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Ok...a little about me: I'm currently 16, in the 11th grade, and no, I haven't written any stories - yet. Let's face it, I'm a bum...and a parasite...the singing leech...now with amazing bummage action and kung-fu grip...anyhoos. I have red hair and a Celtic temper to match. I like singing, laughing, dancing in the rain, writing, reading, listening to music, dancing like the white girl I am and acting. That definitely just sounded like a description for a matchmaking program...moving right along. I love love love love: Phantom of the Opera (If you hadn't guessed from the name...and if you still don't get it, you are one sad, deprived person and I really and truly pity you...), Lord of the Rings, the Game of Thrones trilogy, Loreena McKennitt, Melanie Rawn, any and everything Celtic, Harry Potter, anime, Coheed and Cambria, and various assorted rocks named Zelmo...yeah...so...

Phantom of the Opera movie was as awesome as a possum! I've seen it Lord knows how many times...I might need a life...nah

I know it looks like I haven't done anything, but I like to finish stories before I publish them. Okay, and I'm a lazy bum. So, yeah...I've done...nothing... If you'd like to find some of my original work, it's up on fictionpress.com with this same username.

Some amazing quotes:
Wise men say: when in doubt, mumble.
God's not a feminist. She just knows that we're superior.
Wandering child, so lost, so helpless...yearning for my guidance...
"JP2, we love you!"
"Mom said the Easter Bunny came tomorrow, when everything is half-off!"