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Author has written 4 stories for Ultraman, and Wizard101.

Name: Ulysses Septimus

Birthday: November 14, 1998

Favorite Movies and Others: Aliens Vs Predators, Predators series, Godzilla, Ultraman Saga, Mahou Sentai, Prince of Persia, Star Wars saga, 300, Hannibal Lector

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson series, Heroes of Olympus series, Goosebumps series, Kane Chronicles, Vladmir Tod Chronicles

Least Favorites: Xenomorphs (I just doesn't like them, but that don't means I hate them although I do hate Grid alien with all my heart [may you rot in Tartarus for killing Chopper and Celtic!]), Ultraman Tiga.

Who I Admire: Aequitas the son of Chaos, who gave up his life to save mankind, Jango and Boba Fett, Celtic Predator, Chopper Predator, Scar Predator, Wolf Predator, City Hunter, Jungle Hunter, Lar'ja Sain'ja (Dark, from the AvP game)

I am your typical gamer, Predator nerd, and student, what else can I say?

"If you are a real man, become strong for someone." -Caridimius, god of death.

"I shall never give up, even if Death awaits." - Crafty Ulysses

"This is a cruel world, what can you do about it?"- Christopher DragonFlame

"Truth, justice, honor."- Kujhade

"The only way to defeat evil is to fight as one."- Set'gin Sain'ja

"I am not your average ooman! I would much rather die honourabley than live as a coward!"- Al'nagara

"I smell a traitor among us: just a word, traitors get no mercy."- Orion

"There's no good and evil. There's only power, and those too weak to seek it."- Lord Voldemort

"The best way to payback your enemy is with the way they had used on you."- Unknown

"What's the fun if you don't take risks?"- Kel'tik-ra

"Tantrum tears are the mark of weaklings!"- Wolf Predator

"Uncontrolled power can only create chaos."- Hikari

"When you give up, all that you have accomplished before becomes useless."- Emperor Kujhadetorius

"Beh! In your dreams Kane! I will never subject to your evil ways. Mark my words, one day I shall destroy you!"- Ulysses Septimus

Wizard 101 Profile

Name: Christopher DragonFlame, duke of Avalon

Home world:Born on Earth but considers himself from Avalon since that is where his father (a.k.a-Alexander DragonFlame) rules over.


School: Storm

Secondary School: Death

Third School: Ice

Celestian School: Moon

Appearance: Amethyst purple eyes, pale face and thin lipped, long black hair that drapes down his back, laying between his shoulder blades although most of the time covered.

Personality: Impulsive, creative, independent, smart. Mess with him or those he deemed his friend with only result in his anger, although he was powerful enough that no one was that stupid to do so. Most of the time calm and calculated, unless angered, then he becomes a hothead that acts solely upon his emotions. Chris is also true blues with his friends and will spill secrets to them. Fiercely loyal to anyone he deemed his friend, and puts their good before his. Does not give up easily.

History: Christopher is one of the four Wizards mentioned in an ancient prophecy that were destinied to defeat Malistaire ("son of the Triton"). Originally, he had no intention of participating in this "saving-the-world" thing, but then he found out that Malistaire murdered his parents Alexander DragonFlame and Paige DreamMancer; for this, he sworn to himself to destroy Malistaire with his own hands, and from that, he developed a fiery hate toward anything that is evil. A Diviner of exceptional skill, he was Professor Balstrom's favorite student, much to the jealousy and dismay of fellow student Valdus StormWraith. After the war with Malistaire, he become a tutor to younger Diviners, occasionally jumping around the Spiral to set things right.

Outfit/Equipment/Mount: Dragon head helm (Monsoon Cap), Shadowmark's Tornado Tunic (purple and gold armor), Pandemonium Walker (metal boots colored purple and gold with hooks in the front), Storm Lord's Pendant, Amethyst Ring of Battle, Abyss Bodkin, Beleno's Chiveric Gallery. Mounts included Gryphon and Proud Lion.

Celestian General Outfit: Skyscream Hood, Skyscream cape, and Skyscream boots, all colored purple and gold

Skull Island Undercover Clothes: Commander's Coat, Rodent's Tricorne, and Dress boots, all black and gold.

Wand/Weapon: Truesight Bow/Sword of Kings/Dual blades

Likes:Water elemental spell, wizard versus wizard dueling, reading, dueling, friends, traveling

Dislikes:Malistaire Drake

Secondary Wizard

Name: Wolf DeathSpear

Homeworld: Dragonspyre

Age: 16

School: Death

Secondary School: Fire

Third school: Balance

Celestian School: Sun

Appearance: Ghost pale face, short spiky hair hidden by helmet, narrow eyes that slant upwards in a sinister look (some of the Necromancers thought he was Valdus's cousin or something because of that). Dressed in Dragoon's Cowl, Chaos Armor(black and red knight's armor), haunted verstialty walker (metal boots colored black and red with hooks in front).

Wand/Weapon: Staff of Solomon (black khopesh)

History: Wolf was born of one of the oldest magic wielding families, so it isn't that much of a surprise when he arrived at Wizard City already armed with powerful weapons. A top notch Necromancer, he is also a powerful Pyromancer of superb skill. Having befriended Christopher, he is often the one Chris goes for help due to his ability to foretell the future. Although he is not of the chosen group to defeat Malistaire, Wolf is definitly the most powerful wizard in the Arena, having won over 700 duels and not one loss.

Mount(s): Nightmare Pegasus/Swift Shark

Likes: Graveyards, ripping out his enemy's spine, dark places, Grizzleheim, Ravenwood, friends, summoning the dead.

Dislikes: Malistaire, anyone who hurts his friends, Dworgyn ("Mean old man"), and Life Wizards.

Pirate101 Profile

Name: Ulysses Septimus

Alias: Crafty Ulysses, Ulysses the Wily

Class: Swashbuckler

Ship(s): A galleon named the Silver Shark, with a crossed sword and dragon symbol on flag, hull painted red and blue.

Pet(s): A Golden Stingtail named Maximus

Age: 21

Personality: Know well for his craftiness and will, Ulysses lives up to his name with his signature tactics. Even when he is angered, he remains a calm appearance. Only when his comrades have been struck down would he become a uncontrolled demon, destroying his enemies with lethal prowess as an assassin. Very persistent, but he trusts no one unless they have sure evidence of loyalty.

Bio: Born in Valencia, Ulysses is a first hand witness to the raise and corruption of the Armada. Unlike his power loving father Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, Ulysses wanted nothing more than to see Kane's reign of terror end. However, due to the fact that he was still young back then, he could not to anything to actually stir a rebellion, only able to secretly aide the smuggling of weapons to the resistance. Only after when his father died, when he officially took over Lucius' spot was he able to begin carrying out his plans: using the wealth he had inherited, he built many ships of which he stored in Flotsam, that would later form his own armada to help in his ultimate plan of overthrowing Kane.

Everything was going on as planned, until one day.

That day, he was convicted of assassinating an Armada Officer (did that to help his best friend Romulus). For that, Deacon was ready to throw him in prison, until Kane gave Ulysses an offer: to join him and aide in his conquest of El Dorado, in return for near boundless power. Of course he rejected the offer, resulting an angry Kane who locked him in the brig of an Armada ship without a second thought. Here, Ulysses was nearly driven mad, only kept sane by his secret assassin trainings. The imprisonment lasted for three long years, resulting in his appearance altering: because of the lack of sunlight, his originally black hair now took on a silver shine, his skin death pale, his eyes blood red.

He would have stayed there, if Boochbeard and Gandry had not came along and helped him escape. Taking refuge in Skull Island, he trained as a Swashbuckler and prepared for his final showdown with Kane.

Appearance: Shoulder length silver-black hair, red eyes and death pale face, with a mouth always in a sinister smile.

Weapon: Fin's Blades/Wicked Daggers

Mount(s): Batacuda

Clothes: Explorer's Scales (armored, long sleeve vest ending in thick leather gloves), bicorne hat colored pure black, knee length leather boots.

Likes: Gold, friends, traveling the Spiral, assassinating people, winning, strategies.

Dislikes: Betrayal

Secondary Pirate Character

Name:Crafty Edward Teach


Ship(s):1 skiff called the Royal Falcon, with a Krokotopian Eye symbol on flag, hull painted burgundy and black.



Personality:Like Odysses of Greek mythology, Edward Teach was a natural born leader known for his cool head during crisis. He never trusts anyone easily, but once they earn his trust, he could prove to be a powerful ally. Even thought slightly stubborn and sometimes grumpy, during battle he can be a total demon, using his agile mind as a weapon. He never hesitates, once he strikes upon a decison, he will carry it out.

Appearance:Short, neck length black hair, gray eyes that slant upward, pale face and a mouth that is always in a line. Always carries a cutlass by his side, with one hand a crab's claw.

Weapon:Da Claw (crab's claw and a cutlass)


Clothes:He is dressed in rust colored light combat armor, black tricorne hat and knee length leather boots.

Likes:Anyone who has a mind like him, fighting, winning a fight, strategies and planning.

Dislikes:Hotheads, losing, anyone who loses their temper, Buster Crab

Ultraman FanFic Glossary


Acrisius-The Emperor of the Empire of Scorpio, the god of wine and father of the Triosecous. Husband to Queen Atollia.

Aequitas-Son of Chaos, god of justice, balance, goodness, and purity. He gave up his immortality to save mankind, and is transformed in Memphis the Golden Knight.

Agul-The comrade of Ultraman Gaia and the lieutenant of Dikarus the Silver Samurai

Atollia-Mother of the Triosecous, she died giving birth to Dikarus.

Alphadelos-The Dark Lord and a servant to lord Kronos. Archenemy of the Olympian gods. He is also the master of Baron Blood.

Ankhalla-Another name for Astra.

Belia-Evil Ultraman who wanted to wipe out the Land Of Light, but is defeated by Zero.

Caridimius-God of Death and the Underworld, the second brother of the Triosecous.

Chrysaor-'Man with the golden sword',ancient Greek name for Memphis the Golden Knight.

Croetius-The son of Memphis and the new God of War.

Deminous steel-A type of magical metal that is commonly found on the planet Sanalus, where Memphis and his brothers came from. It can be used to harm immortals and mortals once made into a weapon, but only two swords are know to be made from them.

Dikarus-God of the sea and the youngest of the three brothers.

Fallen Warrior-Memphis's name for Dark Astra, referring to his true identity.

Faust-Lieutenant of Caridimius the Dragon Knight.

GKM-Short name for Memphis the Golden Knight.

Horbenir-The magical sword of is originally a pair with Horbenus,the sword of Memphis,but the Golden Knight gave it to Leo as a gift. One of the few weapons that can kill a god.

Kronos-The Titan god of time and the yougest child of Gaia the Earth and Ouranos the Sky. Enemy of the Olympians.

Memphis the Golden Knight-Leo's best friend and the prince of the Empire of Scorpio. He is the one who replaced Zeus as the King of Olympians and the god of weather, goodness, and justice. Most powerful being in existence. Also a demiTitan because he obsurbed Kronos's powers after he defeated him in Titanomachy Two.

Nebula A66-The home of the Three Brothers Memphis, Caridimius, and Dikarus. Also known as the constellation of Scorpio,or the Empire of Scorpio.

Pharos-Half brother of Croetius and the Messenger of the Olympians.

Triosecous-Meaning the "Mighty Three"

Ultra Seven-The father of Ultraman Zero, an experienced Ultra warrior and Leo's teacher

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