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Favorite Naruto pairings.

Naruto and just about every girl. Reason? Because I believe he deserves it and that he would appreciate and care more for them more than any other guy and girl ever could. Naruto's personality can fit with just about any of the girls. (That's what I think anyway) But, I will be more specific of my actual favorites.

NarutoxHinata (Come on, everyone should be expecting this. Truly, she isn't even a stalker like most people say. Seriously, check the dictionary. The only thing she did was follow him sometimes, but that is only when she ever saw him around. It's not like she dedicated her days and nights to following his every move.)

NarutoxAnko (Only person that has a decent level of understanding of him. She most likely got treated poorly like Naruto did and she kept a big grin on her face just like he did. Naruto and Anko also had a sense of closeness between them... well, at least that is what I see and feel.)

NarutoxTemari (Naruto saved her brother from the darkness and pretty much heals her family's misery. I bet if you put Naruto and Temari on a long mission together, at least one for a whole week, she'd probably fall for him... most likely, lol.)

NarutoxTenten (Randomly this pairing became one of my few favorites. Tenten is ADORABLE Ahem, her actual character is an amazing one. She always has something to prove and is willing to fight for her respect, not just demand it. Something that Naruto has, which is why I think they both would be good for each other. Plus, I can already see them having great fun with each other in a friendly and romantic way.)

NarutoxIno (Unlike her best friend, Sakura, she wasn't that much of a total bitch to Naruto. A bitch none the less, but still not a total bitch. If she went into his mind and watched all his memories, then you can guarantee that her respect and feelings for him would truly grow. Plus, she does have a sense of loneliness about her. Naruto could easily take care of that.)

NarutoxKyuubi (IF the Kyuubi were female, I would think they could have a good relationship. Always been there and Naruto would save the Kitsune from all the hatred.)

NarutoxKushina (Yeah, go ahead and hate. I believe love does cross all boundaries. And in the Naruto universe, yeah, it shouldn't be looked down upon. Others make cousins get together... incest is incest.)

NarutoxTsunade (It is always fun to watch them together in the series and in a way, it is extremely hard for her to say no to Naruto. Especially with his devious ways. Naruto saved her from her own sorrows and makes her life much better. He has the best qualities of Nawaki, Dan, and Jiraiya, also, don't forget his best Naruto qualities. Fact is, they both would SO happen if Tsunade was MUUCH younger, lol.)

NarutoxMei (Her character mixing with Naruto's... Yeah, they would have a lot of fun together. They could easily become great friends, even more if Naruto doesn't ruin things with how dense he can be about romance. Ugh... I sometimes forget my favorite character has moments of stupidity around women.)

Other pairings I like.

Just about every other girl.

Pairings I dislike.

Naruto and every male. Reason? I'm straight and I can't bring myself to read any stories like that. Guy on guy stuff scare me and make me sick. Doesn't mean I am against it though. Love has no boundaries.

Legend of Zelda pairings.

Much like Naruto, I can see Link with any girl in the Legend of Zelda Universe. He is a really good guy and very trusting. Plus, you can add a bit to his personality, more than there already is. Though for me I think he already has enough to him. Sadly, I cannot bring myself to make a list of my favorite pairings because there are too many stories, too many characters and I really meant -every- girl. Even some of the goofy looking ones for kicks and giggles.

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A moment. A glance. A smile. Miraculous that the strongest of bonds can form from so simple a gesture. Destiny is not sentimental, however, and it is often the strongest of bonds that must withstand the strongest storms. Two shinobi will form such a bond, and endure the most ferocious storm the world has ever seen. NaruHina, Epic-length story. Currently in Book Three.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 71 - Words: 622,946 - Reviews: 2164 - Favs: 1,320 - Follows: 1,259 - Updated: 1/1/2014 - Published: 3/24/2012 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
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