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Hey guys! So... if anyone was following me back in 2011-2013, I wrote a few fics under the name "LiteraryDragon," but then my schoolwork really took off and I had to take a hiatus on "I'll Keep You my Furry Little Secret". Then a bunch of new episodes came out, and so my fic wasn't really current anymore, so I got discouraged and never wound up picking it up again... sorry for leading everyone on...

I'm still busier than ever, and now I'm actually in grad school for a STEM Ph.D., so I have even less time to write than I used to. However, it's something I really miss, so I want to get back to my roots. For now, I'm planning to start a new fic that I'll write as a series of comedic vignettes. That way each part will be a self-contained story, even though I'm planning to have a little plot progression going on.

So, as the rechristened "DabblerDragon", I hope you enjoy my work! If you're wondering about the name change, it's because I also have a DeviantArt, SoundCloud and Tumblr under that handle... which I update about as frequently as this, haha... That's right, in addition to being a writer, I also do some drawing and music composition! I guess that makes me a Renaissance man... er, dragon.

Name: I t i s a m y s t e r y

Age: 24

Social Media:

Tumblr: DabblerDragon

DeviantArt: DabblerDragon

SoundCloud: DabblerDragon


-Writing / Reading (sporadically)

-Worldbuilding with friends (I have multiple fictional world ideas that will probably never be published in fruition, welp)

-Drawing (although I'm not fantastic)

-Music Composition (although I use free MuseScore software to compose, so low quality)

-Making music in non-electronic ways (Singing, piano, and now tuba! Teehee, blat blat)

-Watching cartoons, anime, and occasionally live-action things

-Video Gaming (Pokémon, Zelda) and/or watching other people play games on YouTube

I really love it when people review my work, so if you like what you see (or don't) in my writing, PLEASE leave me a comment; I would really enjoy reading what other people think.

Favorite Cartoons (Serial):

-Phineas and Ferb, which has a special place in my heart since it's how I started writing FanFiction! Although it might be a little more geared for kids than Gravity Falls, it had great and witty writing, some complex/relatable characters and managed to keep the same basic formula fresh and entertaining for 4 long seasons, which is more than most Disney Channel or Cartoon Network shows can claim. I especially loved the Perry / Dr. Doofenschmirtz comedic interplay, and a lot of my early fanfiction was geared towards exploring Perry's thoughts and showing a different side to his stoic personality. Plus, MUSICAL NUMBERS!!!

-Gravity Falls, which is fantastic and a must-see for anyone of all ages. Dipper is smart and adventurous without being too perfect or protagonist-y. Mabel is funny and charming without coming off as stupid or a catchphrase generator. Stan is the beautiful, old and crusty final evolution of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob while still being far from a one-dimensional money-grubber. Tons of worldbuilding, fun overarching mysteries and thrilling plot twists that are even more exciting because of the way they're foreshadowed through hidden clues and messages.

-Steven Universe, which has great worldbuilding and explores complex character emotions in a way most cartoons don't. It's probably got the most intricate world out of all the cartoons I've ever watched, and the roster of naive but optimistic Steven, anxious but motherly Pearl, lax but insecure Amythest and stoic but emotionally complex Garnet makes for great character dynamics, especially when they start throwing fusion and an ever-expanding character roster into the mix. Oh, and for the record, I totally saw the major plot twist coming as early as "Lars's Head" (which unfortunately defeated my previous theory...)! Plus, MUSICAL NUMBERS!!!

-Star vs. the Forces of Evil; it's not as great as Gravity Falls in my mind, but I enjoy the overarching plot, interesting worldbuilding and the constantly evolving relationship between Star and Marco... not to mention Toffee! I need more Toffee in my life!

Favorite Anime:

-Danganronpa franchise: OK, so maybe this is actually more of a video game, and the games are better than the anime, but I first became interested in the series through the anime, so I feel like it deserves to be treated as such. Although it's a lot darker than the stuff I thought I would normally enjoy, I'm addicted to the convoluted murder mysteries, the dizzying rapid-fire plot twists and the roster of surprisingly sophisticated characters. Even the totally crazy ones are usually crazy in ways that you can wrap your head around--like taking a philosophy to its extreme. Sure, they often fall into a lot of anime tropes, but the writers are aware of those tropes and intentionally play with them in ways that add depth or play with your expectations.

-Death Note: Wow, so maybe i have a lot of dark entries in the anime department... Anyway, while Danganronpa has a lot of plot twists that relate to a wide variety of characters, Death Note instead concentrates all those plot twists and suspense between two main characters, which makes everything extremely riveting to watch. Death Note also has much more objectively intelligent writing than Danganronpa--the characters are brilliant and watching the cat-and-mouse game between L and Light unfold is wonderful. A must-see, even more than Danganronpa (as much as I hate to admit it). It just has less content to consume than Danganronpa, so after I finished the anime I didn't have anything to simmer on.

-My Hero Academia: Ok, so now we finally get to the lighthearted ones! MHA takes the microanalytical spirit of Death Note and supplants it into a vibrant superhero world where the the characters think about their powers and their opponents with the level of detail that you would actually expect people living in the world to have, which is great. Midorya is awesome for being a cinnamon roll and an intellectual powerhouse at the same time, which makes him a really sympathetic and complex character. Although I feel like some members of the class sometimes act as throwaway jokes, the series does a good job of keeping all the characters relevant and taking fresh looks at characters you might ignore at first brush. Plus, plot progression at an actually engaging pace? What more could you ask for?

-Detective Conan / Case Closed / Magic Kaitou 1412: This series was the one of the first anime I seriously got into, which means it has a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, it's also about 95% filler, which means I don't really follow it much anymore. Magic Kaitou was pretty awesome though--why did they discontinue it?!? Magic thief capers are so much more exciting than watching Conan intellectually beat down the stock villain of the week.

Other interests: Pokémon, Undertale, Steins;Gate, The Legend of Zelda, Artemis Fowl, A Certain Scientific Railgun (which is much better than boring harem protagonist Touma's main series!! More Misaka!! More Misaka!!!), Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated (definitely the best incarnation of the series), Harry Potter, Monk, Various Musicals (Hamilton, Godspell, La La Land, Wicked, as well as Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Visier), Deltora Quest, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (ok, so maybe it's a little vanilla and girly, but it's relaxing to watch and has some fun characters, ok?!? Don't judge meeee...)

Sigh...I've been pretty inactive on FanFiction for a while, in that I haven't been generating new content recently. I have some ideas for an upcoming fic, though, so stay tuned!

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