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Ok, so i found a journal dat has some pretty kewl stuff, I'm warning you that this journal was made in 2002, so if something is not right, the information may have changed over the years.

4 Teens Who Challenged Laws and Won

1. In 1965, John Tinker, 15 ,and Beth Tinker, 13 ,decided that they wanted to protest the war in Vietnam by wearing black armbands despite the fact that their school district said that this would not be allowed beacuse it would be disruptive. The Tinkers refused to take the armbands off and were suspended from school. John and Breth, with the support of their parents, sued the school district. The court ruled that the school was wrong beacuse it violated the First Amendment to the Constituion, wich gives all citizens the right to free speech.

2. In 1983, a 15-year-old boy names William Thompson along with three friends, murdered his sister's abusive husban. All four were convicted of the crime and sentenced death. William, however, was a minor, and with the aid of his attorney, her petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court stating that his sentence was cruel and unusual punishment for a minor. The Supreme Court reversed the decision by lower court and reduced William's sentence to life in prision. It then ruled that anyone under 16 could not be given a death sentence.

3. In 1964, 15-year-old Gerald Gault, who was already on parole for burglary conviction, placed an obscene phone call to his next-door neighbor. Gerald was arrested and was ordered to be placed in a reform school until he turned 21. However, his parents were never informed that he had been arrested, he didn't have the opportunity of questioning his accuser, and was not provided with and attorney. The Supreme Court ruled that as a juvenile his parents should have been notified, he should have had the right to confront his accuser, and that he had the right to a lawyer.

4. In 1998, a high school grad named Beth Fargaher went to work as part-time lifeguard at a city beach in Florida. During her employment she was sexually harassed by her supervisors and filed a lawsuit against the city of Boca Raton. She won her case beacuse the city failed to set rules for conduct of all its employees regarding sexual misconduct.This case was important beacuse it helped establish the guidelines for conduct in the workplace.

The Top 5 causes of Death among teens

These figures break down the average annual mortality rate among teens

1. Accidents: 39%

2. Murders: 26%

3. Suicide: 18%

4. Cancer: 15%

5. Other: 2%

The 20 Languages Most Commonly Spoken in American Households

Language - Number of Households

1. English - 198,601,000

2. Spanish - 17,339,000

3. French - 1,702,000

4. German - 1,547,000

5. Italian - 1,309,000

6. Chinese - 1,249,000

7. Tagalong - 843,000

8. Polish - 723,000

9. Korean - 626,000

10. Vietnamese - 507,000

11. Portuguse - 430,000

12. Japanese - 428,000

13. Greek - 388,000

14. Arabic - 355,000

15. Hindi, Urdu, and related languages - 331,000

16. Russian - 242,000

17. Yiddish - 213,000

18. Thai - 206,000

19. Perisan - 202,000

20. French Creole - 188,000

Oreo Psychology (What How You Eat an Oreo Says About You)

1. You eat the whole thing once ~ You are fun,reckless,and carefree. Consequently, you cannot be trusted.

2. One bite at a time ~ You're in the majority; that's how most people eat them. Wich means you are ordinary and boring.

3. Slow and methodical nibbles, examining the results of each bite afterward ~ You follow the rules. You're tidy and orderly. You pay attention to details. No one likes you.

4. Dunked in milk ~ Everyone likes you beacuse you are always upbeat. You can turn a rainy day into fun and always look for the good things in people. You are in complete denial about life.

5. Twisted apart, the creme inside, then the cookie ~ You have a highly curious nature and enjoy taking things apart to find out exactly how they work. Unfortunately, you don't have the slightest clue about putting them back together. Consequently , you are rarely invited to other peoples homes.

6. Twisted apart, the creme inside, and toss the cookie ~ You know what you want and go straight for it. This is also known as being greedy and self-centered.

7. Just the cookie, not the creme inside ~ Get help.

That is Psychology, don't expect me to write good things.

9 Annoying Things That Some Teens Do at the Mall

The mall is a popular hangout; you can buy stuff, meet your friends, check out new people, and generally chill. You can also completely annoy other shoppers and store personnel by behaving badly. Here are some of the most common mall offenses.

1. Climbing up the escalator the wrong way. When little kids do this, their mommies usually stop them. If you're old enough to go to a mall without a parent, you're old enough to know better. It's dangerous to yourself and others.

2. Shouting to friends on an upper level from below, and vice-versa. Trying to catch someone's attention is one thing, but having a full-blown conversation (with the rest of the mall listening) is, well, stupid. Don't do it. And don't yell to your friends sitting five tables away in the food court. Your amusing anecdote isn't nearly as funny to total strangers.

3. Making out in the mall. Kissing, gropping, getting hot and heavy in public? Gross. If you want to work up a sweat with your sweetie, do it somewhere private.

4. Running through the mall. Think it's funny to race your friends to the fountain, pushing shoppers out of the way as you go? Think again.

5. Dropping objects from an upper level. This rude but common pastime can hurt someone, and get you kicked out of the mall, maybe even permanently.

6. Stealing. Irritating, immature, illegal, and definitely NOT cool.

7. Staring at people or making fun of them. Do you think these people aren't real just beacuse you don't know them? Better keep your comments to yourself. And try to stop staring, it's pretty rude!

8. "Decorating" the mall with graffiti. It's also against the law.

9. Bumping into people without apologizing. It's called being rude, and doing it gives all teens a bad name. Grow up.

4 Smart (but Fun) Things to Do at the Mall

1. People-watch. This can usually provide hours of fun. Check out the weird outfits. Try to make up stories of that person or people, like imagine relationships between couple you see, try to be a match-maker. Watch the people. Invent a game: see who can spot the weirdest hairdo, the best shoes, the person with the most nose-rings or jewelry. Be discreet, please.

2. Listen to music. The listening booths at most large record stores give you a chance to hear new music for free. Some stores even let you listen to any CD they have in the store.

3. Eat free food. See how many free food samples you can pick up at food stands; you might even be able to score a whole meal.

4. Shop. That is, basically, what it's there for.

Weird Phobias

If you really want to go to Aunt Whosis's house for Thanksgiving, try telling your parents you're suddenly developed a bad case of syngenesophobia. Or try convincing them that it's unfair to ground you, given your poinephobia. Those excuses probably won't work, but you might get "extra credit" fro your improved vocabulary.

1. Ablutophobia : Fear of bathing.

2. Achluphobia : ...the dark.

3. Arachiutyrophobia : Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

4. Atelophobia : Fear of being imperfect.

5. Bibliophobia : Fear of books.

6. Blennophobia : Fear of slime.

7. Bogyphobia : Fear of the bogeyman.

8. Ceraunophobia : Fear of thunder.

9. Chionophobia : Fear of snow.

10. Chrometophobia : Fear of money.

11. Chronomentrophobia : Fear of clocks.

12. Clinophobia : Fear of going to bed.

13. Coulrophobia : Fear of clowns.

14. Didaskakeinophobia : Fear of school. (I have it, XD)

15. Emetophobia : Fear of vomiting

16. Ergophobia : Fear of work. (I was born with it)

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