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Hi! As you can tell from the little flag in the corner (well, IDK if it'll actually show up) I'm American. My name's Lacey, but if you wanted to I guess you could spell it Lacee or Laci or Lacie or Laceigh or Laceeeeeek (k is silent).

I see the best in people, you could definitely say I'm an optimist. Because of that, I can be a little naive and think everyone will be as nice as I usually am. There was a little incident recently where I learned the Internet is not made of rainbows and fluffiness, and I've learned a lot from that.

Pairings I ship:

Draco/Hermione (Dramione): This is my favorite pairing ever! I like fluff a lot, but some dark stories are good. I like Crimson with a Silver Lining by Lady Cailan (probably spelled that wrong), it's really sad and dark but it's well-written.

Neville/Hermione: Darth Gojira introduced me to this pairing, it's another favorite. Neville is just so cute!

Ron/Luna: This is the only Ron pairing I really like.

Harry/Luna: I like this one a lot, I feel that Harry and Luna just go together well.

Harry/Annabeth: They're from different universes, I know, but I feel like they would be a really cute couple.

Pairings I will never, ever like:

Snape/Harry: Snape is thirty years older than Harry. That's just gross.

Snape/Hermione: I hate this one for the same reason I hate Snarry, it's just so weird.

Ron/Harry: They're too much like brothers.

All incest pairings: There's just no way to justify liking any of the incest pairings (Harry/Lily, Fred/George, etc.