry isn't paying attention and Kyle is giggling at a doodle he's just drawn*

"Good luck with that hospital."

"I'm only fat because it runs in my family!"

"Bitch, NO ONE runs in your family!"

(thank you for telling me about that one, Carly-sama :) Swogger Jogger!)

"Are you ready for you talk on . . . which element did you choose?"


"Of course. Start by explaining why you chose that one."

"'Cos it sounds like 'Kryptonite', which is Superman's weakness. And Krypton is his home planet. And I like Smallville. But Clark Kent sucks."

"Excuse me?!"

hence debate with teacher about who is better, Clark Kent or with the original Wally West of the REAL Justice League and then with Marvel vs. DC comics.*

"I've never played any of the Final Fantasy games but, through the wikia and various clips on YouTube, I get the general plot for the characters I read about on FanFiction. And, because I just love Kingdom Hearts and I HAVE played their games, and the fact that there's a minor appearance of Zack in Birth By Sleep, I have decided my new favourite Final Fantasy characters are Zack and Aerith."

that earns me a few pats on the back from my friends*

new friend steps up* "I've never played Kingdom Hearts but, like you, I've been studying on wiki, wikipedia and YouTube. I get the general plot--"

is interrupted by a round of applause*

"I have been playing Kingdom Hearts since I was a kid and required my brother's help to do everything because I sucked at the game and only wanted to watch the cutscenes but ended up playing when he and my dad couldn't kill freakin' Xigbar - and at one point, Demyx - in the second game. I don't understand a f*ing word about Kingdom Hearts and the moon that is shaped of a Heart. But, if I've learned one thing . . . Square Enix HATES female characters, don't they? What four girls in the whole thing? Aqua's locked up, Kairi's f*k-knows-where (didn't get there 'cos my bro never defeated Captain Xigbar, you see), Naminé's with Roxas which is wherever the Nobodies are, so is Larxene and Xion only lasted a game and, even then, she was less annoying that Kairi."

pauses for breath*

"Yeah. That's basically the plot for Kingdom Hearts. And that they have a fetish for everyone having blue eyes."

Okay, so you claim I was dropped on my head at birth? Well then, you must've been thrown at a freakin' wall.

Imma punch you so hard your wife'll cry.

"Your eyes are weary from staring at the CRT. You feel sleepy. Notice how restful it is to watch the cursor blink. Close your eyes. The opinions stated above are yours. You cannot imagine why you ever felt otherwise."

"Do you remember
A kiss under the moonlight?
When it was Summer
It was love at first sight
Can you remember?
'Cause I feel the same now
Until the Winter
Will see blooming this

Dj Satomi - Waves (trance ftw :))

"Have you ever smoked a big fat Cuban cigar?
Have you ever hitched a ride on a shooting star?
Have you ever seen red when it should have been yellow?
Have you ever been mellow?"
(Spacekats: "Mellow")

"I don't think this is about Mello. I think it's about getting high."
"NONONONONO! It's about Mello! ...possibly getting high."

(an argument involving myself and Carly where Carly tries to point out the obvious and I like to fan-girl over Death Note :))

glares at dog*
*tries to move*
*song comes onto the TV*
*walks away*
*wanders back towards me, sits down on my knee*

I love my dog(s).

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