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Author has written 9 stories for World Ends With You, Elite Beat Agents, Kingdom Hearts, Fairly OddParents, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

A switch is thrown. The room floods with light, and everyone in the meeting room rises to full attention. Each of the purple-cushioned chairs is occupied by someone, and they all know exactly why they are here.

The door at the front of the room, and the only exit, flies open, slamming into the doorstop attached to the wall in its path. Mewgle stands in the doorway, brushing her long brown hair behind her shoulders and adjusting her violet rectangular glasses. "Chop-chop, everyone!" she announces with a clap of her hands. "We've got a crapload of fanfics to finish today!"

Mewgle surveys the motley crew of characters assembled in the room. Axel sits next to Roxas, as always, but Xion is nowhere to be found. Mewgle breathes a sigh of relief as she continues scanning the circle. Agent Spin and Neku bob their heads to music only heard by them, one grinning and mouthing the words and the other with his face hidden halfway in his collar. Karkat clutches furiously at his armrests as he attempts to deflate John's derpy grin with the cruelest stare he can manage, unsuccessfully. Joshua brushes his fingers through his pale locks of hair, likely wishing for something to do or searching for a mirror of some sort. Sho scribbles furiously on the notepad Mewgle gave him as he works out a few problems taken from her math homework. Even DJ Yellow thought to show up, though he looks rather bored. Mewgle makes a mental note to make sure he gets a role sometime soon.

Behind Sho's cap-covered head is a door brandishing two golden letters: "OC." Listening intently, Mewgle can hear the beginnings of an argument stirring inside. Probably the green-haired gamer losing his cool after someone insulted his favorite game. The door is rarely opened, but the characters inside never disappoint.

"So, is everyone ready?"

The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Mewgle begins to outline her plans for today. Everyone certainly has an interesting day ahead of them.

Mewglegirl is my name and writing is my game. I'm a fan of yaoi but I don't always write it. Actually, I rarely do. I'm more the person to put the characters in wacky situations and see what becomes of them. Crossovers are always fun for just that reason.

Comments and reviews are my main motivation. I often have trouble continuing stories even one day after starting them, so if I'm not absolutely in love with a fic (and even then...), or no one reads it in the case of multi-chaps, I usually don't finish them. If you see an unfinished story of mine, and you just have to know what happens to the characters, review the story and tell me what you liked. It doesn't matter how old the fic is!

I've been writing for a long time, and whether it's fanfiction or not, I always benefit from some good constructive criticism. If you see something that you think I can improve in my writing, let me know in a review, and I'll take it to heart, as long as you didn't baselessly flame me. I want to be the best that I can be!

Oh, and by the way, I am an avid shipper and I'm not afraid to say it! :D I ship characters, I ship myself, I ship my friends, I even ship my own OCs! XD

Ships I support, in no particular order:

Yaoi: Joshua/Neku, Karkat/John, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Axel/Roxas, Spin/J, Light/L, Yami Bakura/Marik, Edward/Mustang, Hanekoma/Sho, Gamzee/Tavros, Grell/Sebastian, Alois/Ciel, Ventus/Vanitas, Karkat/future!Karkat
Het: JoshuaxRhyme, ShikixNeku, VriskaxJohn, NepetaxKarkat, AangxKatara, HolidayxSix, SlickxSnowman
Cargo: ShoxMath, ShoxMegaphone, DavexSmuppets
Crossover: Spin/Neku

I'll add more as I think of/discover them.

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