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First, I am a Christian†. I don't write adult content stories or slashy stuff or use profanities. I do however have an er...*over zealous* sense of humor that usually finds it's way into my writing. I also LOVE ANIMALS!! When possible, I put animals in my stories!

I guess I can't resist working many of my beliefs into my stories - can't help it, love the stories of miracles and angle encounters! But I hope I do this tactfully.

I like to write tearjerkers and surprise endings. But alas, not all my stories can be that way.

I prefer the lighthearted, mostly family oriented programing and movies.

Now, I need to come clean on something. I have been asked a couple different times to do requests.

I am actually hesitant to do requests or co-writing a fic for a reason. I have had the illness called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” for a long time now.

One of the most frustrating 'symptoms' is what is referred to as Brain Fog. Simply put, it means I can't always think clearly.

I don't always suffer from the symptoms. I try to do my writing when my head is *clear*. But the Brain Fog is also the reason, if you've noticed, in my old stories, I made A LOT of errors. It is also the reason for my hiatus from fanfic writing for awhile.

This is the reason I am really hesitant to do request, I don't know if I'll be able to do it. And I'd hate to agree to write or help-write a story then not be able to carry though with my promise. I am always a bit concerned about finishing my own stuff.

Well, I hope I don't sound too pathetic, here. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome isn't something deadly like cancer or AIDS – it's more like Dracula or whiplash – It's a real PAIN in the NECK!! Keep Smiling!

I am still around. Sorry for the very long delay on the fics. Life has been a bit turbulent the last couple years. I am really trying to get my writing done.

I had wanted to write a fic called "The Other Masked Mallard* where Scrooge Mcduck take the guise of the Masked Mallard once again.

The outline of the story is that Scrooge's interference causes DW to be injured battling with the Fearsome Five.

Out of guilt (and fear of a lawsuit) Scrooge has an unwilling Darkwing sent to an hideaway in the middle of a vast desert to force him to take time to recover, sending Duckworth to watch him (poor Duckworth).

Darkwing isn't be happy with this, of course and attempts to escape his *prison* and make things miserable for Duckworth. One scene Scrooge AKA The Masked Mallard, visually contacts Duckworth to see his servant hanging upside down from the ceiling, where Darkwing had glued him. Scrooge tells Duckworth to just slip out of his shoes and find Darkwing, Duckworth replies tearfully "I'm not wearing any shoes sir!"

OK, Darkwing will probably rig up a *sand surfer* out of silk sheets and an ironing board or something and Scrooge will find that Negaduck is not like any criminal he has faced before (along with the rest of the Fearsome Five).

I also think I will reveal that DW is actually a master swordsman but realized years before that no matter how skilled he was, the sword is still made for one thing - to kill, so he put the sword down and picked up a gas gun. (This was just to give DW more depth and give his character something that he is rtuely the best at).

I haven't decided the outcome of the conflict or where to place Gosalyn and the boys and Webby. I don't even know that I will get to write this fic.

I don't mind if anybody wants to use this storyline for their own fic, you are welcome to it, since I may never get it written. If you want the story and the title *The Other Masked Mallard* just let me know, at least I know the story will be written that way.

I will get my latest story up when I can.

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