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Hey everyone! I'm DaughterofVolturnus28!

I am a daughter of Volturnus (Roman Mythology and PJO), a water elementalist, blood of the pharaoh and following the path of Sobek (Kane Chronicles), Gryffindor and half-blood (Harry Potter) and a Janus/Madrigal agent (39 Clues), thank you very much!

Volturnus is the Roman god of the waters! His festival is celebrated every August 27! Which btw, is my birthday! Yay! Neptune/Poseidon is just the king of the sea. My dad is also a SEA god! Deal with it!

I love all of the stories PurpleRose328 writes! She's my inspiration for joining this site. Believe me, her stories are really good!

I'm a member of Charmes4ever's group! Charmes is one of the best couples ever! It's Charisse (PurpleRose328's Greek name) and Hermes' couple name! Charmes4ever's group support every Charmes story in this site! Most especially, PR328's stories! She's the best author we've ever known! She's my inspiration for joining this site!

I'll try to post more stories soon!

This is DaughterofVolturnus28, signing out!

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I'm really sorry. It hurts my heart just to say this to all of you but I won't continue writing stories. All of the stories I wrote will soon be deleted. But, I promise I won't leave this site for awhile. I'll still continue adding stories to my favorite stories list, alert list, adding authors to my favorites and supporting PurpleRose328.

To my readers of the S&C Adventures series, there's a possibility I'll still continue the story. So I won't delete it.

Again, I'm really sorry.

Yours Truly,


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