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Dear people of interest.

If you are reading this then I take it you like the story Reaction and are curious to see the handsome master mind behind its creation.

I regret to inform you that I am a rather occupied with my own real life novel and unfortunately career comes before pleasure.

Also I just happen to be amazingly lazy despite all the wonderful support you people have showered upon me.

If you are wondering why I am writing this in a format that would seem like you were hearing my thoughts, that's because I simply wish to instil as much fear

as I possibly can, as if basting a turkey, which I will then proceed to have sex with.

That's right, I'm going to fuck the fear turkey!

Sincerely, Nicholas

p.s, friend me on fb at Nicholas North-Huntsman of the Vatican.

p.s.s, If you know what the above refers to, you deserve a cookie with a side dish of antidote because you just ate a freaking poison cookie, lesson learned, never eat what someone feeds you on a site.

p.s.s.s, If you are reading this then it means you managed to take the antidote in time, good for you, it also means you are extremely bored which is rather sad. If you wish for me to provide you with a voice to listen to in your darkest hours, then my guidance is this-fuck everyone before they fuck you...and given I am writing on this site I might as well suggest you write your own fanfiction, cookies [the non poisonous kind] will be distributed to those who can write an interesting Darklonis fiction that has interesting complications, poisonous cookies will however be awarded to those, WHO WRITE ABOUT PIPERXAERROW!!! GOD DAMN IT PEOPLE!!! HOW LOW CAN YOU SINK FOR WRITING? YOU ARE LITERALLY TAKING THE MOST GENERIC AND STEREOTYPICAL ROMANCE IN THE WORLD AND THINKING YOU ARE BEING ORIGINAL! I MEAN COME ON! HOW LAZY COULD YOU PEOPLE BE? YOU ARE EVEN LAZIER THAN I AM, I MEAN YOU? EVEN ALLOWED TO BE ON FANFICTION? DISGRACEFUL! At any rate I might just consider continuing my Reaction campaign if any more of this ridiculous...ungh...Piper and Aerrow bullshit continues...Now for those who read my story on a daily basis and yes, I can see you in the reader chart's you crafty devils, I deserve you love and affection! GIVE IT TO ME!!! stop avoiding posting a review and just reading the smut chapters, jesus I don't want a repeat of Power Play happening in Reaction, so stop being so greedy with your review powers and post that stuff and I will actually continue to write it, I am, after all, a humble servant to my readers and for those who have remained loyal over the year gone past, you have not been forgotten and at your simple request I would marry you because you make my heart all fuzzy like a gay piper/aerrow fic. So, with all that I have said, fly my pretties, fly! And stop reading this profile because it's getting kind of freaky how much you will read if it is in front of you I mean look at you! You are even reading the parts that are telling you to stop I mean what the hell? if you read this you are gay...OOOOOOOHHHHH SNAP, I kid, I have to support people of all preferences, culture and races as I am a junior counsellor =/ Yeah I finished my college course a few weeks ago, what of it? The pay sucks but it's a living I guess, not to mention all the stress it causes I mean just yesterday, I was walking down the street and this frog started spreading the word of Jahova to me I mean wtf and what's even worse is that there are these people on the net who read ridiculous shit like this and don't have the common sense to stop reading because I am just spewing bullshit because I myself am rather bored and waiting for my spinach to finish boiling so I can eat dinner, YES I EAT SPINACH!!! IT'S FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [no pop eye jokes, so over them] Ok so you are still reading, well you know what, I think I am falling for you...such attentive eyes...such passion to hear what I have to say...if you weren't married to your computer I think I would...but no, it would never work! No just stop reading this and either review, add me on fb, make your own fic or for god's sakes find something to do!

p.s.s.s, Congratulations Sweeden for being my biggest readers on the chart, coming in this month at an amazing 312 views total, love you guys, you might be known for your neutrality but your dedication has conquered my heart.

This is your president, signing off

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Storm Hawks - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,522 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 5 - Published: 9/28/2011 - Complete
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