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Hi I'm ralf07

There's nothing much to say about me except I'm a fan an Anime, Manga and Light Novel. though lately I seems to be engrossed with Visual Novel when i learn about a Software called Visual Novel Reader that made things easier when playing raw. if your the type that could watch Anime without Sub and have some knowledge on Hiragana and Katakana then i recommend this for you if you tired of waiting for VN to be translated.

I'm the type that tend to avoid any Story with OP Character from the start in it though i will probably give it a try a little to see how it goes first since i admit there still a few good story with OP MC in it.

And as you can see from the type of story i wrote it mostly Involve Saito from Zero no Tsukaima as he seems like an average character with an ability that would work with most series.

expect more from me since i decide to write i intend to finish it.

UPDATE: 10/12/2014

Been a year since i last update a fic except Familiar of Devil. For information i will be focusing on Familiar of Devil first before returning to old fic which Infinite'Tsukaima' Stratos was next on the list and Tsukaima no Saito on the next. As for other i will probably update them sporadically with my other fic.

UPDATE: 08/05/2015

Alright, from here I will be listing an information for my Story but for now i will start with the story i'm more focus on.


Familiar Of Devil.

It was a Story about Saito which following Canon in Znt light novel until it reach the point when Saito was Kidnapped by an Elf with Tiffa. from then it will be AU and due to some event it will leave him with no choice but to return to Earth. As soon as he return to Earth he met Sona Sitri for the first time and... running away from her after he saw her Bat wing which he succeed and he was never going to see her again... or so he though as a few days later he was transfer to a new School and in a Class that which happen to have Sona. That was when everything begin.



Formerly a Familiar of Zero and due to some event have to return to earth leaving his lover behind. Currently a Familiar of Devil as to due to an event caused him and Sona to Kiss accidentally incidentally transferring the power that was store within him before he left Halkeginia making Sona his Master and him her Familiar. he seems to have a Mad scientist type of personality due to the Rune Myoznitnirn that will give an insight about any matter related to Artifact. He also willing to commit a few crime if it will help him on his Experiment like stealing the Excalibur from the Xenovia and Irina.

Ability :

Gandalfr - An ability that allow him to use any kind of Weapon that was create for a battle or war to the point of mastery. the proficiency of him in the Weapon depend on the glowing of the rune as the brighter it is the more good it is at handling weapon and the brightness of the rune depend on it emotion especially when it concern his Master. The Rune itself have it limit as once it energy ran out it will cease to glow cease all of it abilities. though the rune will recharged itself was a day have pass meaning that once a clock past 12 in midnight it will be resusable again regardless of how long it have been deactivated.

Windalfr - An ability that allow him to Take control of any sort of Non-humanoid creature. it doesn't matter how intelligent the creature it as long it fit the criteria Saito will be able to control it. Though the time he could activated the Rune Varry depending on the Target Control as a creature like a Dragon King could Probably last for Half an Hour before it ran out. that was if he tried to take full control but the time could be lengthen by only applying some part of control like if he tried to made it that a Dragon King incapable of Moving he will be able to keep it up for an Hour or more without trouble. aside from that the rune can also Synchronized with the target provided that the target willingly follow Saito order. by using Synchronized the Target will receive a boost in status allowing them to bring out 120% of their full strength. as of now the Time it take for the rune to recover haven't been disclosed yet.

Myoznitnirn - An Ability that allow him to control Artifact related item. it doesn't matter the shape as long as the item is consider as an Artifact he will be able to manipulate it. The rune also would give him an Insight to any Artifact related even if it was something creating a New Artifact. the user of the rune would find an easier time when making a new Artifact as the rune will continued supplying anything that was need to completed the Artifact. The rune can also be use to enhance the user thinking allowing him to use his brain more than what it could do though it doesn't made the user smart. Once the rune out of fuel it will take approximately 12 hours before it could be use again.

Lifdrasir - Also known as a Heart of God. Lffdrasir is basically a great Vessel that store a vast amount of magic which can be used either by it host and master as a supply when using magic. with certain Ritual Lifdrasir also possess a capabilities of erasing a single 'Race' from existence although the ritual will end up killing the Host as well. The same thing could be applied as when the Magic within Lifdrasir ran out the Host will also died and as of now there are no method of replenishing the magic that have been used.


- A power that was originally belong to a void mages but due to some event it was store within Saito to allow him to use it but due to him possessing no magic he would need to relied on the magic absorb by Derflinger to use it and due to him not knowing the chant he managed to substituted it by giving it more magic to activated allowing an instant cast of the spell which usually would take a bit of time before being used. below are the list of the spell that he have on his arsenal :-


Explosion - Cast a bright light that will damaged anything that was caught in it. the power of the explosion depend on the time it take for casting and even with Instant cast Saito will still need to wait to charged more power to unleash more powerful Spell.

Dispel - A Spell that Negated Magic though if the magic is strong the time it take will be longer and the amount of magic need was also increased.

Haste - move the user to a dimension where time move slower making it look like his speed increased from outside view.

Illusion - an Illusion that rewrite reality itself to show an image of what the user want to show. it was hard to discern this type of Illusion Except through making a contact with it.

Record - an ability that could bring out a memories of an object which would then allow the user to experience the event directly as if the user was there during the event.

Teleportation - Allow the user teleport as far as the eye could see as the spell seems limited to sight as the user cannot to teleport to places that wasn't in their sight. when cast it will give the user a feeling like they were carried by the wind though the process was instant.

Transform - Allow the user to change the Shape and mass of an object though the amount of magic use depend on how much the shape and mass was changed.

Scrying - A spell that open up a Window that allow the user to view anything he want no matter where the places.

World Door - A spell that allow the user to move from one point to another through the portal though the spell doesn't have the capabilites to cross Dimension. but it seems capable on moving through the underworld so it appear only a dimension that are not connected to the world that it cannot move to.

World Gate - A spell that allow the user to move across Dimension. in this case it could even connect with Dimensional Gao if the user want it to. there also the chance for it to be able to connect with another universe provide that the user know the existence of that universe and it detail.


Twin Explosion - Two Different source of Void was required as the spell was cast at the same time as two Explosion made causing a resonance which bring out a much stronger Explosion as a result.

Destruct Explosion - Required an Ex-Derflinger or a fragment of Excalibur Destruction that was fused with Derflinger in order to use it. A Spell that bring out a destructive force that could practically destroy anything ignoring the size of the Explosion.

Rapid Explosion - Require Ex-Derflinger and the Fragment of Excalibur Rapidly that fused with Derflinger. cause a multiple Explosion that Explode at high speed though the strength of the Explosion was as strong as the normal one.

Explode/LV2 - by Enhancing the sword with an Explosion spell with as soon as the sword made contact with something it will caused an Explosion as it increase the strength behind the Attack. at LV2 even a user body was cover by Explosion aura allow them to exert strength more than what they normally could.

Rule Dispel - Require Ex-derflinger or a Fragment of Excalibur Ruler that was fused with Derflinger. A spell that could negate more than a magic as it could chose what it want to negate though it can only negate one thing at one time.

Bless Dispel - Require Ex-derflinger or a Fragment of Excalibur Blessing that was fused with Derflinger. Bless a target with Dispel Spell that grant them Immunity towards anything magical.

Transparent Dispel - Require Ex-derflinger or a Fragment of Excalibur Transparency that was fused with Derflinger. Coating a Target with Dispel Spell that will negate any Magical attack upon contact. The stronger the Magical attack is, the more Magic will be sap to maintain the barrier.

Dispel Slash - by coating Dispel spell to a sword one could create some kind of Dispel wave that allow it to Dispel any Magic that it hit.

Rapid Haste - Require the use of Ex-Derflinger or the fragment of Excalibur Rapidly that have fused with Derflinger. allow the user to move at speed surpassing the speed of light though it the user can only move in a straight line when using this.

Double haste - Require the use of Duran-Derflinger. A spell that allow the user move at the dimension where times is slow down twice from normal Haste.

Nightmare Illusion - require the use of Ex-Derflinger or a fragment of Excalibur nightmare. it create an Illusion of oneself that if succeed on attacking the enemy will damaged the mind as if they really did receive the attack.

Trans-Mimic : Require the use of Ex-Derflinger or a fragment of Excalibur Mimic that fused with Derflinger. Allow the user to change the shape, size and mass of an object in an instant.

Worlds Door : Require the use of Duran-Derflinger. Create a portal that could connect to many portal at once and if anything were to pass the portal they will all appear at the same time at all the portal connected allowing it to exist at the same time but given the time Only one will stay as the other disappear due to their existence contradict the law of the world.


Derflinger - A Sentient Sword that have existed over a thousand year though he kind of forgetful since he haven't been in use for more than a thousand year before meeting Saito. The sword it self have an Auto-rust ability which prevent it from rusting though due to it forgetting about this ability he end up become a rusty sword until he remember again as he return to his original form. The sword also possess the ability to absorb Any magic and store it within him though if he absorb to much the pressure will cause him to break in to many pieces but due to it ability to transfer his conscious into a nearby weapon he can't be killed. any kind of weapon that he possess will also receive his original ability.

Durandal(Temporary) - A Holy Sword that possess great destructive power that could destroy anything that it Cut. at near of full power it could even destroy an Army in an instant and with full power probably a whole country could be destroyed by it easily. it was currently in possession in Xenovia who seems to be having problem on controlling it power and Saito temporarily borrow the sword and with Myoznitnirn he could forcefully unleash the Sword full power if he want to.

Duran-Derflinger : A combine form of Durandal and Derflinger. It possess a great Destructive power that Durandal have and also possessing the ability to absorb magic that Derflinger possess though it appear the Max capacity have been increase in this form allowing it to absorb much more than Derf originally could. The more Magic it absorb the Stronger the destructive force of the swords allowing it to surpass the original and if Magic it absorb became full it might be able to even Cut the World in two if the user want it to. at this form it also allow Saito to use an upgrade form of Void magic.

Ex-Derflinger : A sword that can only exist by Combining Excalibur with Derflinger or by fusing all 7 Fragment of Excalibur that have been turn to a gem with Derflinger. In this form it allow the user to use the original ability of all Excalibur while possessing some characteristic of Derflinger. The sword seems to have higher capacity of storing the magic absorb and at the same time it also seems to have high magic regeneration capabilities which at the peak of it ability it only take it 2 second to recharge it magic from empty to full. In this form it allow Saito to unleash the higher version of Void that was combine with the Original Excaliburs ability.

Ame no Murakumo(Temporary) :A Holy Sword that possess great Magical Energy that could Summon a Rain even if the user doesnt want to. Possess great power at controlling lightining and water and if used correctly could unleash a strong magical attack that Destroy a Country with one strike.

Heavenly Durandal : A combine form of both Durandal and Ame no Murakumo. Possess both destructive and Magical power that was on the level of God or possibly surpass it.

Heavenly Duran-Derflinger : A Fusion form of Heavenly Durandal and Derflinger in which at this form It power have already surpassed even a God and at Full power it might be stronger than even both Heavenly Dragon combine together.

Fusion Unit - an item taking the shape of a small jewel. As of now it is still incomplete as it allow the user to combine an item with limited to 2 or 3 and it cannot combine living being. At it complete form it would allow the user to combine more than three provide that the item combine doesn't too dissimilar in properties. It might also capable on fusing two living being though so far it haven't been tested yet.

VS Terminal - allow the creation of an Virtual like world where the user will be able to fought with any character in the story that have their Data input into the system. the system was similar to a fighting game and once the Hp reach zero the user will be eject out of the Virtual world immediately. though if the user was hit by an attack so strong that it surpassed even their HP they is a chance for injuries or death.

Famidex - An item that collect information of any individual through the use of [Record] though to collect detail information one would need to be in close proximity of the target for a certain period of time and if this process was interrupt it will have to start over from the beginning.

Issei :

Formerly a Human but was reincarnated as a Devil By Rias Gremory when he was kill by a Fallen Angel Reynalle. Possessing the Sacred Gear Boosted Gear which is one of the Longinus that he discover before turning to Devil at one of Match against Saito. He is what one would consider a pervert and it he doesn't seems to be denying either as he was proud of his preverted nature. But despite that he is someone that will protect those he consider precious even if it mean his life.

Ability :

Dragon Shoot - shooting a large magical energy with high destructive power that could destroy a Mountain giving enough power.

Dragon Slash - Enhance the Sword with Dragon energy that Increase the destructive power of the slash.

Dragon Twin Slash - another version of Dragon Slash attack but will require two swords to be used.

Dress Break - A Skill that allow the user to Strip of the clothes of any enemy by that make contact with the user hand. It can be consider perverted skill at first though If it was used with high Magic it may be possible to strip a legendary or Curse Armor from anyone.

Dragon Booster - Releasing a burst aura that caused a shockwave at the target path of the user which would blown almost anything in it path. In this state the User could add the dress break aura into the attack as it will blow away any female clothes that was hit by the shock-wave.

Dress Break(Variation) - A variation that came from Dress Break. It is a skill that required a High Imagination from the user that could not be achieved Normally. Would need the help of Ability or Item that could enhanced User Imagination. as Example of that item was X-ray Glassed which Issei possess that allow him to see through One piece of clothing from any Female. Below are the list of the Variation Exist from the skill :-

Dress Break Shoot - Shooting a ball of energy that upon contact with Woman will Strip them from they clothes. The ball of energy act from the User desire instead of control as it will move by itself without direct control from the user. The Ball of energy ran on Magical Energy gave by the user as the more it give the longer it could move and even if the user ran out of magical energy it will still be able to move even if the user all Unconscious.

Dress Break Slash - Covering a blade with Magic any Woman that the user Cut will have their cloth strip instead of giving damaged. This Variation allow the user to even strip even a toughest Armor Provide that they could caused damaged to the Armor in the first place. As usual it can only work on female Unless the user have an interest on a Male naked body.

Dress Break Cannon - Unleash a large wave of energy that engulfed everything at the path where it was shoot. Any Female that wass Engulfed by the energy will be strip regardless what they wore even if it an Armor made of Mithril they will still be strip. let it be warn that using this attack will eat a lot of User Magical energy and Stamina and there is a high chance for user to be too tired to anything at all after using this skill so it should be warn that the user should use it at your own risk.

Billingual - Allow the user to communicate with the breast of a female and this technique can also link to the Spirit of Breast that Serve under Chichigami allowing the user to communiacate with them.

Booster Flare Cannon - Require being in Booster Flare form as the user unleash a Wwave of Flame that defied logic that could even burn something that have no form into an ash.

Hellfire Bomb - Require being in Booster Flare Form. Unleash a Gigantic Fireball that would not be exagarrated to said as the Second Sun giving it heat signature though it require time to gather enough energy for it to be used at full power.

Dragon Catapult Cannon - Require being in Booster Windy Form as the user manipulating the Twelve wing that resemble a swing to Circle one of his own act making it look like a makeshift Cannon as the user Fire a concentrated Form of wind that could blow anything on it path even light itself.

Dragon Quake - Require being in Booster Quake Form as the user chanelling his own magical energy combine with the weight that the form give allow one to create an artificial Earthquake at magnitute of 6 or probably surpassed it.

Dragon Spike Shot - Require being in Booster Quake Form as the user shot a Normal Dragon Shot but upon Impact a spike will grow at where it hit and if it was a living being they will be impale by a spike from inside of their Body upon hit.

Spike Prison - Require being in Booster Quake Form as the user summon a Dozen of Spike from the Ground that it could easily turn the area into full of spike in a matter of second.

Meteor Dragon Crash - Require Being in Booster Quake Form as the user launch themselves from the air as it cover with Dragonic Aura. require the target to be below while the user above and if it was used on earth it could easily make the second Ice age to occur.

Dragon Booster Shot - There are no requirement for it but be warn that the attack would need the amount of Magical energy that no being could normally achieve unless they possess at least near Infinite amount of Magical energy like Ophis just to power the attack. The Attack shoot out a Strong Magical Blast that would wipe out anyone that was hit by it even if it was a God or any Dragon that was not in Divine Class. It was the strongest attack one could hope to unleash but it is advise not to use it outside of Magical Barrier as it would destroy the Planet even if it wasn't a target just from the amount of magical energy it gather.

Equipment / Item

Boosted Gear

Gauntlet Form - One of the thirteen Longinus which possess a power to kill a God. It ability allow a user to Multiplied their power for each ten second but he have to activated it first before his power multiplied and the power will be reset after ten second have passed. it can also transfer it power as to Multiplied something else for ten second before it reset.

Scale Mail Form - A form that Issei took after taking the Balance Break skill which cover his entire body with a Red armor with a Helmet that resemble a Dragon. In this State it give the user a Boost in strength and for every 10 second the user could Multiplied it power based on how the number of Jewel on the Armor glow as it tend to Varied every time it activated as it could be affected due to the User emotion.

Booster Blader - A Sword about that was about the size of Derflinger. On it Hilt there was a Four Jewel attached to it with different color that represent the element it could manipulate. at each end of the Hilt was another two Smaller Jewel which one represent Holy while another was Demonic making the Sword to be a Holy-demonic weapon. lastly at the centre that surround by the first Four Jewel was a large green Jewel that will show a Number depending on the Number of Boost the Boosted gear gave. This Number representing as Booster Counter as the higher the Counter the user will be able to use more powerful skill that came from the Four Basic element and at [50] the user will be able to unleash the Ultimate form of the Element that grant user Incredible power.

(Count - Fire)

Count 1 - Create a smoke to cover the entire area with it.

Count 2-6 - Covering the Sword with Flame giving it a flame properties.

Count 7-14 - Unleash the stream of fire as the higher the number the stronger the attack.

Count 15-19 - Create a wall of flame that could Vaporise even a stream of water in an instant.

Count 20 - Summon a Flame that take the shape of Bird which could melt even a concrete in matter of second as this Flame of Bird will seek out the Enemy until it burn it enemy to ash.

Count 30 - A Flame will spread out from user body as it engulfed everything on it Surrounding without stopping as it was possible to Burn down an entire city in a second at the rate the flame spread out. The Heat of the flame could also melt steel in a matter of secoind making it quite destructive.

Count 40 - Summon a Fireball that the size depend on what the user want as it could be as large as the planet or as small as user Thump but The heat emit from flame was as strong as the Sun itself and it can only be felt by the Target of the user attack as the attack won't harm anything that the user don't want it to. The attack was then throw at the enemy and depending on it size the speed of the attack varried as the smaller it is the faster it move.

Booster Flare : Helfire Sword - Needing a requirement of 50 Booster Counter to activated it as the sword will take the form of Larger sword about human size with a empty line separating the blade in the middle while it was cover by a flame that could melt even a steel just by being nearby though that if the user was willing to. At Balance Breaker Form a Flame will spit out from the Joint of the Armor that would burn any enemies that make contact with the Armor. While in this state it grant the user a massive boost in strenght that it allow the user to even liff something with a mass of mountain without trouble. It also Enhance any of the attack user have as with a small slash could allow the user to destroy even a concrete wall easily. Other than that it also gave the user Manipulation over the Element of fire near mastery.

(Count - Wind)

Count 1 - Summon a cool breeze that would cool down those in the area. It was a perfect use for fighting against Hot weather.

Count 2-6 - Summon a stronger gust of wind that blow everything away as the strength of the win correspond to the Number of Counter used.

Count 7-12 - Erect a Barrier made from wind that will blow away anything that approach as it strenght correspond to the number of Counter use.

Count 13-19 - Cover the user with Wind Aura giving the user the Boost of speed for a certain period of time as the Speed depend on the Number of Counter use.

Count 20 - Summon a Raging Tornado that will absorb anything nearby as anyone that was caught by it will be suck and would be crush by the pressure create by the Tornado.

Count 30 - Summon a Powerful and large Lightning attack that move at the speed of light that possess high destructive power to even destroy a large building without leaving a trace of it afterward.

Count 40 - Cover the user with Lightning as it allow the user to move faster than the speed of light while still able to maintain their sense on their surrounding. Anything that make contact with the user while in this state will be zap by a high Volatage of current that have enough power to power up the whole world.

Booster Windy : Sacred Teal Wings - Needing a requirement of [50] Booster Counter to use it. In this Form it Summon Twelve Wings made of steel as it seems to attached by something Invisible to user back. In this state The user could detach the Wings on their back to be used as a weapon or even controlling them like a Bit as each of the Wings could Fire out a Small version of Dragon Shot that have the power to create a large crater just form a shot. It also grant the user the ability to Fly at High Speed and depending the speed Varried depending on the Number of Wings attached to the user. At Full Wings the user could even move at the speed surapssing the speed of light but if there are no Wings the user will stuck floating unable to move even a little. While in this State the user will be capable of being a Master at Wind Manipulation.

(Count - Earth)

Count 1 - Create a small Dirt of earth that... Could be use for something.

Count 2-4 - Summon a Wall of Earth to act as a shield.

Count 5-8 - Create a Spike made from Earth and shoot it at the enemy.

Count 9-15 - Summon an Army of Golem as the Number that could be Summon depends on the Amount of Booster Counter used.

Count 16-19 - Create an Earthquake that the power depend on the amount of Boost counter use.

Count 20 - By the usage of Alchemy Skill it allow the user to transform an object Property into another as an example one could change a Normal Stone into a Pure Gold.

Count 30 - Conjure a Dome shape Barrier that was made from Unknown material that could withstood even against a World Destroying attack.

Count 40 - Summon a Gigantic Golem that was the Size of skycrapper and with the toughness that could withstood against World destroying attack. The Golem will eat on the User stamina as long as it was Summon which mean that when as the user doesn't have anymore Stamina it will dissapear.

Booster Quake : Salvation Armor - Needing the requirement of [50] Boost Counter. Currently It was unknown what would happen outside of Balance Breaker but In Balance Breaker the Armor will Change color to Brown with Little of red covering it. While in this form the user will have a Massive Increase in Weight but the user would not be able to feel the change but it is still there as with just a single step it was enough to cause a slight Tremor. The Form enhance the defense of the user as it can even withstood the attack of Durandal at Full power only with a Slight Crack that would be regenerated in a second. The Form also allow the user to use Earth based magic at Mastery.

(Count - Water)

Count 1 - Create a Gentle Mist that will cover the surrounding area Lowering the Vision.

Count 2-5 - unleash a stream of water as it strength Varied based on the amount of Boost Counter use.

Count 6-8 - Cast a Healing spell on one Self that Ignore Devils weakness to healing.

Count 9-14 - Summon a Wall of Frozen Ice that could either be used as Shield or an attack due to the Sharp Spike Protruding from it end. The Tickness of the wall depend on the amount of Boost Counter use.

Count 15-19 - Summon Dozen of Icicle to shoot at the number as the quantities summon depend on the amount of Booster Counter use.

Count 20 - Summon a Tsunami that was conjur by magic to engulfed the enemy with it.

Count 30 - Summon a Strong Blizzard that freeze anything on it path with the Temperature of Absolute zero.

Count 40 - Create a Large field that cover a Wide area as It will heal The user and those that it he consider Ally over a period of time while those that he consider Enemy will receive Damage while inside the Field over period of time. The affect could only affect those in the Field as those outside of it would not be affected.

Booster Aqua : Eternal Aura - Cover the user with a bluish Aura which give the User a Massive Boost in Magical Energy that allow them to use Magic beyond what they normally capable off. In Issei Case something seems to be affecting the Form as instead of Just a Massive Boost it gave Issei near Infinite Amount of Magic to be used. While in this attack Anything that consider Magical will be enhance as even with a Small Drop of water that create by magic have destructive power to create a Large crater. Other than that the form also grant the user a high Magic resistance which allow the user to Nullified magic below a certain level. to make things Simpler it would be easier to said that any magic below a High Class Level would be nullified before it could hit and anything equal or higher will have a massive reduce in power when hit. This Form also Give the user Continuous regeneration over wound as the user will be continuously regenerate any wound the he receive though it wasn't instant heal as it would take a bit time for the wound to completely regenerate. Somoething like Losing an Arm would Probably need a Minute to completely regenerate.

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