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First off I have to shot out to Tink, who is co-writing my new story with me! YOU RULE TINK!

Howdy It's me Y2Stephanie (HBKSteph nowdays :) or Becca if you have read Milkwood's stories), and my
dear friend Liam`sDee (or just Dee)
We are teaming up on stories these days. So this is our account. Any of our friends that happen to write a story with one of us, it will go in here. And also all our own single stories with be here too. Of course It would be nice if Dee would update something for once instead of me. BTW I also renamed my Y2Stephanie thing, which is now The Diva Formally Known as SMH

My (HBKSteph) Personailtes:

Y2Stephanie (HBKSteph): I'm normal, or at least as normal as a writer can get, oh and I've evil, I love to torment people i don't like mwhahahahahahahah

Angelina McMahon(Helmsley): The star of To Be A McMahon, Angelina is the quieter of my personailtes. She is Vince's daughter from an affair he had (In TBAM she still thinks she's his neice, but that only in that story, otherwise she knows). She worked as a Dancer in LasVagas (Not that kind of Dancer) and was married to a mob boss. Now days she's married to Triple H, but they might get a divorce as I'm in the habit of reading HHH is a SOB stories, and I always hate him after RAW.

Anastasia Sinclair: Totally insane, she thinks that she is Princess, she is totally in love with Shawn Michaels. And it might be an idea to keep sugar away from her. (Dee: Anastasia is just Steph's excuse to go gaga over HBK. Steph: Shut up Dee)

HBKSteph's FAV wrestlers (In No Real Order, Except for the First two who are my all time favs)
1. Stephanie McMahon - I know she isn't a wrestler but I love her anyway, if it's a story were Stephanie is a good guy I'll read it. Steph is totally my idol, she is my insperation.
2. Shawn Michaels HBK - I so totally love HBK, I always totally mark out for him, and I love to read stories of him getting with Steph because they are my two favorite people.
3. Chris Jericho - I'll admit it I'm a Jerichoholic, I do love Jericho and I am a Smoochydreamer, I love Y2J/Steph fictions. (I Have to say that I am sooooo happy Jericho has Shaved!)
4. Edge - Yep I'm an Edge head too, would love to see more Edge/Steph fic (Edge Having Neck Surgury Nooooo, A year with out Edge waaaaaaa)
5. Kurt Angle - Yeah I like Kurt, he's goofy and it's grown on me, and he plays his role well, so yeah I love Kurt. I prefer to see Kurt as Jericho & Steph's dear friend in stories rather than see him with Stephanie. Oh yeah my babysitting charge loves Kurt, it's so cute. When the crowds goes You Suck, she goes You Rule! It's sooo cute. (Welcome Back Kurt! I missed You!)
6. RVD - He's cool, because he's just cool. Surprise Surprise I don't wanna see RVD/Steph stories. I prefer RVD as minor character. 04-03-03 Ok RVD and Kane are really really cool together as a team tag. I hope the WWE doesn't screw this up.
7. Jeff Hardy - Yes I love mister extreme, I love Lita/Jeff fics. But I don't mind reading as Jeff/Steph fic just to see how the author works it :) AND I AM NOT A TENNY-BOPPER. Please Jeff stop with the body paint we like to see your face. (Bye Bye Jeff, I'll miss you, And Am Keeping You On this list!)
8 Lita - The Queen of Extreme, Lita rocks, I like to see Lita and Steph as friends, it's always nice. And I love Lita/Jeff fics, and Lita/Shane McMahon fics. Miss you Lita (I don't get HeAT)
9. Shane McMahon - I love Shane O, he's cool, and he's good looking, as i mentioned before I love Lita/Shane fics. I dunno why, I just do. I wish the WWE would stop teasing us with Shane O and just let us have him back already.
10. Eric Bischoff - This sneaky SOB snuck his way onto the list, and into my heart. I actually like the guy, I dunno why I just do, maybe I've been spending too much time with Dee. (Dee: Sure Blame me for everything!)
11. Chris Benoit - What don't look at me like that, Benoit whom I'm normally refer to as Boring Benoit has grown on me. And I like him now.
12. Brock Lesner - Ok Brock has really grown on me, I'm quiet found of the Current Big Thing. And yes I do believe that him and Stephanie would be a good couple. Blame writie for this. She put the idea in my head. (Wasn't Paul Heyman's Face Classic when Brock picked him to be in a steal cage with! I loved it.)
13. Rey Mysterio - Who doesn't love Little Rey Rey! I wanna see a Rey Rey/Lita fic!
14. Trish - Trish has really grown on me, And I really like her character now. :D

Dee's Fav Wrestlers:
1. Stephanie McMahon - Yep I love Steph too, I think she makes a cool heel, and I love how evil she is.
2. Chris Jericho - Yep I'm a Jerichoholic and proud of it, I worship Y2J/Steph stories, and There will never EVER be enough of them.
3. Eric Bischoff - Don't look at me like that. I like the guy ok. I think he's sexy, don't ask me why (Steph: Because you are insane Dee: You can't talk now, cause you like him too) I still refuse to read Eric/Steph stories though.
4. Triple H - He is the Game and He is That Damn Good (Steph: Yeah right Dee: Shut up Steph.) So I am a lover of the McMahon-Helmsley ERA and I think he's better with Steph then without her.
5. Brock Lesner - The Next Big Thing has grown on me, I like him now, he's cool. And I wanna see a Brock/Steph story, i dunno why I just do.
6. The Rock - Rocky Rocky Rocky. I love The Rock. And I just wanna see him get with Chyna for some odd reason. (I LOVE ROCKY THE HEEL, He Totally Kicks ass!!!)
7. Stacy - I like the way Stacy is now and I hope they get her with Steiner. (Test is an ass go away from Stacy)
8. Steiner - I like Steiner, he's good with Stacy!
9. Trish - I like Trish, I wish Jazz would go away and leave her alone.
10. Christian - He ain't no sucker. hehe, I've always liked Christian and seeing him tag team with Jericho is good.
11. Jeff Hardy - Like Steph said in the 2nd Chapter of Of Mary Sue and The Wrestlers. Who can resits Jeff? (I MISS YOU JEFFY!)
12. Shane McMahon - This is Stephanie's influence on me. I want Shane back. Odd I know.

Wrestlers HBKSteph sometimes likes sometimes hates
1. Triple H - I am the game-uh, please shut the hell up! I like Triple H when I'm writing him in To Be A McMahon, and when he's not talking on RAW.
2. Vince McMahon - Ok Vince has become some what as a muse for me, it's odd but I'm glad to see the old guy back around
3. Team Angle - Ok I just think it's cute that Kurt has lackys but that's about it, I don't actually like them.
4. The Rock - I love Rocky the heel, he is so cool. Go Rocky the heel! (Noooooo, Rocky's a Face Again, I'm sorry Rocky Back you get dropped back to annoying me sometimes status when you are a face)

Wrestlers Dee sometimes likes, sometimes hates:
1. RVD - He's cool in the ring, But not on the mic.
2. Paul Heyman - He's a weasel but he's a funny weasel
3. Lita - I'm sorry but that thong get on my nerves.

Wrestlers HBKSteph Hates:
1. Goldberg - He replace's Bischoff in the top spot, why cause he's I can't stand him, he's a useless piece of trash, that suck on the microphone. AND STAY AWAY FROM MY JERICHO!
2. Sable - Argh, go crawl back into what ever brothel you managed to find you're way out of you old hang.
3. Big Slow - Do I really need to tell you why?
4. Paul Heyman - Die Die Die.
5. Nidia - Possibly Sable's daughter
6. Jamie Noble - Argh, I'm sure you can guess
7. Stone Cold - WHAT?! Death to WHAT?
8. X-Pac - You can guess why
9. Albert - Stay AWAY from my Edge (AND LEARN TO SHAVE!)
10. Molly Holly - Pure and wholesome YEAH RIGHT!
11. William Regal - Go back to England.

Wrestlers Dee hates
1. Big Slow - He's ugly 'nuff said
2. Booker T - Stop looking at your hand
3. Al Snow - Oh Please stay on Tough Enough pleaaaaase.
4. Vince McMahon - Old pervert
5. Jerry 'The King' Lawler - See above
6. Matt Hardy - Take your Mattidue and stick it up your *
7. Kurt Angle - It was 1996 6 years ago GET OVER IT
8. X-Pac - He sucks 'nuff said
9. Lance Storm - Please get a personality
10. Ric Flair - Retire Already
11. Rico - Get a new hairstyle

The Stories

-One Last Breath (Jericho/Steph)

In Progress:
-To Be A McMahon (Jericho/Steph, OC/Hunter)
-Medieval Mary Sue (Mary Sues)
-Returning Home (HBK/Steph, HHH/Steph)
- This Is The Moment (Eric/OC, Steph/Kurt)

- What If Sibblings...
- How You Remind Me (HHH/Steph)
- One Sweet Day (Jericho/Steph)
- Not Gonna Break (Steph)
- Diva Academy (The Divas)
- Fate Doesn't Lie (HBK/OC, Steph/??)
- Game of The Heart (HHH/Steph, HBK/Steph)
- Close To Us (HBK/Jeff, Chyna/OC, HHH/HBK, others)

Fav Authors
KazzaXTreme: This Girl is a dear dear friend, and I love her stories.

FallenAngel: *waves to FallenAngel* This girl just totally rocks, yuo should take the time to read through all her stories, she is one of the best, and her fic Will You Forgive Me In Death? Made me cry.

GerrodMccapps - Hey it's my Big Brother, ok so he's not really but he's the closest thing I have to one, and he just rocks. (Don't mention Lita near him though ;))

Jade and Lexi - I have the best time just have stupid convostations with Jade. There stories are great too, be sure to check out Jade's mary sue that she is doing with Gerrod.

Writie - Everything this girl writes totally rocks, she is the best, and her Diva stories are tops. Lova Ya Girl

livingdeadgirl - Read her Shawn and Stephanie fics they rules. She was the insperation for Returning Home, Tibs to you girl!

revivingophelia - This girl has the biggest collection of stories, and everyone of them is great. She writes Lita brilliantly and I love her Jericho/Steph fics.

jerichosbabe2007: What Can I say other than this girl kicks major butt. Her Shawn Michaels story is brilliant, and Drop To Zero will have you on the edge of your seats. Both are must reads.

AceOfHearts - Acey girl, what can i say about you other than you simply rock, you have the most wonderful talent for writing, and your stories are brilliant, I don't know how you hand Stand Back, but you write each character brilliantly, you are by far one of the most talented authors in this whole world.

Bannonluke - This guy is like the The King of humor. You have to read his stories, you will fall off you seat laughing. Truely the Kinf of humor.

DareToBeDifferent - This girl totally rocks, she is a great person to talk to to, check out her story Where Am I? and all the rest of her fics. I'll talk to ya soon girly.

MilkandWood - Like I was gonna leave out Casey and T-Boy, these girls have become two of my best-friends. Their humor is brilliant, and I'm honored to be able to write with. Love you lots Girls.

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