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Author has written 8 stories for Mass Effect, Gundam Seed, Naruto, Evangelion, and Star Wars.

I'm an aspiring professional writer, E-3 in the West Virginia Air National Guard, and working on getting into college shortly after I return from Basic and Tech School. Been writing (poorly) since around 2002, when I was 13, and writing (decently) since about 2008 or so. I started my career as an internet denizen writing (bad) Zoids fan fiction back then, and then got sucked into forums, more anime, and eventually board based RPGs, which led to tabletop RPGs, which became another passion. My end all dream is to retire in Washington, DC and open up a small cafe and gaming store which I will run as my personal dream shop, and hopefully due to retirement will not have to worry about making a profit and can just break even.

Working on an actual novelette alongside some Naruto fan fiction, which is my recent infatuation and has quickly become one of my favorite shows, right up there with Evangelion. Tend towards mecha as a rule, with notable exceptions in Naruto and the odd Onegai Teacher. Hopeless romantic, you see. If there is a hint of a pairing, I ship. And I ship hard, with very little wiggle room generally. If my ship is disproved by canon at a later date I generally find it harder to continue writing it, with some few exceptions. Just strange that way.

Favorite writers include Heinlein (Starship Troopers, Moon is a Harsh Mistress), Sapkowski (The Witcher), Alten (Meg, Domain, Loch Ness), Crichton (Next, State of Fear, Jurassic Park, Eaters of the Dead), Weber (Hell's Gate series), and tend towards fantasy and sci-fi stuff with a select few modern thrillers thrown in from time to time.

I ship Naruto and Hinata (Naruto), Shepard and Liara (Mass Effect), Lelouch and C.C (Code Geass), Bit and Leena (Zoids), and many others. Those, however, are my main ships. And boy do I ship hard.

-:Current Stories:-
Naruto-Sensei (Naruto):
Born into a time of war, Naruto Namikaze was sadly denied the life he deserved. Mother dead at birth, and Father lost to seal away an ancient power, Naruto is forced to grow up as a pariah. Meanwhile, Konohagakure faces secret turmoil over the choice of hokage, eventually leading to none other then one Danzou taking control... however, his order to wipe out the Uchiha clan fails when Itachi kills only the ringleaders of the rebellion and causes Danzo to flee in exile... and is then named as his successor. Thus, the rein of the peace-loving Itachi begins... and a young blond boy strives to follow in his footsteps. Eventually, he becomes the teacher of a new group of genin, fresh from the academy... including the hokage's younger brother.

A strange twist, in which Naruto is born much earlier and the Kyuubi is sealed later in his life, and a number of other events lead to a far different future... in which Naruto Namikaze becomes the teacher for an altered Team 7.

Currently in the second arc. Not dead, simply slow going. I'll finish it, promise.

New Emergency Response Vector: Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion): A techno-thriller about Evangelions as power armored suits in a vastly different world utilizing Zoroastrian mythology over the gnosticism in the standard. My baby right now.

-:Hiatus Stories:-
Broken World: Cosmic Era Ended (Gundam SEED):
The Break of the World is more severe then thought, sending the world into a collapsing tailspin. Similar to After War Gundam X, this tale follows both original and canon characters with strange new twists. Who is Masquerade, and what is his strange plan to save the world?

Naruto: Shinseiki (Naruto): 300 years after the series, a new Naruto Uzumaki faces off against an evil empire bent on domination... and the curse lingering in his clan's blood. I'm planning on writing this, eventually. However, after a few issues with the timeline came up, I decided to write other stories, and then choose one to have Shinseiki be an extension of. Currently, Naruto-sensei and Brothers Uzumaki are most likely.

Pack Light (Naruto): That fateful night that would change the lives of all of Team Seven, and by extension the rest of the Konoha Twelve as well. What if, in a moment of weakness and introspection, Sasuke had acquiesced to his teammates request and allowed her to follow him as he ran from his home and into the den of the White Snake. He could not have imagined the ripple effects that it would have on the world, nor what it would do to both him and Sakura and how it would shape his path in life.

The true divergence point actually occurs before all of that, and has a surprisingly large reach that causes all the changes in the story. I wonder if anyone will figure it out by the time the fic is done, haha.

My first story when I came back to FanFiction.net and chose to really get back into writing, Pack Light was originally Poisoned Bonds, and I'm still not overly happy with the name. Poisoned Bonds became the title for Part 2 Follows themes of how relationships shape people, particularly ones between men and women. Mostly a SasuSaku and a NaruHina fic with hints of other pairings, and some interesting changes. I'm putting this on haitus, or really discontinuation: a rewrite, known as Windthrow, has early writing done.

Pantheon Syncretist Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion): Another Evangelion A/U. Haitus as another story hijacked my mind. Some day, it'll be done. Utilizes medieval daemonology over gnosticism.

-:Planned Stories:-

-:Possible Stories:-
Meld Effect (Mass Effect):
A fluffy piece of Liara/Shepherd, going to be rewritten shortly and then continued for a third chapter. Deals with Shepard's thoughts on Liara, their relationship, and what the future would hold.

Dance With The Devil (Mass Effect): A story set in the Mass Effect world without really dealing with the main plot at all. Follows a small group of mostly normal people who get pulled into a secret program that is trying to create the strongest human biotics ever, and their fight to escape.

Emotional Consensus (Mass Effect): A crackfic, as it would be, of humor and romance. Deals with Legion and EDI discussing romance of organics and the complexities. Also discuss why Shepard seems to be such a magnet to females, and perhaps males.

A Quiet Mind (Naruto):
Jiraiya's twisting of Naruto's seal leads to his own demise, and an amnesiac Naruto wanders aimlessly until he is found by an unlikely figure who helps him come to grip with his inner demons, both figurative and literal, and recover the memories he'd lost. Only a bit of musing right now.

Daybreak Never Comes (Naruto): A humor/horror/suspense fic that is a satire of the Slasher/Gorn genre of movies involving the Rookie 9 being sent on a joint mission to a deserted town/mansion and facing the greatest horror of their lives. They say it's the last thing you hear before you die in this town, just a whisper on the wind... "Tobi is a good boy." Likely to be saved for next year's Halloween. Or some time.

A Throng of Blades, A Press of Shields (Dragon Age): Little more then scattered concepts and a name, but I've been wanting to write something in this world for some time.

New Century/X (Zoids): Sequel to the series, Bit Cloud returns to face a resurgent and ancient foe with dark intentions. Introduces Blox and continues the story. I have lots of stuff planned but no actual work done on this. Will be a Bit/Leena story eventually. My main concern is that Zoids is not a particularly popular fandom anymore, limiting my drive. Still, I love the concept too much to throw away.

Strong Roots (Naruto): After the attack and sealing of the Kyuubi, a weary Sarutobi is warned that, while it will be sealed, strong emotions may cause the seal to leak. As a result, he is convinced by Danzou to hand the young vessel for the Kyuubi over for training. Finding brothers even in this service, the young Naruto is assigned at a young age to keep watch over a group of the next-generation of clan heirs, as well as yet another important orphan: one Sasuke Uchiha. Going to wait on this one.

The Last Hyuuga (Naruto): Ever since the his brother Itachi destroyed his clan, Sasuke has been hailed as the last of his clan. But what if, by the twists of fate, it was not the Uchiha clan he belonged to, but the Hyuuga instead. A massive swap-around rewrite of the entire story, from the start, in which Sasuke strives to unlock the secrets of his Byakugan, Hinata struggles to unlock her Sharingan, and the entire story is turned upon it's head. Pairings unknown, other then my standby and requirement of NaruHina. Also, Shikaru and Inokoru! Not sure if I can make this work, but worth a shot. If I finish a story, I may do this one next.

Child of Destiny (Naruto): A darker take set in a divergence future. My attempt at an evil, superpowered, and so on Naruto fic with the various tropes that go along with it, without it sucking. So, in a sense, it's both a joke yet will be written entirely seriously. Not sure when I'll get around to it, have about a fifth of the first chapter done.

Eiyuudensetsu: Dreams of Steel (Pokémon):Thousands of years ago, man fought alongside Pokémon. In a world filled with unknown magics and terrible monsters there is a dire need for heroes. Into this world a young man goes, sword in hand and Aron at his side. He dreams of becoming a mighty adventurer and hero, but will find himself thrust into a darker world in which he must fight to survive. Joined by an elder wandering ex-knight and his Dodrio, a nimble rogue and his Sneasel, a young cleric and her meditite, and an apprentice magician with a lazy Abra, he finds that the world is not so idealistic as he hoped, but that there is still some good worth fighting for. A dark and somewhat gritty heroic fantasy story with a Pokémon twist to it, more or less. Planning to do this one with a friend, with inspiration from the works of Howard (Conan) and some Warhammer elements too, with a decidedly asian twist to it.

The Brothers Uzumaki (Naruto):The Fourth Hokage sealed the yin of the Kyuubi chakra into his son, and the yang away. But what if Naruto was not an only child, but one of twins, and the hokage managed a seal half of each into both of his sons. Meet Naruto and Shio Uzumaki, the twin Jinchūriki, the only twin Power of Human Sacrifice. I have no idea what the pairings, teams, or how exactly I'll handle the training and events. Should be an interesting challenge, and one I'd like to give to other people. All I can say is, though... Great Ball Rasengan will be freaking awesome with twins. Currently in progress, first chapter almost done. Will be written at the same time, but slower, than Pack Light. Maybe

Hydra (Naruto): Naruto is the Jinchūriki of the Kyuubi no Orochi, the Nine-Tailed Serpent, and a pariah in his village. However, he will find a big sister in a girl named Anko Mitarashi and a father in the Fifth Hokage himself, the legendary sannin, Orochimaru. Having never become obsessed with reincarnation and never betrayed his village, the White Snake of Konoha takes Konoha, and Naruto, on a very different path.

Fierce Snake (Naruto): Hinata's life was never going to be the same. Her father had handed her off to a village shinobi, sending her to the academy in hopes of salvaging her for some useful purpose; it was exile, more or less. But that was not what really changed her life. Instead, it was the shinobi who took her in, became her mentor, and began he transformation into a fierce snake. What a strange big sister Anko turned out to be...

A story in which Anko replaces Kurenai as Hinata's guardian, eventually going on to serve as her legal guardian, transforming the meek and shy wallflower that was Hinata into a far more boisterous girl with a mean streak as long as Manda's tail.

Shippuu! Konoha Gakuen Den (Naruto): A fan fiction 'novelization' of the short OVA from one of the endings of Naruto Shippuuden; a high school tale with my own twists.

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