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Oh, hi there. :) So, you've found your way into my little (alright, downright puny) corner of the internet, ey?

So, I guess introductions are in order. *clears throat* My name, as you might have deduced from my username, is DrunkOnWriting, Drunk for short...*recalls horrible memory of a misunderstanding caused by that nickname and too much glitter and ending with more glitter, half the tennis club passed out on the laundry room floor and an excessive amount of brownies--not all of them legal*...actually, scratch that, it's DrunkOnWriting, no nickname involved...*coughs awkwardly*...so what's your name?

classic cricket chirp*

Ok, then, I guess I'll do the talking. :) That's fine by me, I like talking! I also like glitter, purple anything, just about everything involving words (except crossword puzzles...I WILL FIND YOU, NUMBER 7 DOWN!!!), photography, icecream, chocolate, pop music, alternative music, rock music, country music, jewlry, clothes, money, driving over the speed limit, laughing, the ocean, laughing maniacly, spellcheck, tiaras, coffee, green tea, peanut butter, TYPING WITH THE CAPS LOCK ON, and my cat, aptly named Shadow, who is cuddly, and wonderfull, and hisses at everyone I don't like, and Harry Potter.

ON A SIDE NOTE: wasn't the last movie just the bees knees? I was Luna for the night (my costume was SICKMCNASTY!!) and at the end of the movie, I tearfully raised my elder wand (Yeah, you read that right) and whispered "Mischief Managed" then proceeded to drive home and cry salty tears into my Mac&Cheese while rewatching the movies, starting with the Order of the Pheonix and ending with the Prisoner of Askanban.

What's that? I'm rambling too much? You dislike my use of the term "bees knees"? BEES DO TO HAVE KNEES, YOU NARGUL!!

ahem* sorry, didn't mean to go there...*awkward silence descends like a heavy fog*

...uh...so...want some brownies?

Hey , I'm trying to see how small the world can be through the internet so please copy and paste the following into your profile adding a message, your pen name and country and pm me when you do please!

Hiya, I'm most likely on a sugar high right now so I'm probably gonna ramble or bounce off the walls now, The Dark side of the Mind ,South Africa

THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!! :D DrunkOnWriting, America

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