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Author has written 32 stories for Toontown, Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, and Minecraft.

The latest legend has came to Fanfiction.net. Mainly writing about Toontown. With his companions Mike, Flappy, Sabrina, and Kit,

Tas The Toon Mouse!

Writes epic action stories, loves friends and with bunch of antagonists. He's sure epic alright.

If you have a Google plus account, add me to your circle on this link: https://plus.google.com/?gpinv=jq-dItiMe-k:DP5WbVASwQo

UPDATE: Thank you guys for reading my stories. I will be around reviewing people's stories a lot. I got a hit from Malaysia for some weird reason. Lol.

UPDATE: After a harsh review, I have considered putting a limit to it. After 5 reviews, I will put in a epilogue and stop writing stories. If I realize those are just spams, I will not count them and will do, something.

UPDATE: OMG THANKS FOR READING MY STORIES GUYS! Over 100 hits on my first and Toons vs. Life! THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE: I thought of doing a just for fun project on the ToonTown category. Here's what I'm thinking.

UPDATE: Failwell, Game Addict story.

UPDATE: After my 20th story, I will start a new season of the adventures of my Toon. Some Characters will be removed and some will be added. See ya later!

UPDATE: After some bad reasoning, I decided to up the review cap by 10.

UPDATE: Failwell, story name that I will not say.

UPDATE: I've been thinking (a lot) and you know what? I'm gonna take out the review cap! Because no flamer, troller, spammer, or anyone is gonna stop me! I like writing speculatives and you mean people aren't gonna stop me! I don't care about your opinion (that much) and this is a free country, so you guys won't stop me! If people are experiencing what I experienced, don't let that stop you! It's your stories, they don't have the right to tell you what you should and shouldn't do! Do what you want to do (well, just don't go breaking those rules because of what Sonic said and I quote "that's no good!") So If you're a writer who knows friends that is upset because of flames, tell them to go to this profile and read it! No one can stop me, you, or anyone (except for the authorities)!

UPDATE: Okay guys, now I am accepting ideas for a new story. Season two is starting for my stories. I want to start out fresh and new, sort of. I maybe posting more episodes of Toons vs. Life. Maybe I'll return to- OMG I GOT AN IDEA. Thanks for reading this heckish update!

UPDATE: Hey guys, since people don't look in cross overs that much, I decided to announce it here instead.

Okay, I made a new story called Dimension Hoppers: Evil Doppelgängers. I hope you like it!

Greatest Hit: Best Friends (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Announcement (this is new): You can now find me on Twitter! Yay. On the search, type in Sonixfriend1 or Tasbih Babar and find the people thing or tweet. Oh and thank you guys who helped me become a better writer (especially the reviewers!) Oh and my first book published on bn.com is Wall Ball Champion. Get the free sample or buy for 2.99!

UPDATE: "Hey guys! The author is going to begin rewriting his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stories." Hey, what are you doing here? "Uh oh, gotta go, by!" USAGE ERROR.

Announcement: I'm on deviantART! Search Tas-The-Toon-Mouse and comment on my digital drawings, please! Or you can go by pasting this link into your omnibox or address bar: tas-the-toon-mouse.deviantart.com

UPDATE: Hey guys, haven't been writing for about a month but I'm back! School was holding me back, and so was AFV. Well anyways, I have something to ask you guys: Is it a bad thing that my greatest hit Best Friends number of hits is starting to get closer to the number of profile hits? PM meh.

Announcement: Hey guys, I made a new blog for reviews! So far, I only reviewed the chrome book. Please either plus 1, like, or tweet about it. :D tas-reviews.blogspot.com

UPDATE: Hi guys, the reason why I'm not updating my stories is because of my Xbox 360 and I'm working on another one. The other one is super special, it's all about Tas' past and is going to be the longest one I ever written, since I will be writing ALL of Tas' past.

UPDATE: Okay, 92 votes remaining from May 9 2012, and I will give you the standings:

First Place: Storyteller From Space

Second Place: Me, pikachuprinplup, IrkenLily, The Evina.

Third Place: xXT00nT0wn789Xx, Kizziefoshnizzie, ItsaBunchaJibbaJabba, Power of the Wol.

Okay, the poll is still open and people, vote!

Fail of the Day: I forgot to save my document for the 7th chapter of A Blast From The Past and I have to start most of it over again. Next time, I'm using Google Docs instead of scratchpad, so yeah, it's gonna take a little longer.

UPDATE: Okay guys, I noticed that I have been spending too much of my free time playing games like Minecraft. My newest ToonTown story is still in progress but the process is slow. My NEWEST story, Dimension Hoppers 2 has been going on for three months. I'm about halfway done.

Announcement: Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that soon, it's going to be MY birthday! Not the author, but mine! All I want is to finish A Blast From The Past and a birthday cake.

UPDATE: I'm not used to the new interface of the Manage Stories place. It took me a couple minutes to find the link until I looked more thoroughly.

Fail of the Week: I missed my Toon's first anniversary. Whoops...

Story Status:

A Blast From The Past: Active, incomplete.

Dimension Hoppers 2: Postponed, incomplete.

UPDATE: I had to broadcast this since it has been annoying me so much mentally (Not being begged, just wanted to put it out there), so here are some hints about the upcoming chapters:

Tas and Kit is going to have something going on between them.

Tas learns about an evil force similar yet different than his powers.

Some more bleeps might come.

Tas goes on vacation to world where his favorite video game becomes real.

UPDATE: I gotta say guys, the story A Blast From The Past is near it's end. It was fun making it. My plan after it is working on my next story, Dimension Hoppers 2: Hopping Through Time. Thanks for reading both of them!

UPDATE: Hey guys! I want to announce two things: The first one is my YouTube channel. The username is ICanEatYourDinner. If you see a sandwich, that's me. The second this is my new book that is going to be published. The book is named The War Against Friendship. It's basically about a guy/mouse named Tasbih who's class gets signed up by his fifth grade teacher, and he has to battle his friends to win the grand prize, and survive. It's not done yet, and it's going to be bigger than A Blast From The Past. It's going to be five dollars, so it's cheap, and it's going to be on Barnes and Noble's Nook products.

UPDATE: Man. You guys aren't going to be happy with my news. I have stopped writing and probably not going to start again. In two days, I will upload my last chapter of Toons vs. Life, and that's the end of the story. I lost inspiration and motivation. I'm sorry to say this.

April Fools, by the way.

UPDATE: So, apparently I have been away for quite a while. I just needed new, fresh material and I might have just gotten it from ToonTown, Tas's home place.


UPDATE: Well, Toontown has been shut down since 9/19/13, and I took a long hiatus from everything. I'm back to writing stories, and luckily I've been working on one for quite a while.

UPDATE: This account is no longer being used.

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Losing My Membership 2: Losing Everything reviews
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Toontown - Rated: K - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 1,774 - Reviews: 10 - Published: 8/6/2011 - Complete
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