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Author has written 5 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot, and Danny Phantom.

The Writer...

Name: Neo Yi.
Age: 20
Height: 5'2 and 3/8
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
B-Day: June.15
B-Place: No where you need to know...
Nationality: Korean
Fave Food: Cheesecake, Ceasar Salad, Vinegar, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Sloppy Joes, Sushi, basically lots of salty based food
Lease Fave Food: Cake, donuts, brownies, fudge, pudding; in short, nearly anything with sugar, I'm serious, oh, and oysters
Current Fave character: Vlad Masters/Plasimus (Danny Phantom)
Likes: Cartoons, Drawing, making up stories (fanfic), internet, reading, Video Games, being lazy
Hate: Major Hypocrites, people can't make a decent argument and ends up making a stupid one to try and counter back, people with brain cells dumber then my own (and I feel I am a rather stupid person, heh), annoying kids
Fear: Heights, hospitals, cramped spaces
Fave Animal: Dogs
Fave Color: Black, Silver, Blue
Interests that isn't related to games and modern day doohickys: Asian culture, histories (that I like), myths at times, soccer, the only sport where I'm at least half way decent
Fave Games of ALL time: Crash Team Racing, Jak II, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Final Fantasy IX,
Fave Characters from whatever: Tracey Sketchit (Pokemon), Jak (Jak series), Crash and Cortex (Crash series), Luigi (Mario series), WW Ganon and Link(Zelda series), Terry Mcginnis (Batman Beyond), TinTin (from the TinTin cartoons, I have yet to read the comics yet even though the cartoon is based on it), Joe (Viewtiful Joe), Vivi (Final Fantasy IX), Vlad (Danny Phantom)
Personality: Easy to get along with, tends to by shy at times depending on what sitution, occasionally thinks pessmistically/cynically and worries too much but not enough to be considered angst (I absolutely DO NOT like angst), better to be on my good side, while I'm not as hot tempered as I was long ago, I can still be pissed off in certain situtations. Tends to be sarcastic. Can have a duel personality, must be my Gemini nature.
Website: http:///


...The Blue Curtain Trilogy...
Baz Luhrman is a unique man with a unique vision. He created what he calls the "Red Curtain Trilogy" which is three films he made: Strictly Ballroom, Romeo and Juliet, and Moulin Rouge! Each three movies had something special to carry the plot. Strictly Ballroom was all about dance, Romeo and Juliet the obvious language of Shakesphere, and Moulin Rouge! through song. These were his Red Curtain Trilogy and naturally, I was inspired by this man and wanted to create my own. While I can't bring in visually (well, I can draw, but I ain't got no time to draw fan comics of my own fics), I can write fanfics on Blue Curtain Trilogy. It's because of Baz Luhrman, a unique director with a unique vision...

The First (Revenge)
Jak II Chronicles
Jak and Daxter
Genre: General
Chapter: 31 (COMPLETE)
Vision:Two Sides, Two Stories
About: The beginning destiny of Jak, Also a lead on to the tententively titled "Jak and Crash"
A member of Naughty Dog has said the first Jak game was all about redemption. Jak II's story, however,is all about revenge and while that is certainly the case here, it is also about Trust, Friendship, Change, and above all, Hope. The story is a general adaptation of Jak II, but with my own mix, such as emphasizing the Lurker slavery issues, more character development, and above all, the strong bond with Jak and the child. It also features his time in Sandover and how it majorly contrast with his life in Haven...
NOTE: The Fanfic is NOW fully revised for your rereading (or reading for first timers) pleasure

The Second (Realization)
Experiment Bandicoot (Now a Director's Cut)
Crash Bandicoot
Genre: General
Chapter: 19 (COMPLETE))
Vision: Different Narrative
About: The struggling relationship of Crash (the son) and Cortex (the father). Also a lead on to the tententively titled "Jak and Crash"
In the Crash games, we all know Cortex is a mad scientist bent on world domination and we all see Crash is the all around hero. But what of their lives before and so forth on? This is a look on how Crash was made by the then sane Neo Cortex and his research on his "son", the lives during Cortex's reign of evil, and a look after.The lives between the two from the moment of Crash's birth to the end as I see fit. The story expresses the father/son bond, right from Cortex's love towards his son, Crash, to the moment the two break apart when one turns evil and another reminds good. The story is told through different narrative to express the relationship between father and son...

The Third (Revelation)
Jak and Crash
Jak/Crash Bandicoot
Genre: General
Chapter: 18 (INCOMPLETE)
Vision:Crossover/Musical (DA version only)
About: The Final Destiny of Jak and Crash
My own version of Jak 3 (in a way). Inspired by various musicals (only for the DA version) comes the Jak 3 I wanted to make since after Jak 2 was recently released a year ago...sorta, I've actually had this story in my head since Jak II was still new.A story of a young boy named Jak who has a mission to save his kingdom of Haven as well as fulfill a destiny that was bestowed unto him and the strange cast of characters he meets along the way, including one Neo Cortex and his colorful crew looking for someone close to him.
Yes, it is a crossover, something I NORMALLY don't do, but I want to show that crossovers don't need to be random humor. It can be grand and epic and everything will tie in as this is the final story in my Blue Curtain trilogy. This is the story where I will end my version of both the tales of Jak and Crash. And NOTE: This fanfic is now on hiatus.


Genre: Romance
Chapters: 25 (FINISHED)
Story: A story of Knuckles/Amy, a couple you've never expected. Based entirely on my own Sonic universe. I recommend you DON'T read it. I don't generally like this fic, turned out terrible, containing bad writings and plotholes (due to me changing my mind on certain things, but never having the chance to rework it because of that). I made this about 2-3 years ago and I SHOULD delete this since it's SO bad, but I think I'm mostly keeping it around as an idea of what NOT to do.

Pocket Watch
Danny Phantom
Genre: General
Chapters: 12 (INCOMPLETE)
Story: Danny is well as stressed over his life, family, and friends, so the frustrated ghost boyheads over to Vlad's. Two lives clash as they both help each other deal with their own past, present, and eventual future.
This is a story dealing with the potential father/son bond between Danny and Vlad. How they will deal with each other as the time passes and if they can truly bond in a way neither Danny or Vlad would have foreseen. Inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli films such as My Neightbor Totoro, Whispers of the Heart, and Only Yesterday, this is a story I made because of my love for the potential father/son pairing between Danny and Vlad (not that I have anything against Jack Fenton, mind you).
This is a story of two half ghosts who'll help each other deal with their past lives and their general future as they walk in the present day, seemingly growing closer while one slowly starts to lose their time in the world...
NOTE: This fanfic is now on hiatus.

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