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Poll: How would you like my fanfic, "Understanding", to end? Note that you may choose two selections, and know that there is a difference between "Sad" and "Tragic"- sad is, y'know, sad, but things still work out okay. More or less. Tragic however means there is nothing nice about the ending, and absolutely no hope is left for anything. Choose wisely. Vote Now!
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Author has written 15 stories for Pokémon, Portal, Sonic the Hedgehog, Five Nights at Freddy´s, and Earthbound.

"Love is all that stands between us and the great beyond."

My name is Two Lil' Gieegs. Most people call me Vet. As once said by an ancient pharaoh: "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

I am a guy, and a hardcore Pokémon fan and a Dark Souls one too. I love anything animated by the Japanese, whatever deity there is out there bless their fiery, brilliant souls. I now shamelessy admit to liking dragons a whole freaking lot. Reading is a pastime of mine (Skulduggery Pleasant, Wheel of Time, others) I love dearly, and as a result I want to be a writer. I am currently working on a work of fiction that I intend to have successfully published when the time comes. I am not a very active person, in terms of sport, so don't bother asking me any questions about such things as they do not interest me. But I do love gaming, and sitting around and letting my head wander while I stare blankly at something.

I will not tell you my name, nor my age or where I live. I am rather conservative about these matters. But I will tell you that I am considered to be a little eccentric, condescending and very stubborn. Stubborn and eccentric is right on the mark, but condescending is not quite true: I simply do not suffer fools gladly, and flat-out refuse to interact with people who have no other interest than irritating me for any number of reasons. I am a vengeful person: I do not like any of my friends or family getting harmed in any way, mentally or physically. I will bring down whatever (metaphorical) hellfire I can summon onto people who dare to hurt those I consider close, unless of course it was unintentional and/or they have valid reasons.

I'm not entirely unreasonable.

Other than all that, I am also a rather jolly person and considered amiable at best, even affable. I want to get along with everyone- I don't want to be everyone's friend, I just don't want to be on bad terms with people. I have a tendency to speak too fast, so I have a bit of a stutter. Thankfully, it doesn't show here. I am benevolent to my friends and try to meet their needs when I can; I try never to get frustrated or angry with them. A lost friend is never a nice thing to have hanging around your mind.

As you may have guessed, my personality is incredibly volatile. I can switch from one mood to the next, but I truly try my best to keep myself calm. And I am truly the most patient man in the entirety of the world. I may boast, but it's true.

There are only five people on the internet I consider to be my closest friends (I will refer to them by the names I use in person with them): Sizorz, Oscuro, Zanavy, Blaze and Geeks.

Know also that I am relentlessly cruel to my OCs, and more often than trying to bring them joy, I bring them inconsolable sorrows...

I also love the Mother series of games. My current fave. character from the series is Niiue! (And secretly Porky, the kid's freakin' amazing no matter how much you might hate him)

What's more, Undertale is slowly overtaking my senses.

Favourites! (Credit to Blaze for this):

Fav. Anime: Despite my love for Anime I have only seen very few. I love Studio Ghibli films but if they don't count, then I love Space Captain Harlock to bits. Even though I haven't seen it in years, it was breathtakingly awesome.

Favourite Game: Many. Though I have an affinity for Dark Souls.

Favourite Creature: Dragons. And automatons, if they can count as creatures (go sentient robot-things! )

Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter, Skulduggery Pleasant, Wheel of Time, Eragon, His Dark Materials,That One Series By Garth Nix That I Can't Remember The Name Of But Followed The Days Of The Week, and the Demonata.

Favourite Hobbies: Reading, gaming, walking, roleplaying. Daydreaming.

Favourite Characters from Space Captain Harlock:

-Captain Harlock himself


- Leader of the Mazone (Queen Lafreysia, I think she's called?)

That's it, they were the most memorable to me. -.-'

Favourite Dragon: Spirit/Elemental dragons, and maybe Cyber Dragons too.

Favourite Nintendo Hero: Captain Falcon!

Favourite Nintendo Villain: Giegue/Giygas

Favourite Sega Hero(ine, in this case): N-NiGHTS. (Don't judge me! X3 )

Favourite Sega Villain: Tie between Wizeman the Wicked from NiGHTS and Metal Sonic.

Sports: I am a sloth. -,- But if you must know I'm a decent swimmer.

Favourite Game Series: Pokemon (main series and PMD), Dark Souls, Gears of War, God of War, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, a few others.

Nothing is being updated, ever. :P School and stuff.

I'm gonna list my OC's (their themes) here:

Something Stupid OC's

Blades the Metal Porcupine

Knives the Metal Echidna ("The Outsider"- A Perfect Circle)

V.I.R.U.S. the spider nano-form

Pokemon Universe RP OC's

Zodd the Steelix

Armstrong the Delta Machoke (NANOMACHINES, SON)

Thanos the Greninja ("Monster"- Skillet )

Penance the Latios ("Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance main theme" - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance)

Helena the Zoroark (Adopted from Crystal's Curse)

Miles Enderson Priam Holten Indiana Leeson Ergman Samael the Ditto ('Theme of Barthandelus'- FFXIII )

Angra Mainyu the Giratina ("Avatar Beat"- Off)

Ormazd the Regigigas ("Surface of the Sun"- Sunshine )

Rhea the Milotic

Keris the Jirachi

Betelgeuse the Celebi '(All the Strange, Strange Creatures'- Doctor Who, shared with Keris)

Grunbeld the Salamence ("The Glory of Sparta"- God of War II)

Sirius the Deoxys ("It Has To Be This Way"- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Primus Ultimatum the (Delta) Genesect ("Autobots"- Steve Jablonsky)

Manus the Darkrai ("Chandelier"- Ace Combat 6)

Thanatos the Houndoom (''Cry Little Sister'- Sisters of Mercy, The Lost Boys) (Deceased)

Vincent the Hydreigon ("Collective Consciousness"- Jamie Christopherson)

Luna the Banette ('Voodoo Child'- Rogue Traders )

Mecha the Mewtwo ("The Meaning of Truth"- HIRO-X, and all its remixes)

Aliza the Lilligant ("Oblivion"- M83 )

Ahere the Zoroark ("Bundy"- Animal Alpha)

Sirian, my self-insert Dragalge

Tyler the Gallade ("Smells Like Teen Spirit"- Nirvana)

Loch the Eelektross

Draco the Lucario ("The Finalizer"- Tekken 5 )

Shylock the Eelektross

Sin the Wailord

Polaris the Magnezone

Legion the (Shiny) Metagross

Deltorro the (Shiny) Quagsire

Akagi the Scizor ('Mr. Blue Sky'- ELO )

Damien the Weavile ('Stains of Time"- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Eve the Weavile ("She-Wolf"- David Guetta )

Bane the Dusknoir ('I Stand Alone'- Godsmack, Prince of Persia- Warrior Within, the Scorpion King )

Tao the Absol ('Wake Me Up Inside'- Evanescence feat. Linkin Park )

Ornstein the Raichu

Smough the Snorlax ('Ornstein the Dragon Slayer & Smough the Executioner'- Dark Souls, shared with Ornstein )

Artorias the Lucario (''Forces"- Berserk)

Sif the Aegislash ('We Do What We're Told'- Peter Gabriel )

Colnaut the Golurk ('Save Me'- Kokoon, the Band from Berlin)

Hades the Vaporeon ('Dirty Harry'- The Gorillaz, and 'Feel Good Inc.'- The Gorillaz )

Ashley the Smeargle

Francois the Smeargle

Chaos the Tyranitar ("Bent Backwards and Broken"- Cannibal Corpse)

Chloe the Kabutops

Craven the Bisharp

Kirtan the Pawniard ('Warriors of the World United'- Manowar, shared with Craven )

Junesa the Armaldo

Ouroboros the (Shadow) Arbok (Deceased)

Mkono the Ferrothorn

Tory the (Shiny) Porygon-Z

R.E.G.I.S. Mk V the Rotom ("Damnation"- WWE )

Ahriman the Spiritomb ('Levels' -Avicii )

Mabel the Spiritomb (Well, part of her, anyway. )

Ilia the Mismagius (Deceased)

Al'Khadar the Scyther (Deceased)

Pokemon Quest OCs:

Eidolona the Sneasel


The Limitless Pokémon RP With the Exceptionally Long Name For a RP!

Xzurrizon the Missingno.

Colnaut the Golurgross ((Golurk/Metagross fusion))

Multiverse Mashup!

Alistair Sands the Prototype

The Black Knight

Tumblr- Ask Harod

Harod (Fortune Days, by the Glitch Mob)

Deire (Our Demons, also by Glitch Mob)


Gwain (Animus Vox, again by Glitch Mob)




That's all of them. I think. o-O'

Very NB: Members of the Abyssal Order

Leader: Manus the Darkrai

Second in Command: McKinley the Suicune

Senior Members: Chaos the Tyranitar, Ahriman the Spiritomb

Lower Members: Montoya the Hawlucha, Jericho the Latios, Paradox the Celebi, Kibosh the Banette, Vincent the Hydreigon, Damien the Weavile, Kelbo the Keldeo, Ghislain the Roserade

Like a build-up of clouds,
the battle is joined in waves
When it's over, we creep along the dark street,
answering the voices

I don't forget about you
It's an impossible path, yet I tread it alone

Like a defeated bird, we gracefully endure the rain

We sleep after washing
in the blood of the unhealed ground
Stars! Tell about the grandness
of this night!

I don't forget about you
When I'm all alone in the freezing night

The unceasing voices now have a renewed strength

Hai Yai Forces Hai Yai Forces

Listen! Even the wind cries
at the soaring tower of shadow
Being defeated, we creep along the dark street;
I turn on the light for you.

I don't forget about you
It's an impossible path, yet I tread it alone

Go away, loquacity! Shadow, come and be guided!

-Forces lyrics (Translated) , from Berserk

If you like Berserk, copy and paste this in your profile.

For what should I dream? Where should I turn?
How valuable is victory
That is won through betrayal or bargaining?

Even if the sun carries the contradiction that’s too great to ignore,
It still shines on the path to the future.

You strong and fleeting ones, lead these hands of mine,
If there’s a place that can be called truth.
Even if I’m confused and hurt, on the other side of this horizon,
There’s the answer I can’t see yet.

How much longer can I remain pure?
I’m hiding a shadow on the other side of my smile.
I don’t want to know ego any more than this.

History trembles with unbearable anger.
So that an episode of destruction isn’t engraved…

You fragile and sorrowful ones, cut open your skin to reach each of your hearts.
Even if we turn to ash, even if the end comes tomorrow,
Search for your fever now!

Even if the sun carries the contradiction that’s too great to ignore,
It still shines on the path to the future.

You strong and fleeting ones, lead these hands of mine,
If there’s a place that can be called truth.
Even if I’m confused and hurt, on the other side of this horizon,
There’s the answer I can’t see yet.

The Meaning of Truth (Translated) from F-Zero Falcon Densetsu.

I like this song even more than Forces...rest in peace, Falcon. ;v;

Quotes I like:

"All those...moments...will be lost in time, like...tears...in...rain."-Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner

"...ye bloody green CONK!" -Loch to Ares in Pokemon Universe

"Why, Mr. Anderson, why, why, why do you persist?" "Because I choose to." -1st quote agent Smith, 2nd quote Neo, The Matrix

"..those fools, those FOOLS, those FOOLS!!" -Patrick Pearse

"Fly, you fools!"- Gandalf, Lord of the Rings

"Who is the bigger fool- the fool, or the fool who follows him?" -Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV

"Let's play house! You can be the door, and I'll slam you!" -anonymous

"We are legion...our numbers will darken the skies of every world." -Sovereign, Mass Effect

"If I die, I die well dressed." -Major Jean Villeneuve, The Patriot

"I am Ender. I end things. People, planets, galaxies." -Ender, Megas XLR

"If all of Olympus will deny me my vengeance...then all of Olympus will die." -Kratos, God of War II

"You suffer as one, we suffer together."- Mecha to Reishi, Pokemon Universe

"I despise reality...it chains us. Binds us. Prevents us...but from what, exactly? Perhaps it may be better not to know.." - Own quote

"Yes...I adore chaos. But why does chaos have to represent destruction and death all the time? Have you even SEEN the chaos involved in a romantic relationship?" - Angra Mainyu

"We've shared, we've hugged, we've kissed...we've mated. Twice. Yeah, we have met under the moon twice and showed the world that we don't care. And...I'll always stand by her side no matter what tries to force us apart." -Mecha, Pokemon Universe

"I will show you the power of the god...now, receive my judgement!" -Wizeman the Wicked, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

"All living things, kneel before your master!" - Neo Metal Sonic

"Free now, only to be chained once more, ere the end of many things strikes in thine hearts...I am that which gives reason to chaos, order to suffering. I know all that once was, and I decide what will be should I desire it...I am Angra Mainyu, ruler over Chaos and Death. Arceus may have created you all, but I am your true ideal God..." -Angra Mainyu

"End of the line, losers! Get ready to chew on some explosions!" -Greyface, Cognitive Dissonance

"Love is all that stands between us and the beyond..." -Niiue, Cognitive Dissonance

"I will have the ultimate power! And you...you will forever be the forgotten." -Giegue/Giygas, Cognitive Dissonance

"GO AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!" -Yggdrasil the Dark

Here is a pathetic attempt to name some of the(established) shippings in the forums I'm involved in for no reason other than I'm bored. :/

-SomethingStupid (MattxKnives)

-EyeShy (TaoxMathias)

-Aheri (AherexHelena)

-Meishi/SufferingTogether (MechaxReishi)

-EternalScars (AlizaxZuko)

-GhostsDigGiantRobots (ColnautxHakan)

-PawsAndClaws (AkagixAmber)

-SuicidalHealing (HadesxSlash)

-PrinceCharmingAndJuliet (IliaxMicah)

-Oblivious (BetelgeusexKeris)

-CometDust (SiriusxLavender)

-HuggingSideways (LochxJulia)

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