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Author has written 13 stories for Sly Cooper, Sims, Ratchet and Clank, Monster High, Jak and Daxter, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, My Little Pony, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A New Face Series:

New Face, Volume I: The first volume of two, Luna grew up with our trio in the orphanage, and now trained in seven types of martial arts, she is ready to steal back the Thievius Raccoonus and avenge Sly's family name.

Themesong: For The First Time- the Script


11/25/11: Finally started on the first chapter! Booyah.

11/27/11: The story and the first chapter are up! I have my laptop fixed, and now I can work on the story whenever I please. c:

11/27/11: Booyah! Second chapter is up, how cool am I. Special thanks and dedication to Artemis' Hunters for being my first reviewer, and seriously, just being so cool. :D Holla!

11/28/11: Started to work on the third chapter. Should have it up when I get home today. At least I hope so. I'm already at three pages. If it's not up today, it'll defiently be up by tommorrow. That I can promise.

11/28/11: Third chapter is complete! Go me. Showed my fixed laptop today. And I got a solid 30 (all 5's) on my CBAS essay. It's due on Friday and now I don't have to worry about it.

11/30/11: I have the fifth chapter up! And it's not even five yet. It makes up for how late the last chapter got up yesterday.

12/01/11: The sixth chapter is up, and we're done with Raleigh's part of the story. I realize the update was short, but there just wasn't a lot left of the chapter. I put a bit of Sly/Luna in there. And I also have a second reviewer! So happy.

12/05/11: I've been working on the next chapter, and I hope it will be up tommorrow. I'll do my best.

12/06/11: Finally, I got the next chapter up! Finally, finally, finally! Again, I promise the next chapter will be up tommorrow! It's another flashback chapter.

12/10/11: We're up to chapter 11. My God, the chapters have gotten so short! Oh well. I do love the reviews I get. Thanks so much for the support!

12/29/11: I'm going to be putting this story on hold, since I've beaten Sly 3 and I'm close to beating Sly 2. I've decided that the two sequels are better and more enjoyable than the first game, so I'm going to move on to volume two. I will finish volume one eventually though.

Status: In progress.

A New Face, Volume II: The second volume of "A New Face". It takes place during Sly 2: Band of Thieves. The Klaww Gang has stolen all of the Clockwerk parts. With this menace to the world (especially to Sly's family), it's up to the Cooper Gang to steal the parts back and destroy Clockwerk once and for all. It doesn't take long for the situation to spiral out of their control.


12/29/11: I should have the first chapter up soon. c: Also, you do not have to read the first volume in order to understand the second as long as you've played Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. However, in order to understand "The New Faces, Volume I" you'll have to read this story because important events will take place and there are some critical developments to Luna's story and personality.

12/30/11: The story is up! I should update it soon, though I can't promise daily updates because I'll be going back to school soon and I do have a few things around the house that need to be done.

02/23/12: Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, I'll be updating both of the volumes this weekend, thanks to MusicAnimal.

Status: In progress.

Hearts Connected Series:

Born This Way: You've always loved the Ratchet and Clank series, but when you win a contest to go into space, your ship goes off course and you land in another universe. Normally, it'd be a dream come true, but you don't even remember your own name, and this would-be-dream soon turns into a nightmare.

Themesong: Lucy- Skillet

Status: Complete.

Born This Way: Final Mix: Cancelled.

Born To Be Brave: The sequel to Born This Way. Sister story to Life's Not A Fairytale. Takes place during A4O. Planet Magnus is haunted by the past, and so are you. A shadow looms over you as the ghosts from your past come back to haunt you. But one question burns in your mind like wildfire: who was your father? Only Nefarious knows, and he's not talking.

Themesong: Friend Zone- Your Favorite Martian


02/11/12: This story was put onto my profile, and I've already started the first few chapters, including the prologue. I hope all of my readers from Born This Way will be back to read the sequel! It'll be up the moment Born This Way is finished.

02/18/12: The story and the first chapter are up-so proud of myself, no joke.

02/23/12: I currently have a bit of chapter four done. I should go work on it. I don't care that it's 3am.

02/25/12: Yes, the new chapter is up. It's going be an "update everything" weekend since I have no homework for the first time in MONTHS.

03/18/12: I swear, I'm working on the update.

07/23/12: Okay, so I've updated, and yeah, we've gotten past an important milestone in the story. Now let's hurry up and finish it! There's gonna be a sequel, On the Right Track, which takes place during Full Frontal Assault. It will be coming out this holiday season!

Status: In progress.

Wonderland: You've never liked the Sly Cooper series, and have always preferred Ratchet and Clank. But your whole world is turned upside when you literally crash into the Sly Cooper universe. Your history, and the history of your family also comes into light.

Themesong: Heartbreaker- P!nk

Status: Complete.

Life's Not A Fairytale: The sequel to Wonderland. Sister story to Born To Be Brave. Takes place during Sly 3: Honor Among thieves. After finally being reunited with Sly and Bentley, you search for assist to help to open the Cooper vault. Sly's trying to be with you, yet you still struggle with your feelings; it's WWIII inside your heart between him, the new people that are thrown into your life, and those questions from the past: why did Clockwerk kill your parents? The Panda King has the answer.

Themesong: A Year Without Rain- Selena Gomez


02/11/12: I've been working on the first few chapters, and like Born This Way, the sequel will be up the moment it's finished.

07/23/12: So I've been working on the update, and it will be up...hopefully sometime soon. We'll start the Venice part of the story, where we get Murray back. The sequel to Life's Not A Fairytale is Lost Inside the Forest, which takes place during Sly 4: Thieves in Time.

02/11/13: WOW. This series is already like a year old? I'm so proud! And yeah, I updated, and I have very big plans for Cerlie and Sly in the sequel, Lost Inside the Forest. And for their ancestors as well.

Status: In progress.

Lost Inside the Forest: The sequel to Life's Not A Fairytale. Takes place during Sly 4: Thieves in Time. You and Sly and the Gang travel back into the past to fix your future. And you actually meet your ancestors, along with Sly's. And Bentley's. and Murray's. And...Carmelita's? Oh, and you're not all Russian either. And the Panda King might cause some problems. And where's Penelope. Oh, you're so worried!

Oh, and your family has been helping out the Coopers a lot longer than you thought.

And you might actually meet your parents.

Pairings: Sly/You, onesided-Carmelita/Sly, minor Galleth/Carmelita, minor Penelope/Bentley, OC/Rioitchi, OC/Galleth, OC/Tennesse, OC/Bob, OC/Salim

Themesong: A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

Status: In development.

Keeps Gettin' Better: My Jak and Daxter story. Will take place during Jak II. You didn't realize going to watch the meteor shower would change the course of your life forever. You met Jak and then you met Torn. They rip your heart in half. You/Ashelin/Jak, You/Torn/Ashelin

Themesong: Stronger- Kelly Clarkson


02/12/13: Holy shit, I really need to finish this story. Like really bad. It's so old, and there are only nine chapters. Thankfully, it shouldn't be too much longer.

Status: In progress.

Daddy's Little Defect: Sequel to Keeps Gettin' Better. Takes place during Jak 3. You had stayed with Jak and Daxter, keeping your feelings for Jak and Torn under wraps, but then you make the most horrifying discover you could've ever known. You/Jak, You/Torn, Jak/Ashelin

Themesong: Judas- Lady Gaga

Status: In development.

Zombie: The sequel to Daddy's Little Defect. Takes place during Jak X: Combat Racing. Being forced to race in the Kras City Grand Championship, old enemies return and you make a few new ones. There's something odd about that Rayn, but at the end, you'll learn something that'll send your world spiraling in circles. All you know is that you're not about to give up on Torn.

Themesong: If You'd Just Realize- Colbie Caillat

Status: In development.

Pretty Girl: My first Kingdom Hearts story. Takes place during Chain of Memories. The Organization has acquired a new tool: her name is Winnie Margret Dee, a science experiment gone horribly wrong.

Themesong: You're Gonna Go Far, Kid- The Offspring

Status: In progress.


07/23/12: Haven't updated in way too long. /sigh

Evil Angel: The sequel to Pretty Girl. Takes place during Kingdom Hearts II. Winnie has woken up, and has begun her quest to find out who she is with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Only, the Organization seems to know exactly who she is, and Winnie must get them to speak or be forever without an identity. And who's Saige?

Themesong: Evil Angel- Breaking Benjamin

Status: In progress.

Prince$$ Ivy: Take my style of writing and the war between the Robbos and the syndicate. Add in the Shadow Sirens, the Seven Crystal Stars, the Thousand-Year Old Door, a dark secret that could get Ivy into a lot of trouble, and you get this.

Themesong: Angel of Darkness- Alex C


Status: In progress.

For The First Time: The crossover story everyone's been waiting for. Takes place during PlayStation Move Heroes. Leatrix, Arianna, and Cerlie meet up for the first time as the people they are now, yet don't even realize what they were to each other.

Themesong: Smile- Avril Lavigne

Status: In development.

A Moment Of Change: An epic crossover, involving my stories, Prince$$ Ivy, Pretty Girl, the Born This Way, Wonderland, and Keeps Gettin' Better series. The main characters will be Ivy, Winnie (with Sora and Riku as company and Donald and Goofy and a variety of Disney characters as guests), Arianna, Ratchet, and Clank (and three surprise characters), Cerlie and company (the Cooper gang), Lea, Jak, and Daxter. Also, featuring special guests-Weeping Angels! Will take place during a Kingdom Hearts game.


Status: In development.


Spiceberry: Nicolette is the hard-working 18-year old about to graduate high school. She's known Xander since freshmen year, and no matter how much she lies to herself, she knows she likes him. Xander loves the hot-tempered and feisty braniac, and would love to take her out. Things take a turn when he falls for her hard.

Themesong: A Little Too Not Over You- David Archuleta


12/09/11: I started the first chapter. I can't wait to play the Sims 3. Inspiration from the story was from what I read from the Sims wiki. I should have the first chapter done by tomorrow. c: Don't think I'll lose focus on "A New Face Volume 1" though!

12/10/11: The story is up, chyeah! I feel so accomplished. I can't wait to get this updated. I'll defiently have one up by tomorrow.

12/14/11: Yeah...no update. I'm so sorry! I've just had too much homework lately. I need to prepare for midterms, which means a lot of reading/note taking/organizing/making flash cards this weekend. But I will update both stories at least once!

12/30/11: Just so everyone knows, I have been working on the update.

01/04/12: I've decided I will come back to this story, but I want to focus on my Sly Cooper stories right now.

02/23/12: I will be updating this story very soon, as I've been inspired to update all of my incomplete stories.

02/25/12: YES, I'VE UPDATED! *feels so accomplished*

Fire: Draculaura's old flame Valentine returns and soon she has to make a choice between him…and Clawd. This looks all too familiar to Frankie, and Holt isn't letting go of her anytime soon. Clawdeen starts to question her feelings when Romulus starts seeing Howleen. After some scientific research, Ghoulia is matched with Heath. All they share is the fire that burns within them each.

Themesong: So In Love With Two- Mikalia


02/16/12: Working on chapter four. I already love this story.

02/25/12: I will be updating this weekend. It is on my list.

My Best Friend's Sister: The ponies’ older brothers and Pinkie’s twin brother Berry come to visit, but Rainbow Dash keeps catching her brother Blitz looking at Twilight. Blitz’s crush on Twilight puts a slight strain on his friendship with her brother Dusk Shine. Meanwhile, Fluttershy is dealing with her own drama of choosing between Rarity’s brother Elusive and Applejack’s brother, AJ. In the library, Spike gets to know Barbara and starts to think of Rarity less and less.

Themesong: BFB- Victoria Justice


07/23/12: I'm actually working on the update. The document is open right now on my computer. I'm working on Keeps Gettin' Better right now.

Future Stories:

A Thousand Years: Years ago, in the year 2012, you were only 16, and a huge fangirl of Ratchet. One night, when you're hit by a car, your life ends. In the year 3012, you're a human, the last of your race, and living in the Polaris galaxy, away from your race, on planet Kerwan. When Ratchet shows up, during Tachyon's attack, he begins to reawaken memories of your past life, before you were resurrected. Well, you've only loved him for a thousand years. Takes place during Tools of Destruction. The beginning of my new series.

Top Ten Pairings I Support That Aren't Canon But Aren't (Mostly) Total Crack

10. Rarity/Blueblood [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

9. Simon/Clary [The Mortal Instruments]

8. Draco/Hermoine [Harry Potter]

7. Ember/Danny [Danny Phantom]

6. Courtney/Trent [Total Drama series]

5. Jak/Ashelin [Jak and Daxter series]

4. Sora/Namine [Kingdom Hearts series]

3. Alice/Cheshire Cat [Alice: Madness Returns]

2. Blitz/Twilight Sparkle [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

1. Swan/Juliet [Lollipop Chainsaw]

My Top Ten My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Pairings

10. Discord/Celestia

9. Rainbow Dash/Berry Bubble

8. Fluttershy/

7. Elusive/

6. Applejack/Dusk Shine

5. Rarity/Blueblood

4. Spike/Barbara

3. Butterscotch/Pinkie Pie

2. Glass Slipper/Armor Protection

1. Blitz/Twilight

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