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Joined 08-02-11, id: 3123672, Profile Updated: 10-13-15

Fanfiction username: Mouldcube

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Fandoms I am a part of (in no particular order): Homestuck, My Little Pony, Cave Story, Zero Escape, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Doctor Who, Minecraft, The World Ends With You, Bleach, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ace Attorney, Star Ocean (although I've only played the third and fourth ones), Marvel comics (and the films), Sherlock, Baka and Test, Fairy Tail, TOME, Red Dwarf, Adventure Time, Wildstar, Steins;Gate, Gravity Falls, Borderlands, Undertale, Rick and Morty and others that I forgot when listing and will be added later.

Things I like: Comedy, Interesting visual character design, My friends

Things I dislike: My low self confidence, When I apologise and people accuse me of being not sorry, Jamie Oliver, being depressed.

What I want to be: Less rubbish.

"Fun" facts: I have aspergers syndrome. I can't think of anything else.


What is the last thing you smelled? Sadness.

Is your avatar a pony-bat? .-. I don't remember the wings looking like that... Not anymore. It's now fan art of my OC Issa, a female member of an alien race I created called Scattervelk. Feel free to ask for details. It was Flutterbat, specifically this picture:

Feel free to throw me a PM and ask any question you want. Within reason.