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My name is Bauhaumut Eagle, decendant of Bahamut ZERO. (FFVII7) I am the guardian of many adventurers and their friends who come along with them. I've seen many worlds and times all in just a few years. I never seem to age at all and my eye color varies to the colors of the Materia depending upon my mood or the time of day. The adventures that you might have heard of,such as the Final Fantasy Series,I've seen in real life. It's quite an experience actually... Traveling with characters that you know and traveling to areas you've only seen in games... I longed for a good adventure back then... Thus started my long journey to find out about myself... That brought the characters that I knew to me... somehow. I traveled through time, dimensions, and other worlds... Through darkness and through light, never stopping to think at all what life would be like back home, sitting playing a video game quietly... The sounds of battles come to my sharp ears... I rush to aid my friends battling the Dark Dragon and the battle is over quickly... One cut from the Masamune brings the large beast down and easily stuns the waiting Sephiroth hovering above us... "I am the only one that can control the Masamune!" He thinks to himself. "How is it that there can be another!" My friends are used to my weapons by now... All that's left is to battle Sephiroth himself... Will I ever get back home...? I care not... I visit there only frequently for a short while and leave again, off on another journey and another story... School is not a problem for they think I am dead and long gone... How wrong they are... I live and keep on living, right beside my friends and I will never go back until I have found out the truth... Why was I sent here..? Why am I destined to battle alongside them...? I may find the answers or I may not... But I will not go back until I do... I am certain of that... Besides, battling alongside the characters I knew only in games and having an adventure such as this is fun... Everything I do here is fun... It's nothing like the game... It's reality... I can do anything instead of only having strict rules that I must follow... (Even though there are some rules.) FATE has done this to me and I have to find out why... This is my story... -Bauhaumut Eagle

Okay, so maybe not... Well anyway, my name is Bauhaumut Eagle. (I like to be called that.) No personal info may be revealed. I got a lot a stuff I wanna say so here goes!

Favorite Games: (No particular order. Just jumbled up mess.)

Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Spyro 2: Season of Ice, Spyro 2: Season of Flame, Spyro: Year of the Dragonfly, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, .hackINFECTION, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Beyond Good & Evil, Dark Age of Camelot, Suikoden III, Jak II, Jak III, R&C: GC, R&C: UYA, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

Favorite Animes: (Still no particular order. Jumbled mess.)

Tenchi, Inu-Yasha, Zoids, .hack//SIGN, Chrno Crusade.

Favorite Characters: (Ditto)

Crono, Marle, Lucca, Glenn, Robo, Ayla, Anyone from Chrono Cross, (Too many to list.) Spyro, Sparx, Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, Freya, Eiko, Tenchi, Ryoko, Washu, Ryo-Ohki, Sisami, Mihoshi, Kiyone, (Especially when last two are together. They're so funny!) Tidus, Auron, Rikku, Yuna, Chocobos:-) Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ratchet, Clank, Chickens, (enemies that got turned into them by the Morph-O-Ray.) :-) Jak, Daxter, Tsukasa, Mimiru, Bear, Subaru, Kite, BlackRose, Elk, Mia, Squall, Laguna, Rinoa, Selphie, Quistis, Cloud, Red XIII, Vincent, Sephiroth, (Sephiroth's ok I guess.) Aeris, Yuffie, Tifa, Jade, (Beyond Good & Evil) My character, Hinoryu, (Dark Age of Camelot _ ) Chrno, Rosette, (Chrno Crusade) Hugo, Fubar, Futch, Bright, Jacques, Sasarai, (Suikoden III) Sora, Kiari, (Kingdom Hearts) Laharl. (And his army of dragons I caught.) :-)

People I can look up to:

My brother, my friends.

Whew! That was a lot to write! Especially the Favorite Songs Part! Geez! There's ,like, 138 songs in there! Anyway, tell me through E-Mail if I accidentally repeated a song. I had to do this in two days and I rearranged my songlist so I have no clue whether or not there's a duplicate in there. Well, that's about it. Oh, one more thing. If any of you people out there have any sort of idea for a fanfic or to strengthen ideas etc. about my other fanfic, which I am still working on but I've been playing .hackINFECTION for some time so I haven't gotten around to typing or writing any more of it, please E-Mail me. Well, I hope I have some time to do it before May because that's when .hack//MUTATION comes out! Looks happy then sits and waits till May to come. Well, I guess I'll See Ya then! Till next time! Swishes tail and waits patiently for May.

Update of 2004- Ok yeah, I know that my first try at a Fanfic stunk... Was way too childish, I know... As you can see, I've discontinued it and deleted it from the website. Currently, I am working on a Crossover fanfic that, so far, I am happy about. I've begun writing much darker and much more mysterious, most likely post Jak II release, (Heh heh heh... Gotta love the ability to blast people onto roof tops.) >:-) and have gotten into a bit more detail aswell. I'm hoping that people will begin to visualize backrounds and feelings better with my new style of writing... Get rid of that Script thing, that's for sure... But when it is released, I'm going to need as many comments as I can get to improve even more. So keep looking for anything about a new story. I've already got the first chapter done so I'm hoping that I can get it typed and up sooner or later...

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