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Here's a little bit about myself:

Name: Rosie (Roz)

Twitter: LovingH_Potter

Age: 15

Country: England

Amabition: To work behind scenes in movies/ Author/ Journalist

Ships is ship: (Straight) Ron/Hermione Hermione/Fred Harry/Luna Luna/Neville Luna/Draco Hermione/Remus Luna/George

Ships i ship Gay: Harry/Severus Remus/Sirius Ron/Neville Ron/Draco

Ships i dont ship Straight: Harry/Ginny Harry/Cho Ron/Lavender Hermione/Draco

Ships i dont ship Gay: Harry/Sirius Harry/Remus Harry/Dumbledore Harry/Voldemort (I never understood this ship, to be honest) Hermione/Any Other Girl

If your ship is on my do not ship list i really wouldn't read my stories If your ship isn't here at all I still might write about it ;)

Something i really really want: A book to be published (and to marry Daniel Radcliffe)

My favorite movies: The Harry Potter series. Die Hard. Love Actually (Yes, these all have Alan Rickman in them) :D

My favorite song: Sarah Minor by Keaton Henson - a beautiful song

Habits: Biting nails, pushing hair behind my ear, and daydreaming too often

Celebrity crushes: Daniel Radcliffe - Matt Lewis - Tom Felton and Benedict Cumberbatch

and that was a little bit about me ;)

Stories i recommend:

-- The Marriage Stone by Josephine Darcy.

-- Pains and Contradictions by ATypicalSnowman

-- These stories are both Snarry and 'M' (Though the Marriage Stone doesn't really need to be 'M' in my opinion) - Don't like. Don't read. -

1st August 2012 - Started on my new one which I've had in my head for ages, but now I have finally started on it. It is called 'All together again' which is now my second priority next to 'Finding Hope'. This one is completely different from anything I have ever written but I'm enjoying every minute of it so far. The pairings: Harry/Luna Hermione/Ron

8th August 2012 - Finished Chapter one of 'All together again' and have gone straight onto chapter two. These chapters sort of link together but they can be like their own little story's, but I don't recommend just reading chapter one then chapter six.

14th August 2012 - Started on a completely new one about arranged marriages, staring Harry/Luna as the main, Hermione/Fred and some other pairings put together by this new ministry law. It deals with the troubles they face and how they can out up with being forced together with someone else. This was originally going to be a Hermione/Draco but then it would have taken the main plot line off Harry/Luna.

15th August 2012 - Started on Chapter 19 of Finding hope, and also discovered 'FictionPress' so started on one of my own stories, which is about dealing with someone who has anorexia, which is something i have experienced first hand. I had decided to add in little stories, about a person who's mum has cancer, the cruel girl of the story and the girl who just doesn't care what people think of her so she goes completely crazy and then there's the main character (Emma) who is just completely normal, well not completely.

16th August 2012 - Come up with the name for my 'Fictionpress' one: Just me, Just us.

17th August 2012 - Come up with the blurb as well for Just me, Just us: Meet Emma, she's just one of those normal teenage girls - getting into fights with friends over which celebrity do you think is cutest, getting nervous around boys, and just generally having a good time in her teenage years. This is about his very ordinary girl in her last week of term, but this ordinary girl doesn't have ordinary friends. (End of Blurb) This is completely different to anything I have even attempted before, but I'm really enjoying writing it, and it just comes naturally to me.

24th August 2012 - I have just got back from my holiday, and I have written half of chapter nine of Finding Hope. Also i got a review, which was bad. I do not mind getting bad reviews but one thing which i can really not stand is when they do it anonymously, If you leave a review i would like to talk to you about it. For example this one was probably the most stupid thing ive ever heard, seeing as it was about my author notes not the actual story. Basically i just threw in a little note about something which i put in, and then they called me stupid for putting the author note about it.

27th August 2012 - I've just been in a bit of a 'ditch' recently to be honest, its like i have no energy to do anything. Right now I'm working on three fics simultaneously, and I don't know really. As i said I'm in a bit of a ditch, and i start school in a week so maybe that's why? But sorry and I wouldn't expect an update any time soon which I'm actually quite upset about to be honest.

30th August 2012 - I am pleased to say I'm out of my 'ditch.' To tell you the truth i don't even know what happened. I have almost completed Chapter 19 of 'Finding Hope' and have got Chapter 20 all planned out. It really is moving very fast from here, and i think it will be done in about 5 Chapters, wich actually I'm a little upset about but seeing as i thought it was going to very long... But if i make it too long I'm just going to make it boring. 'Its the Quality not Quantity', as my mum says every time I sit down to write an English essay. For all you clever sparks out there, i think you might figure out the ending with the next chapter. I have made it pretty obvious, but then again... OH! Also I r-eposted 'He Loves me, he loves me not' seeing as I was reading through it the over day and the spelling mistakes and grammer actually made me think OMG I NEED TO CHANGE THIS! :D

31st August 2012 - Ok posted the second chapter of 'He loves me, he loves me not' :)

10th September 2012 - Hey! Ok remember that ditch i said i was out of... Well turns out i'm not, in fact i have depression. A teenage crisis if you will. I dont know what happened, i started school and then i literally went into complete depression mode. You see the thing is we've gone straight back to starting our GCSE'S, and i think it maybe scared me a little bit. Pressure is being put on like no amounts, and i just cant take it. Friendships are straining, and I'm am as ive said countless of times 'In a ditch'. Sorry, i'm taking some time out of writing, as im trying to get my own life sorted out at the moment. Its my birthday in literally 3 days so I hope i'm a bit better then.

23 September 2012 - Where has the time gone! Sorry i haven't been writing at all recently, but i've been doing my English GCSE paper, which goes towards 20% of my English GCSE, been putting all my time into planning that, but that's over now and i've almost finished the next chapter of Finding hope. I got a lovely review today, and actually that really brightened my mood up for writing some more. 'Im also writing a 'Hunger Games' fic for my friend, which i might post on here afterwards, just changing the names. Im in a much brighter mood now, and i don't know what happened to me, but i'm back, which is nice :)

6th October 2012 - I swear the day go so more quickly now. Sorry i havnt updated anything in about, i'd say about 2/3 months now, but im determined to update sometime in the next week :)

17 march 2013 - Wow... ok, so im afraid I havnt updated in about 7 months now... I my gcse mocks are literally tomorrow, I got in a state over them and have ended up having to retake them as I failed miserably. I have slipped into 'my ditch' again, but after all these are over I will be finishing off my stories and writing more, thank you if anyone who is still waiting for an update , because that means you are still there xxx

Notes: At the moment, i'm currently studying for my GCSE's, and with all that coming up i am finding it hard to find the time to sit down at write for about 2 hours. Also, I think of new stories then start of them straight away, so at the moment im working on: (In order of priority)

1. Finding Hope. - Harry/Severus -

2. All together again. - Harry/Luna - Ron/Hermione

3. Marry you?! - Harry/Luna - Hermione/Fred - Ron/Pansy - Neville/Ginny

4. Just me, just us. - FictionPress -

5. Trouble with you - Ron/Hermione

6. The arrangement - Harry/Luna

7. Moving day - Harry/Severus

8. Keep you safe. -Luna/Neville -

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