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HEY PEOPLE! It's Misty and Celeste! :D

Celeste, introduce ourselves more formally, please.
Oh, Misty. :P Fine then, haha. I'm Celeste.
And I'm Misty.
And this is our collaborative FanFiction account! Her "speech" shall be in italics.
Oh, so fancy~!
And mine shall be in normal font. So before you get bored with our little introduction, we shall each write our bio's below! :D
Alrightly, here we GOOO!

Hey there~! It's Celeste.

I somewhat recently got into fanfiction because of Misty here (I introduce her to a lot of awesome things, don't I? *cheesy smile and thumbs up*). I'm a big fan of a lot of geeky things (geeky girl and proud of it~!) so lemme give you...

a basic list of stuff I like/love/am obsessed with
Portal (BEST GAME EVER! and the category that got me into fanfiction! don't make me bring my combustable lemons out on you!)
Half-Life (Gordon and Aylx all the waaay~!)
Pokemon (what geek isn't into Pokemon?)
Vocaloid (who can't be?! there's something awesome for everyone.)
Clannad (new favorite anime~! also the first anime/story/show that has made me teary-eyed... I'm halfway through the afterstory now)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (PEGA-SISTERS UNITE! *brohoof* I told you I am a geek right? don't you dare laugh at the most amazing show ever~! watch it and you will see how it became such a popculture hit!)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (Kataang all the way~)
Guardians of Ga'Hoole (owls are awesome, are they not?)
Tokyo Mew Mew (inspired an epic collab story with Misty and I)
Apple products (WINDOWS CAN SU-- CELESTE!! oops~ better keep my language nice here, huh? haha)
memes in general (internet, y u no stop wasting my time?! internet: *troll face* u mad, bro? me: I spend too much time on the cheezburger network... memebase FTW!)
Lucky Star (I'm not so much of an otaku to know what all the references made by Konata-chan, but still, I love the show!)
Invader Zim (TACOS!!!)
Cowboy Bebop (my brother got me into this anime. it's really epic!)
practically anything British or Japanese
(I'll update this list more later as I come up with more stuff, haha.)

Vocaloid Top 5! (yeah, I wrote their names in "Western order," kill me. :P )
1. Gumi "Megpoid"
2. Len Kagamine
3. Teto Kasane
4. Rin Kagamine
5. Miku Hatsune

Portal Top 5!
1. Wheatley! *hugs*
3. Chell
4. Rick/Adventure Sphere
5. Curiosity Core

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Top 10!
1. Pinkie-pie
2. Twilight Sparkle
3. Fluttershy
4. Princess Luna
5. Derpy Bubbles
6. Doctor Whooves
7. Rarity
8. Rainbow Dash
9. Applejack
10. Octavia

current fanfictions

posted fanfics
Hello, again. RinxLen. Check it out please! XD
still writing
- The Prank. a Portal fic. probably T-rated. still writing it. Chelley. humor with a shocking twist into drama.
- Portal/The Infinites crossover. our story crossed over with Portal. still writing.
- Skyrocket. Chelley fic. still writing. fluffy, with slightly suggestive twists, haha. T-rated, probably. one-shot, most likely.
- Portal cast as Humans fic. random moments of their adventures inside and outside of Aperture. everyone's human because we felt like it. XD

final words

hey guys, sorry for not updating my fics in awhile! school's become the ruler of my time recently, since i'm trying to keep up with my 96% average on my courses and there's a lot to do in them! plus, i've had a bit of family stuff going with my grandpa, and that's taken time too... i hope to be able to update sometime during winter break... so sorry for disappointing anyone D: i love all my readers and i can't wait to update it to see everyone's reviews again! :D --Celeste

Hi everyone! *waves* My full name is Misty Amber Foxx, but you can call me Misty or Mist (that's her OC name in our collab story, btw) I am also obsessed with all things anime and video game, but unlike Celeste I read manga as well. (she'll update this more later, when she has time. I'm hogging the computer right now, so she'll update her profile when she gets a chance.) But enough about Celeste, let's talk about me! XP (MISTY, Y U NO ADD MORE IN YOUR BIO?! It makes me look so egotistical because of how long my bio is! o.O lol)

about me:

stuff I like/love/am obsessed with:
Yu-Gi-Oh, Portal, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Nightmare Before Christmas, Vocaloid (lol, you already said that. proofreading, Misty, proofreading *shakes head in disappointment* haha XD ), Invader Zim, Xiaolin Showdown, Megaman, Sonic

stuff I hate/would kill/creeps me out:
Justin Beiber, Umbridge, snobby annoying people, most kinds of bugs, Yaoi/Yuri

fictional guys I'm in love with (aka my anime boyfriends):
Ryou Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh), Kisshu (Tokyo Mew Mew), N (Pokemon) Chaud (Enzan) (Megaman)

current fanfiction:
Yuki's Nightmare Before Christmas:
Megaman Fanfic (to be named later):

Stuff about both of us
Misty and I meet in a K/1 class at our school (9 years ago... wow) and have been best friends since! I remember the day when we found out each other like Pokemon... our geeky friendship exploded from there! XD She's a grade ahead of me and goes to a different school, but we still keep in touch, of course. Some our best ideas come from the random rants/conversations/battles of geekiness. We're even planning a collaborative Portal fanfic, which I'm writing some bits for at the moment! :D No worries to my Hello, Again readers; I'll make sure I keep up with my Vocaloid fic! ^_^

What's sad is that too many people looked past the poor Flashlight Core after GLaDOS mentioned the corrupt cores in Portal 2. Flashlight Core is a core that is hanging over the pile of corrupt cores shining a light down on them. If it weren't for it, we wouldn't be able to see them! Add this to your profile if you noticed it and tell others!

Don't believe us? Look at the picture in the link from the CombineOverWiki:

(This movement was created by MysteriousMoonCo author's Misty and Celeste.)

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