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Two years later . . .

Or more, I can't rememeber, heheh. I found this gem again. I was a 13-year-old writer when I made this account, I'll be 18 this year. Spent this time falling in love with music and working on my own novel. But I came back to this on occasion, and now I feel like I miss it enough to continue. Let's start over, shall we? :>

Ayyy, I'm Sophia. I'm an extreme metal vocalist, guitarist, lyricist, writer, and occasional artist and gamer. If you dare to find me, I can be located in the Sunshine State; look for a short chick with a Cattle Decapitation shirt. Among my love for metal and core, I have a fondness for dogs, pizza, tea, horror movies, Minecraft, GTA, nature, and Batman.

Along with a few others, Code Lyoko was my shit as a kid. Brilliant show, can't wait to get back to writing about it.

Works in Progress

Best Friends Until the End: HIATUS --> REVIVED --> REWRITE. This was my first story. It takes place in Season 3 and after episode 57. Told primarily in Aelita's point of view but there are other character's P.O.V. as well. The gang ranges from 14-16 years old at the moment. The story mainly focuses on Aelita's inner and outer struggles with freeing her father and high school dilemmas. OxAxJ and YxU. *As of July 2015, new chapters added that were never posted. An authors note will be included before Broken Past, Shifting Future is posted*

Broken Past, Shifting Future: The future outcome on BFUTE. Same general story, but some changes in pace, description, and overall, in my humble opinion as the author, better. Currently being re-written. Focuses more on Aelita, but fleshes everyone out, including Jeremie. And yes, less Jeremie hatred in general. Will have several chapters planned in advance to delay the time between chapters.

Works Finished

Love Has No Limits: My first one-shot and second story. I used to love picking on Jeremie, thus this story was born. Short, ridiculous, comedic piece :)

Never too Late: Second one shot, third story. Short piece on Aelita reflecting. Heavily implied OxA. Uplitftingish.

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