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Author has written 5 stories for Orphan, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.

Previously called LoveIsBlindness

You may call me Lucy/Luce/Lolo/Darkness, whichever suits you best:)

I've returned to Fanfiction because jeez, it really does suck you in and doesn't allow you to leave haha. Anyways, here's a bit of info on me.

I'm 18 years old (being an adult feels scary still), British and taken by my lovely boyfriend.

I ADORE The Hunger Games (as you can see from my stories haha), The Mortal Instruments (my absolute favourite of all time, and I still need to get to writing a fanfic for this series), Shatter Me (also amazing book series, the WRITING IS BOOTIFUL), Gone series (I have no word to describe my love for this series!), and some of John Green books to read for a day, ahhh.

I also LOVE tv shows, they're literally my life at the moment.. My faves include American Horror Story (the best ever. Full stop.), The Walking Dead (zombieeeesss), The Vampire Diaries (Ian *drools*), Orange is the New Black (it makes you suffocate from laughter so be warned), and lastly but not the least, Supernatural (Deeeeaaaannnnnnnnnnn). I'm also watching Gotham, Hannibal (which is amazing btw), The Flash, Pretty Little Liars, Reign, Black Mirror, Revenge, The Tudors, and many others. With Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, Bones and many others.

The Tribute List is now full for Into the Light. Ahhhhhhhh

Into the Light (Tribute List)

District One:

Female- Alpha Wild [15] (goldie031)

Male- Quarl Agate [18] (SafeEyesOpen)

District Two:

Female- Savannah Kellno [18] (Fuzzycat901)

Male- Quintus Pickman [18] (Jael.Rice.1)

District Three:

Female- Annabelle Gray [14] (DCdreamer55)

Male- Alec Swift [14] (Iris Hunt)

District Four:

Female- Ariel Marina Bright [14] (DCdreamer55)

Male- Achilleus (Akkie) Nairn [17] (Youngwriter333)

District Five:

Female- Ilena "Lennie" Denvir [18] (LokiThisIsMadness)

Male- Hayden Maddox [18] (hollowman96)

District Six:

Female- Seira Tenini [17] (ChiisanaSakichan)

Male- Blank Gracey [17] (Blue Eyes Arch Angel)

District Seven:

Female- Cybele Minoan [17] (xxbookwormmockingjayxx

Male- Lance Gray [16] (jakey121)

District Eight:

Female- Rania Calgan [15] (bobothebear)

Male- Tristan Donovan [14] (mountainman91)

District Nine:

Female- Marie Farro [16] (komiking)

Male- Arden Zuniga [15] (Chaos in Her Wake)

District Ten:

Female- Eliara Azela [18] (Acereader55)

Male- Tempest Seasons [18] (Blue Eyes Arch Angel)

District Eleven:

Female- Sunnoria Miller [15] (xRuex)

Male- Matt Rodriguez [14] (DaughterofApollo7)

District Twelve:

Female- Aradan Feanor [15] (Chaos In Her Wake)

Male- Callahan Foster [17] (Livelovelaughdance)

I've only chose the ones that I thought would fit in really well within the SYOT. There's some people who submitted two tributes so that I can go forward with the story quicker.

Sorry to those who I had tried to message to let them know I restarted Into The Light, but you haven't replied me so I had to take you off the list:/

Tribute Form:

Tribute Form:-

(The Basics)


Gender: (Remember that a lot of people submit females, so consider who you're going to submit as)

Age: (Make sure it's between 12 and 18)

District: (Please include at least two or three districts)

Appearance: (Be detailed and creative. You can have a link, if you like. But you cannot make them a flawless supermodel, or they won't be realistic)

Personality: (Woot woot, this the fun part! Well to me… Anyway, make sure you make the tribute creative, unique and interesting. If she is going to be like another tribute I already have, then you'll have to write it all up again. Also, you will have to write more than just a couple of sentences, so I can get to know the character more)

Family: (Please include names, personalities and ages. And it would be a lot better if you include appearances)

Friends: (The same as above)

Status in District: (Are they rich, middle-classed or poor? Are they popular or not?)

History: (Don't them like the sad history of Katniss'. Make their histories interesting and explain how

Strengths: (Don't just state down fighting strengths, include other things as well.)

Weaknesses: (Same as the one above.)

Hobbies: (Like for example, I like reading, drawing and writing)

Fear(s): (please be as creative as you could!)


Career or not?:

Alliance: (This is asking if they are willing to have an alliance)

What is the highest number would they like for an alliance?:

Are they open to romance?:

(The Games)

Opinion on the Games:

Volunteer or reaped:

If volunteered, why?:

Reaction: (This includes if they were reaped or even volunteer)

How would they behave with other tributes?:

Interview Angle:

What would they do in the Cornucopia?:

Weapon of Choice: (Can include more than one)


Goodbyes in the Justice Building:

Training Score:

Opening Ceremony Outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Reaping Outfit:


What did I miss?:

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

I Remember by SneverusSnapers reviews
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Into the Light reviews
In the 98th Hunger Games, light is not hope- it is a trap. In the previous Games, there was no Victor, so this year the Gamemakers are bent down to make this Games a place of Hell for the Tributes who will fight against their darkest secrets and inner demons... Rating may change.
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Forgiveness Is Not Easy
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The Love I Felt For You reviews
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