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Author has written 24 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, X-overs, Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る, Kill la Kill/ キルラキル, Teen Titans, and T.U.F.F. Puppy.

Hey Everyone! My name is Lil' Soniq, I've joined Fanfiction since August 7, 2011 to create some new stories and make the best of it. I may be late for some updates but be patient and all, I'm trying the best I could.

I'm a huge fan Of Sonic The Hedgehog because I collect every comic book issue. So this is my first time making these stories on here and to try to do the best I can with these stories so no bad compliments and don't flame because I'm trying my best with them though so bear with me. I write my stories mainly of Sonic the Hedgehog and even make a Sonic and another series crossover stories.

I take my time through out my ideas to my new stories and throughout my chapters and trying to make things look interesting and fascinating. Sometimes to be funny too. By the way, I don't make Yaoi and Yuri stories so don't even try asking me because I will deny it quickly in a second.

Age: 24

Birthday: November 22

Music: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Smooth Jazz

PSN: Lil_Sonik360

Xbox Live: SoniqChaotiq

Discord: LilSoniq360#6460

Twitch: LilSoniq360

YouTube: Lil'Sonik-Gaming


Sonic the Hedgehog (My Version): The world's fastest hedgehog and the hero of the world. He determines to protect and save everyone from world domination of his arch nemesis: Dr. Ivo Eggman. He's a mature, respectable, outgoing, carefree, adventurous, humble and kind hedgehog who cares about his friends and the civilians when there is danger up ahead or showing them much amount of respect and kindness to the civilians and the children. Sonic enjoys adventuring around the world running, meeting new people and explore new and unique different places. He enjoys eating chilly dogs, hanging out with friends, play his guitar and enjoys running and traveling. Sonic would even sacrifice and give his life to save the world and protect is friends and the civilians if any means necessary to the world from Eggman.

Nickname: Big Blue, Speed Demon, Fastest Thing Alive, The Legendary Blue Hedgehog, The True Blue, Blue Blur

Voiced by: Jason Griffith

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Affiliation: Team Sonic

Age: 16-18

Height: 165 cm/5'5

Weight: 127 Ibs

Fur Color: Blue

Skin Color: Peach

Eyes: Green

Favorite Food: Chilli Dogs

Appearance/Attire: Sonic wears a black hooded sleeveless shirt that has two holes on the back for two of his spikes come out freely, baggy blue cargo pants with a dark blue designing onto his right leg and his right thigh and has multiple pockets on each leg even has a hole on his pants behind him for his short tail come out freely without having it inside and wears a black extreme gear sneakers with a blue highlights including grey on the bottom of his shoes. Instead wearing white handcuff gloves, Sonic wears black fingerless gloves with some blue highlight and even has a blue logo onto his gloves. Sonic even wears a pair of his extreme gear goggles atop of his forehead throughout his adventures. Sonic also wears a black knee pad onto his right knee and has a black leg pouch bag on his right thigh. Sonic also has a tribal flame tattoo around on his right forearm which it is the color blue and even has another tribal design tattoo on his upper left arm as it is the color black.

Fighting Style: Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga.

Personality: Sonic used to be very cocky and arrogant but seeing his ways he start to change his behavior from a cocky to a mature one. Sonic gets along with everyone else with showing respect and does not use his cocky attitude to annoy anyone. Sonic shows his mature ways towards others, shares smiles to anyone, helping others and be there for his friends in danger. Plus sometimes shows his cocky attitude and joke around with everyone and friends.

Likes: Hanging Out with Friends, Being a Hero, His Friends, Speed, Challenges, Saving the World, Adventures, Making New Friends, Stopping Eggman, Explore Places, Running, Playing a Guitar, Being a Disc Jockey, Break-dancing, Relaxing, Maturity, Nature and Environment, Rock Music, Smooth Jazz Music, Old School Classics Music, Rap, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B Music, Saving the World, Patience, Peace and Serenity, Having Time for Himself, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Tricking, Looking at the Sunset and Looking at the Moon.

Dislikes: Evil, Friends being in Danger, Anyone Threatening his Friends, Losing, Lies, Having to quit a Fight, Having impersonated and thought to have turn to Evil, Being Unable to Run, Immaturity, Being Selfish, Seeing Anyone Cry, Giving Up, His Enemies, Anyone getting Hurt or Injured and Eggman.

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Skateboarding, Drawing, Hanging out with Friends, Drawing, Playing Video Games, Napping, Training, Running, Helping Friends, Rail Grinding and Snowboarding.

Theme Song: Hazel Fernandes - Number One (Bleach)

Sonic's Right Forearm Tattoo

Sonic's Upper Left Arm Tattoo Tattoo


Super Speed

Enhanced Jump

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Stamina

Molecules Acceleration

Minor Super Strength



Enhanced and Extreme Reflexes


Harnessing Chaos Energy

Chaos Powers

Super Transformation

Element Transformation


Sonic Boost

Sonic Wind

Sonic Wave

Sonic Storm

Homing Attack

Spin Dash

Air Dash

Bounce Attack

Blue Tornado

Black Wave

Gravity Dive


Flaming Somersault

Lightspeed Attack


Triangle Jump

Wall Jump

Flying Kick


Sonic Eagle (Sonic Battle)

Humming Top (Sonic Advance 2-3)

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku/Hurricane Kick (Street Fighter)

Shoryuken (Street Fighter)

Chaos Energy Abilities:

Chaos Sense: Ability to sense an incoming danger and power.

Chaos Arrow - Shoots a blue and white lightning arrow from his hand.

Chaos Impact - Slamming his fist down to the ground creating a small earthquake even creates a shockwave.

Chaos Storm - Unleashes out a blue and white energy sphere doing a 360 spin and hurls it from the palm of his hands.


Acrobatic Skills

Hand-to-Hand Combat such as Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts

Breakdance Skills









Extreme Gear Rider










Super Sonic: With the power of all Chaos Emeralds, Sonic turns into Super Sonic changing from color blue to yellow and his eyes turning into red eyes. Sonic control chaos energy and use Chaos Control during his super form and performing super abilities. He can even transform into his Super form without using the emeralds whenever he wants. Sonic can ascend into two levels of his super form: Super Form 2 and 3 including ascending to Super Sonic 4.

Super Sonic 2: Ascended from his Super Form, Sonic had increases his strength and speed of his level two of his super form. Sonic's quills had became spikier and has electric dancing around him increasing his power of his second level of his super form.

Super Sonic 3: Sonic's third form increases with the power of chaos energy. His quills became longer and spikier with electric dancing around him. His strength, power and abilities increases two times stronger than his two super form levels.

Super Sonic Fase 4 (Super Sonic 4): A fourth level of his super form, Sonic's fourth level of his super form had changed him. His fur color changed into dark blue instead of yellow. He even has werehog fur on his quills with white streaks onto the end of his quills and on his ears with a white vertical lines from his forehead all the way to his quill. he even had changed his eyes instead of red they are golden yellow eyes and have red trim on the end of his eyes. Sonic even wore his original shoes but they were different as he has three metal spikes onto the surface buckle of his shoes and has spikes on the bottom his shoes. He even had gold plates around the top of his shoes with red diamond to the center of the gold plate. Sonic even wore his white gloves on his hands. Sonic wore a pair of black cargo pants with red lining onto it. During his level four of his super form, Sonic had increased his accuracy, durability, endurance, strength, power and abilities as they are much stronger than three levels of his super forms.

Hyper Sonic: One of Sonic's strong forms even possess the power of Chaos Emeralds that turn into Super Emeralds to use this form. Sonic's fur change the color from blue to pure white and his eye color turn the color purple. His power and abilities are twice as stronger than his Super form and go into Hyper Sonic speed with this form. This form increases his strength, agility, ability, power, endurance, and stamina.

Dark Sonic: With the power of Negative Chaos Energy, Sonic turns into Dark Sonic turning himself into bluish-black color and has pure white eyes. He can also perform abilities with the power of negative chaos energy against his enemies also can perform chaos control.

Fire Form: Sonic's fur turns into red. His eyes turn from emerald green eyes to golden yellow eyes. Sonic posses Pyrokinesis that can control fire aura around him and possessing fire techniques. Sonic can shoot out fireballs and perform any fire ability and technique he can perform. Sonic's strength had greatly increase and can teleports to certain different areas like Shadow. His sleeveless shirt still remain the color black but his pants change the color to grey and his shoes remain the color black but however, he has red highlights and his shoes laces.

Ice Form: Sonic's fur turns color from blue into light blue, his eyes even turn from emerald green to ice blue eyes. His quills rises up like super sonic having medium blue streaks on his quills and on his arms. Sonic channels Cyrokinesis possessing ice powers. Sonic can create any type of ice objects and perform ice abilities during his fight. His outfit change colors as his shirt turn dark blue, his pants change colors to icy blue with blue ice flame designs on his right leg. His sneakers turn the color cyan blue with white highlights on his shoes and shoe laces.

Volt Form: Sonic's fur turns from Blue to Blue Gray with yellow streaks on his quills. his eyes changes from emerald green to yellow eyes. Sonic can posses Electrokinesis controlling electricity performing any kind of electric power that Sonic can unleash during electric form in the battlefield. His sleeveless shirt change the color to grey, his pants change color to the color navy blue with yellow streaks on them. His shoes even change color to yellow with black highlights and the shoes laces.

Rock Form: Sonic's fur color changes to green with grey streaks on his quills. Sonic have the power of Geokinesis and can manipulate earth controlling rocks with this form. His outfit change as his shirt is black but with green highlights, his cargo pants change the color to green with green lines onto them, his shoes turn grey with green highlights.

Wind Sonic: Sonic's fur color change into midnight navy with grey streaks on his quills. Sonic's eye color turn to the color green. His outfit change color as it turn his shirt to color grey, his pants turn black with midnight navy streaks onto it, his shoes change color to blue with grey highlights onto it. He possesses Aerokinesis by controlling air in this form.

Fire-Volt Form: Sonic's fur change colors to red fur color with orange flame designs on his quills. His arms even has yellow lightning tribal tattoos on his arms on both sides. His eye color change color to orange color. He can perform Fire and Lightning altogether possessing them altogether. His outfit turn colors as his shirt turn dark red, pants turn dark grey and his shoes color to red with yellow highlights onto them.

Fire-Ice Form: Sonic’s fur change color from the color red to Cerulean blue color of his fur, he even has red and orange flame designs on his quills and on his arms which the flames designs on his arms are the color blue and white. His eyes had change colors as they change the color into dark purple. Sonic's form can use Fire and Ice to increase his attacks against his enemies. His shirt color remained black, his pants turn grey with red flaming designs on his right leg and blue flaming designs on her left leg and his sneakers turn red with blue highlights along with them.

Ice-Volt Form: Sonic's fur color become Icy Blue with Yellow lightning streaks on his quills. He even has Icy Blue tribal flame tattoos on his arms. His eye color had change the color to Dark Yellow. Sonic's Ice-Volt form possess Ice and Lightning altogether combining those two element powers together into one strong attacks with one of his abilities. His shirt turn dark blue, pants changing the color to blue grey and his shoes turn the color dark grey with dark yellow highlights and shoe laces.

Werehog Form: Sonic can transform into his werehog form at night anytime he likes. His fur changes from blue to dark blue with gray and white. During his transformation, he doesn't wear his black sleeveless shirt as they were ripped during his transformation only wearing his pants from blue to black cargo pants still wear his black extreme gear sneakers transforming them into a skull designing.

Darkspine Form: Sonic's fur turn blue to purple, his quills are just like Super Sonic. Instead of having white vertical lines on his forehead to his quill, he even has grey streaks on his quills, his eyes turn into pure white and has yellows rings around his wrist. Sonic's skin color had changed color which turn the color grey. His cargo pants even change colors to black with purple streaks on his pants, his sneakers even change colors as they turn dark purple with black highlights and black laces to go along with it. Darkspine Sonic can use fire Pyrokinesis performing new flaming abilities to go along with his attacks against his opponents. During his Darkspine form, Sonic can even ascend to two levels of his Darkspine for like levels to two and three just like Super Sonic.

Favorite Couples:

Sonic the Hedgehog:





















SonicxKitty Katswell











SonicxMs. Fortune






ShadowxC. Viper


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