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Great news finally an update. Yeah its shorter than any other update but for now I must take things slowly. There was more to chapter 7 but i hit a block before I finished. So I omitted it for now until its complete and I have at least half of chapter 8 written before releasing it.l

Thanks all for your patience...



Great news I'm finally over writers block... (looks to kami and smiles with appreciation) That took seven years and i hope that's not bad luck. Well it was for my life at the time. Anyway chapter seven to Forever: Sesshomaru and Kagome is in the works and almost complete. Now lovers tale will be on hold for a while. i have a thing for sessh and kagome right now and its just easier to write. Thank you all for the continued support, e-mail and reviews. its been a long road and I'm so happy to be back on this one.. Thank you all


Ok lets get real my writers block and life have been one after another in stopping me from writing and I have allowed it... I'm not entirely sure at this time when I will update... yet when i do it will gladly be announced on here. I have even started new domains and haven't finished them... So please I hope that once I do update you will continue to read.. Thanks Angel7669


hey everyone not long now before those two stories are updated and new ones are put to t good start... thanks for being patient and hopefully i can give you guys something good to read for the holiday approaching...


Special reminder: If you want updates from me about the story progress please leave an addy in your review that you are comfortable about receiving mail. Also all the original stories are now located on my webpage go into the ie version and scroll to the bottom on the left look for fanfic


Well here I go again everyone with yet another boring update on myself. My computers that housed all my anime and stories are all dead due to storms here in florida. Also mother nature and her jokes blessed me with a child that i lost after 6 months. So please I understand you have been waiting since july 2, 2003, im coming. computers are almost rebuilt and i have more in my head to write about. But i am unsure if i will complete these stories. I know that everyone is upset (as fans throw tomatoes at the stage and hiss and boo the announcer) but i will try to finish those stories and hopefully can retrieve my old hard drive to find my brain once more. Thanks again and CuttiKittyKat. Thanks for reminding me how long its been... Almost 5 years and some of you fans are gone, but thank this reviewer for reminding me why i started. Thank you. If you want updates from me please leave an addy where you want to accept updates from me,in your reviews


Sorry everyone I've been absent for 3 years and everything I once had online in FF.Net is now deleted. Yet there is still Hope you can visit my website and see all the stories I started in 2002 and 2003. Very soon the chapters most of you have been waiting for and thought would never happen. Well they will be updated soon... So Please be patient Im coming... Thanks for being so faithful and all the e-mails... from here and my website... I love you all and I will give you what you want and more..


Big Anime fan and working on my first fic ever done online. SO I hope everyone will like and enjoy. Please send reviews, I enjoy them, plus it will help me give you a better story. Ok everyone I know the big month absence to all stories on FF.Net and my site are getting to be boring... So I will be updating soon.. Please go to my site Anime Forever for updates on all stories and more information. If the website is down for any reason Im reloading all my mirror sites... so for the people who wanted to see Lost in Passion go to the alternate addy I will now have my e-mail addy for all comments as well. If you want to send mail please include'FanFiction' in your Subject so it will not be deleted. Or to send your addy's for the update list to my stories.


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