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Previously algernonfetchjily, potteruntiltheveryend, jayrambles, ThisIsJayKay, JilyEvotter19, JilyEvotter2419 iheartweasleytwins and a couple of other usernames I've now conveniently forgotten.

September 11, 2014: Okay, I've thought about this for a while and I've made my decision – I'm leaving. Well, technically, I won't be gone, since this account will still be in existence, but the only thing I'll be doing is PMing those of you who I regularly talk to. Otherwise, I'm wiping out my story/author alerts and favourites and deleting my stories.

My reason for leaving is simple: FanFiction is a distraction. Granted, I haven't logged in since ages and I just read stories on my iPod, but its very existence is a distraction, and I need to focus on real life and school. But I don't want to cut off all contact with the friends I've made here and that's why I'll still be PMing you all. I know I haven't replied to any of my PMs since a long time but that's only because life is hectic. I'll try getting around to them soon.

I've had the most amazing time here and I won't forget a moment of it. Thanks, y'all and lots of love.

March 31, 2015: Ha. HA. This is hilarious.

No, really. I mean, I go to all this trouble to wipe out all my activity from here, officially leave this website, establish an existence without it and then months later I'm drawn to the familiarity and the, well –

OH, FINE. I'm homesick.

That's not to say I'm returning to writing or reading. I actually really wanted to write in a journal but obviously, I can't get any privacy around here. *rolls eyes* Then I decided to go for an online journal, experimented with a few in the space of an hour, deleted them in that same hour and realised I should just do the same thing I did at one point during the time when I was active on FanFiction: just keep a journal in my Doc Manager.

And I'm not even going to begin trying to apologise for not replying to my PMs.

But since I'm me, I will. SO SORRY, PEOPLE. SO SORRY. Maybe I should just say it now and be done with the guilt: expect to see me pop around for actual conversation once a year or so. But if there's some sort of emergency, don't hesitate to PM me. It'll come to my inbox and I check that several times a day.

Love, love, love you all.