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First of all, I'm a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb. A lot of people dismiss it because it's "just a cartoon," but for something on Disney Channel it really has a fairly sophisticated sense of humor. I really like the complexity of the characters, especially Perry and Doofenschmirtz; practically every single episode reveals some new facet of their personalities.

In terms of FanFics, Perry seems to have the most potential for me right now; I've been contemplating a journal-style follow-up to "Perry's Venomous Secret," since more people seemed to like that, but what to make it about?... Also, I'm not really sure what to think about the recent Vanessa/Monty relationship they're establishing in Season 4. I mean, the whole "parents are mortal enemies" gives it the sort of forbidden love flair, and they're practically made for each other, but...frankly, it's because they literally WERE made for each other. Or at least Monty was made for Vanessa. Well, at least he's better than that one-dimensional Johnny character, but still...his only function at the moment seems to be as a romantic interest for Vanessa. I suppose, on the other hand, it would be sort of weird to establish a permanent love relationship between Ferb and Vanessa (pedophilia on Disney Channel?), but his crush on Vanessa despite her older age was in part what made Ferb so endearing. I'd be really upset if they just dropped the subject entirely. At least have the two of them compete for her affection, or something...

I'm also hooked on Detective Conan / Case Closed. I love the episodes where Conan's true identity as Shinichi is in danger of being revealed, because when she does, laugh-out-loud hysterical moments are bound to happen! The moment in Episode 10 where Ran corners Conan/Shinichi in the bathroom has to be one of the best scenes ever. I also especially love the moments where Conan says "Oh, I loved those when I was a kid!"...and then everyone stares at him.

I think it's sad that Conan doesn't really give Ai much thought, since I suspect that Ai is really attracted to Conan but feels like she has to hide it. I guess there's something to be said for Ran and Shinichi, though...but don't you think it would be a little anticlimactic if the series just ended with Conan going back to normal and being with Ran? After all, they've been building up this whole "unattainable love" tension the whole time. Plus, if Ran finds out Conan's really Shinichi, she'll realize how creepy it is that her love interest has been secretly living with her for ages...and there is just no redeeming the situation after "Kogoro's Reunion Murder Case"...

I've read in the Detective Conan Wiki that a lot of people suspect Professor Agasa to be the mysterious leader of the Black Organization, but I can't really see it; the Professor is too good-natured and too silly to be some evil mastermind. A recurring theme of the show tends to be that the people who seem nice turn out to be the criminals, but I think making Professor Agasa the surprise arch-villain would be too much of a stretch. I mean, isn't Ai practically living with him 24/7?

Sigh...I've been pretty inactive on FanFiction for a while, in that I haven't been generating new content recently. I have pretty fleshed-out plans for a movie-length sequel to Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension as well as a Detective Conan/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover, but I'm nervous about starting to upload content on either before I have all the details sorted out and all the loose ends tied up in my head. The last thing I want to do is start the fic and then wind up writing myself into a corner or having to retcon important information. I might also want to look into planning a reboot for Artemis Fowl centering around Minerva, but that's a lot less defined than my other plans.

Other interests include:

-Artemis Fowl

-the TV show Monk (LOVE IT!!!)

-Alex Rider (again, they ruined the movie)

-Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I can't even count the number of things wrong with the movie adaptation)

-Harry Potter (Oddly, I wasn't that bothered by the movie adaptations)

-Music, esp. choral music; (I love to sing)

-Composing music, especially on the piano (one of the reasons I like Phineas and Ferb; what other show gives you an excuse to write in a song when you're writing a fanfic?)

-Science, esp. chemistry

-Writing, esp. poetry (You might find it boring, but then why did you make a FanFiction account in the first place?)

-Anything with DRAGONS!!!

I really love it when people review my work, so if you like what you see (or don't) in my writing, PLEASE leave me a comment; I would really enjoy reading what other people think.

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