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Hi. My name is YellowishCake, and I am a huge fan of camping and nature, even though I can't stand bugs! I dunno, I guess things with more than four legs sort of freak me out. However, I love birds and also chipmunks. Chipmunks are like, my favorite animal ever in whole entire world...! I know, I'm kind of freaky, but my friends say I'm nice once people get to know me. I have strong opinions about things, and one of those things is protecting animals. I don't understand how people can mistreat living creatures like they do.

I started this account a looong time ago, but I abandoned it and now I've come back. I think I'll write up some stories soon, but I'll wait a while. I'm really into things like Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Warriors, and The Hunger Games. I do like action and fighting in books, which probably isn't good for a first impression... But anyways, if you were wondering where YellowishCake came from, I'll tell you.

For my 11th birthday a few years ago, my family was making me a birthday cake. When it was finally done, we opened up my presents and I blew out the candles. Dad cut me a big slice of the cake, and my first thought was, "It's sort of yellowish." Now, I like to be called Yellow, Cake, or Addy. So, I hope that's enough info for now!