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Hey everyone, Exodia_Girl here, or EG for short if you will. I'm 24 and I live in Toronto, Canada. I was born in Moscow, Russia and I lived for a while (5 years) in Tel Aviv, Israel. I speak Russian, Hebrew, and English fluently and I'm darn proud of my time spent in Israel. Those five years exposed me to all sorts of culture and taught me to love and appreciate people's differences.

I started to write at the age of 14, in grade eight when my english teach told us to write creatively for part of our marks. I kind of hated her for it then because my ideas have always been out in orbit, dark, and kinda 'too serious'. My teacher thought that I had problems of some kind, even going as far as having me talk to a councilor. I was different because I lived in Russia and Israel, where I have seen more in 12 years than many people in north america see in their whole lives. I witnessed a terrorist attack on the street of Tel Aviv, so yea. I'm different from other Canadian children, always was, and she didn't get it.

In grade nine I got into fanfiction, and my first forays were atrocious. Its not until it came to me that I can learn to write better by reading more did I start to improve. That's been how I learned to write over the past ten odd years, I read a lot and take note of how published writers write. My style pretty much hewed itself out of stone by writing a lot of fanfiction.

A year ago I took a brief hiatus with the completion of my then pride and joy Beyblade fanfic trilogy Wishing for Eternity (WFE for short). I thought my days of fanfiction were over because the Beyblade fandom kinda drooped and readership was going down. I was going through a period of rapid change in my writing style and thought that fanfiction no longer had a place there. Then about two months ago I got into Assassin's Creed. I had known about the game since its release, since my best friend owns it, and talked about it a lot. But I didn't get into it really until I found the full gameplay playthrough online to watch as a movie, and my obsession quickly escalated.

Well I can owe my return to fanfiction to AC, because my OC Sandy just demanded to be penned down. What started as a 'pet project' that only my best friend in the world had access to, quickly evolved, and now is a serial project on which we collaborate of sorts. Though I write it exclusively, she helps me plan and run ideas.

It's been a very busy year, I'm now a Uni student and my writing style improved so much in my year off that I cringe when I think about my older stuff, honestly. I took one literature class and that has taught me so much that it is not funny. Though honestly, I hated that class because my teacher was again, inflexible, and unable to look past her narrow 'tunnel vision' to see my slightly alternative thinking pattern. That and she demanded perfection in writing from a trilingual person, nearly impossible. "Jack of all trades, master of none" it very much applies to me. I'm a polymath, I know a lot about a lot of things, but not particularly deep anywhere.

Exodia_Girl is now on Facebook!


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November 26, 2011: I would like to formally apologize to all the fans of Chaos Theory, but I am afraid I will not be able to finish the series. I apologize for this announcement coming a year after the fact, but up to a couple months ago, I was still hoping I could drum up enough motivation to actually finish the fic. University consumes all my time, and the reading load is insane, at the end of the day I cannot even look at Word anymore after getting through with the daily portion of reading and note taking. Furthermore, my love for AC exploded about this time last year, AC: Brotherhood had a hand in it, I just began to dislike Ezio, his naivete rubbed me wrong in a man who was no longer a teenager and should have known better, and I was unable to suspend my incredulity with the series and its direction. It affected my ability to even focus on writing AC fan-fiction. I am terribly sorry for disappointing everyone, I am disappointed with myself.


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Reading: Classwork, I have no time for anything else.

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None, even my original writing is at a standstill.

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http://charly-deamen.deviantart.com/art/WFE-Art-The-Second-Avatar-71857745 - Drawing of WFE Vega in her Avatar State

- The dream dictionary mentioned in chapter six of Chaos Theory.

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