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so i was absent from fanfiction for an EXTREMLY long period of time... all i can say is... "oops". yeah, lame. i know. just bear with me; if i've finished one fic, i can finish a couple more. :) eventually.

so here are a few random things that you'll never need to know:

you can call me these names or anything else you can think up. i'll answer to pretty much anything.

flaminchica, leo, chica, that girl, N.Sane, stranger, bubbles, grahmcracker, pyro, bobby, cookie, or authoress

my fav things are:

color: purple

subject: choir

things to do: waste my time, sing, write, read, play video games, have CTF games with my brother's air-soft guns

games: HALO, Halo2, JSRF, Diablo II, The Legend of Zelda Series, Pokemon (yes, i am that strange...)

so other things you might want to know are that i'm a girl and i'm into this stuff. yes, now leave me alone. chicks can play games too. :P my fanfics are RARELY updated, something i plan to fix, and i try to make them good. your feedback is what makes me write good junk. :)


HUMAN OR COVENANT: this is my only halo fic so far. i've got the story line all layed out in my head, it's just annoyingly hard to type it up. generally, it's about the master cheif and cortana discovering a woman on the truth and reconciliation and she joins them to fight the covenant. who she is and what she was doing on a covenant ship are yet to be revealed, but she obviously has some secrets of her own... like what's her last name? i'll give ya a hint, it starts with an h. wink

JSRF: TURF WARS: this is the first in my two part series about the GG's. it's about the war between the GG's and the other gangs, who are annoyed about the main gangs total domination over tokyo. with the help of a new member, the GG's attempt to keep their turf. thus begins the turf war...

TURF WARS 2: A WHOLE NEW WAR: the GG's are back in my new sequel to the Turf Wars. it's been two years after the turf war, and things have quieted down. the police are in the process of taking down the golden rhinos, and the GG's are left with nothing to do but party. but it isn't long before their peace is disrupted and they're in the middle of a whole new war...

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: INSIDE OUT: after so many months of NOT touching this fic... i don't know what to do with it. it's about the zelda characters getting sucked out of the game and two teenagers have to make sure they survive in their new surroundings. and they gota find a way to get home...

so those are my fics. and here is the awsomeness of the completed fics list:


ha. only one. don't i feel special? o well, more will be added soon enough...

well this is the end of my bio... for now. maybe i'll think up more random stuff to put up here later... :)

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