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Well, I guess this is where people introduce themselves... I don't really know how to do this, I mean it would be boring if I did it under the questionnaire form and I'm not going to start telling you my life story -.- So I'll just write what comes to mind:

Heyyy people :D I'm Leila, I live in Geveva; Switzerland... I moved here cause my dad's a diplomat, so yes, I travel a lot. It's nice to travel but for now I just want to stick in one place, I really don't want to leave. Oh one more thing: I'm 13. Though people usually think I'm 15 or something. That is until I start showing my stupid side, which shows ALOT.

Hmmm... what else to say?

Favorite ice cream flavor: Mango

Favorite fluffed animal/toy: My cinderella pillow. I've had it since I was 4.

Favorite pyjamas: Cow printed ones with a cow dancing on the shirt.

Uhhhhh... Well I guess I'm here because I write- no kidding.

Another thing you might want to know about me: I talk to myself. A LOT. Sometimes I forget there are people in the room and start imagining situations and talking to myself. It's not really embarassing until I do it in class. -_-

My friends are really crazy, like me. I'm not kidding. Take Nourhan for example. Once, she had to do a project on cooking and somehow she ended up talking about Megan Fox. o.O In front of the whole class and the teacher. You can only guess she got detention. Yeah, but good show, good show.

I also tend to be REALLY random. And talk a lot. But I think you guessed that. I hope I wasn't too stupid on this... Was I?

You probably think I'm on drugs right now. Well I'm not. Unless I don't know about it. OH MY GOD that might be it! Maybe I have multiple personality disorder... o.O Or not. I really don't know.

Well you should!

Who are you?! :O

I am... Yeah. That guy.

Right. Well dude, this is my profile so go get your own. -_-

What if I don't want to?

Then don't. It's a free countraaay.



Wanna go have a drink?

I'm underage.

Yet you do drugs.

I do? 0.0

I don't know.

Then why did you say that?

I don't know.

Do you know anything?

I don't know.

Cool kid. How bout you let me finish my profile and we'll continue this.


Right, guys, as you can see I'm short on time here. Sooo I'll just skip to my main point, here are the photos for my stories:

Never Let You Fall:

Bella's date dress:

Bella's hairstyle for the date:

It's not a lot but I'm new so I'll be writing some more. For now, give my story 'Never Let You Fall' a shot if you already haven't. I hear the author is really good. ;)

Btw. It's a Twilight fanfic. If you're a twililght hater, don't hate me. I'm not the biggest fan, but I like the romance in it. If you're a twilight lover, ignore what I just said and pretend I'm like you. Or not. Huh. I'm hungry. Imma go make a turkey sammich.

And one for me.

So bye for now guys :D

Leila xxx

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