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Hey I'm Sqweebs!

I'm a guy.

I'm 19

Just noticing my UserID is the same as my StudentID at school with one less number XD

Im into Anime such as Clannad, Lucky Star, The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ranma 1/2 and Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan.

Current Story: Love is War, A Real Life Lucky Star, Quarter Life, and The War Inside My Head.

Next story: How It All Began: a KanataxSojiro FanFic

Finished Stories: Runaway Otaku, Life Doesn't Always Have Happy Endings, I Forgive You, A Lucky Christmas, and A Merry Lucky Christmas to my Fans.

Future Story: Possibly a MinamixYutaka story but It might not happen. Also I know I wan't to make a Misao FanFic.

Any plans for M rated content: Not really but I might do what Smusher6 did and have a seperate story for the Lemony stuff. Also have ideas for a MiyukixKonata M rated FanFic but Idk if I'll do it.

Current Anime I'm watching: K-On, RosarioVampire. Rewatching the Haruhi Suzumiya Series again.

Anime's I've finished watching: Higurashi Koro no naku ni, Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts, KissXSis, The Meloncholy of Haruhi-Chan Suzumiya, Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Clannad and Clannad: After Story, The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan, Air, Ranma 1/2 and there was an anime I watched a couple of years ago but I don't remember the name.

I do plays too!

Plays/Musicals I've done and the character's I've played: A Magical News ReportPete Charming, A Christman Story Scut Farkas, Les MiserablesPimp, Constable 2, Joly, Diary Of Anne FrankMr. Van Dann

Plays/Musicals I'm in and the chracter[s] I've play: None currently

I don't care if you critisize my work I always enjoy finding out what I may have done wrong to improve!

Please Review my stories and hope ya have a good time readin! ;)

Most of the stuff from here on down is useless info. If not extremely bored don't read, death may come.

Sexuality: Straight

Veiw on homosexuals: All for it! If you love someone I'm proud to support it.

Appearence:Ok picture this, Konata and Kagami have a baby (IDK how don't ask), I have Kagami's brains, Konata's love for Manga and video games, her height, her personallity, her eyes, her speed and strength AND the weirdest part, I got a birthmark mole on my face. Then just add Misao's crazy personality, follower of the three second rule, and brown hair, and you got me!

Favorite food: Pizza and Hamburgers (can't decide which)

Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen.

Favorite Authors: Ian Fleming and Rick Riordan

Scenes I've cried to in an anime: Lucky Star, Episode 22, with Kanata's ghost coming back and the memories fill the screen, when Fuko is seen by her sister in Clannad, episode 10, when Nagisa dies in Clannad both in epsode 16 of the after story and the movie, and pretty much every episode from 16 to 22, but I'm not gonna list ALL of them.(As you may be able to see, Clannad is a REALLY sad anime. I cried like H*ll during the last episodes.)

Favorite FanFic Authors on the site: Flygon Master, Smusher6 and Acsuperman.

Favorite Video Games: Half Life Series, Legend of Zelda Games, COD games (I just like the stories not the whole "Shoot em' Up" Crap), Battlefeild Games (same reason as COD), Heavy Rain, INFAMOUS, Portal1 and 2, and James Bond Quantum of Solace: The Video Game.

Girls I have a crush on from anime shows: Rena from Hagurashi no Naku Koro ni, Rin from Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid, Nagisa from Clannad, Ryou from Clannad, Tomoyo from Clannad, Kotomi from Clannad, Kyou from Clannad, Tsukasa from Lucky Star, Haruhi from the Haruhi Suzumiya series, Mikeru from the Haruhi Suzumiya series, Akane from Ranma 1/2, , Kagami from Lucky Star, Sabato Chan from Dokuro Chan, Misao from Lucky Star ( I always went wild for the girls with a Fang :3) and Patty from Lucky Star. (Wow this list has gotten long. Unfortunatly as I continue watching more anime's I lose the feeling I used to have for the girls. I don't even have that much of a crush on Sabato Chan anymore)

Girls I have a crush on in Real Life: Tes.. hey wait a sec why do you wanna know that?

Origin: America

Wishing I was: British, Japanease, or Australian.

Hoping for: A girl who likes me for who I am! Wait a second This isn't a dating site! Stop asking me these dumb questions!

The 34 Rules of anime! Written by Sqweebs:

Some of these I did not come up with, I would like to thank the websites and other places that have either given me the idea for some of the rules, or who have supplied me WITH the rules.

Rule 1: As cuteness increases, so do the chances of being HORRIBLY raped... by tentacles

Rule 2: In anime, little sisters have more of a purpose than they do in real life.

Rule 3: Rape is no laughing matter... unless it's lesbian rape... that is hilarious.

Rule 4: Moe: Individuals of this standard are characterized by their large eyes and lovable as possible natures, charming those watching into submission or causing them to break down into tears of happines.

Rule 5: In anime, the normal laws of physics do NOT apply.

Rule 6: When in an anime show, there is an explosion or loud sonic boom in space, it is rendered even louder because there is no air to get in the way.

Rule 7: The larger the robot is... the faster it moves.

Rule 8: Both good guys and villians die in one of two ways, either it's so quick no one even see's it coming, or it's a long scene where the person see's much into their past, most of the time being the cause of flash backs.

rule 9: In anime EVERYTHING can AND WILL explode.

Rule 10: Large or even huge cities are the most flammable things known to man kind. (In anime)

Rule 11: The human body contains approximately 6 quarts of blood... in anime, it's approxamately 12 gallons... and depending on how violent the scene is, sometime even more.

Rule 12: In anime, a single heart warming love scene or even a Disney-like song (Acsuperman I hope you're reading this) can destroy an entire space armada, beasts from the underworld, or bloodthirsty barbarians.

Rule 13: Children are smarter than adults in anime.

Rule 14: Any anime being with powers and or extreme martial arts training, emits aura.

Rule 15: Aura is a light that emits around the person, either it is blue for a good guy, or red for a bad guy.

Rule 16: ANY color that is visible to the human eye, is a possible hair color in anime.

Rule 17: Eyes are large in anime, and contain several gallons of water, which in most turn is used for crying.

Rule 18: When males in anime are sexually aroused, instead of erections, they get nosebleed's.

Rule 19: During any transformation in anime, no matter how many times they have witnessed it actually happen, the bad/good guy is always to stunned to try and stop the transformation before it is complete.

Rule 20: If a character insults a female character, they will be met with pain.

Rule 21: In anime, older characters always know what happens in the end, but never reveal it to anyone.

Rule 22: In many comedy animes, if the main character is a male, he will through the course of the series attract an endless number of girlfriends.

rule 23: A person who has been training for many years is never as good as a person who has been training for a month.

Rule 24: When a female character gets angry at a male character, she suddenly has the ability to lift any 1000 pound object, despite how small she may be.

Rule 25: Any event will happen to the one character LEAST capable of dealing with it.

Rule 26: In anime, and even in cartoons, sunglasses will instantly make you cool

Rule 27: Nothing is impossible in anime. NOTHING

Rule 28: In any dire situation, the good guy will always either become stronger, or more powerful than the bad guy.

Rule 29: In anime... THERE IS NO SPOON!

Rule 30: There's always a cute mascot... ALWAYS.

Rule 31: Two females with a grudge WILL attack each other

Rule 32: Whenever a character that is the love intrest of the main character appears, either sparkles, flower petals, or abstract colors instantly appear around them... sometimes all at once.

Rule 33: In anime ANYTHING can happen, never underestimate the perverts or low life's that write animes. They have more power than even THEY might think.

Rule 34: If it exists, there IS henti of it. (See what I did there? Eh eh!)

Favorite Quotes:

You have two choices, either you step up to the stage, or you step down from it.Ayuki Mari

How can someone win, if winning means that someone loses? Scatman John

Fat man, scatman, black and white, and brown man,tell me 'bout the colour of your soul.Scatman John

Don't worry, even if Kyon has a sister complex, I'll still remain forever at his side! Haruhi Suzumiya

Cmon, Kagami, a three-way with your sister wouldn't be so bad! Konata Izumi from Lucky Pervs

Fucking Windows 98! Pcgamer999

I wanna get Moed to death! Sojiro Izumi

Timotei, Timotei, Timoteiiiiiiii! Konata Izumi

You can hold the baby first, BUT I GET THE FIRST LICK! Akio Furukawa

Those aren't called faults Miyuki! Those are Moet points! Konata Izumi

Which End of the Chocco Cornet is the head, the fat end, or the skinny end? Konata Izumi

She may have the maniacs but at least I have my Pedophiles! Akira Kogami

You traded me for a cup of Instant Ramen!?! Ranma Saotome

I wont let you have my honey's virginity!Shimizu Chan

Speaking of splitting up, have you ever watched Scooby-Doo? I wonder if the reason Shaggy and Scooby always get split up from the rest of the group is because Fred just wants to have a three-way. SWAT Guy from Nightmare House 2

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