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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter. hi! Welcome to my profile page. Feel free to relax and stay awhile before moving on with your life.

Vital Statistics:

Name: Paradox. (No, not really. My parents aren't that abysmal at naming children.)

Gender: Female. *gasps*

Age: My birthday is about a month after Teddy Lupin's, and I'm somewhere between one to seven years older than he is. (Yeah, I'm specific, aren't I?)

Location: A random little city somewhere in the U S of A. (Told you I'm specific. XD)

Appearance: Black hair (horribly long), and brown eyes (horribly average). And I'm unfortunately short for my age. I believe that's all you need to know. ;)

Relationship Status: I rather like my current position of unrequited love, and I actually don't want it to change any time soon. It's poetic, and wistful, and *dreamy sigh*.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, analyzing minor details in Harry Potter, and knitting shapeless scarves. (I'm nearly as good as Hermione is at knitting those elf hats.)

Favorite Authors: The illustrious J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alexander McCall Smith, James Herriot, Georgette know there are more...oh, whatever.

Likes: Coffee, tea, fancy chocolates, non-trashy romances, orange flowers, long walks, violin practice, and pet kittens. And I still have a childish love for Winnie the Pooh that will never go away. ("After all this time?" "Always." XD) Oh, and Community (the most underrated TV show on the planet, I swear), Doctor Who, and David Tennant's hair. But the rest of David Tennant's fine with me too. ;)

Dislikes: Trashy romances, math homework (most of the time), insomnia, hypocrisy (although that may be a hypocritical comment), cliches, and nauseating perfection.

Pottermore: CatCharm110...and Ravies unite! Friend me; I'm rather lonely.

Harry Potter-Specific:

Ships I rather like:

Canon in the books (Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Molly/Arthur, Lupin/Tonks, Bill/Fleur, that all?)

Canon with no background information whatsoever (Draco/Astoria, Neville/Hannah, Rolf/Luna, Percy/Audrey, George/Angelina)

Next-generation (Teddy/Victoire, Rose/Scorpius, Lily/Lysander, Lucy/Lorcan, random OC pairings)

Unpopular Opinions:

1. Draco Malfoy will never truly become an angel. Nor is he as attractive as Tom Felton makes him out to be. *swoons* Oh, and he's not particularly brainy either. (Don't get me wrong, I really do like him as a character. But he's just not what people often see him as.)

2. Hermione and Ginny have never spent hours tucked away in Ginny's room gossiping/giggling/arguing about romance, hair, and clothes. (And while we're at it, it's Hermione, not 'Mione, and Ginny rather than Gin.)

3. Sirius Black was too interested in adventure and "living life on the edge" to ever have a girlfriend.

4. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter never called themselves "The Marauders". Yes, on Jo's website, it says that they called themselves "marauders". (Marauders: raiders, thieves, plunderers.) However, there is undoubtedly a difference between "The Marauders" and "marauders".

5. Astoria rather than Asteria. Personally, Asteria reminds me of stereo and sterile...ugh. However, when Jo herself officially says something on this issue, I'll concede without complaining.

6. Ron isn't an idiot. Yes, he made some rather stupid decisions, he was unreasonably jealous, he ran out on Harry and Hermione. But he was able to admit his mistakes and come back, which is more than a majority of the world can say. And academically? He's practically equal to Harry in studies, and he can beat all of you in chess. Checkmate.

7. Luna Lovegood isn't solely a dreamer. Haven't you seen how freakishly angry and passionate she becomes when she insults Hermione for being "narrow-minded"? It's actually a bit scary. XD

8. Peter Pettigrew wasn't always a bad person. Because nobody expected him to be a traitor, he must've really been a decent friend...once upon a time.

9. Fred and Angelina were not dating in canon. All that we know is that Fred took Angelina to the Yule Ball. If that automatically makes them boyfriend/girlfriend, does that mean Neville/Ginny should be accepted?

10. None of the original Order members would have been in Lily and James' year at school, and the current practice of having Alice Longbottom and etc. as Lily's best school friends is...improbable. My logic? Moody claims that the Longbottoms were "popular" Aurors. McGonagall later says that it takes three years of further training to become an Auror. It wouldn't make sense if the Longbottoms had just become Aurors at the time that they were tortured to insanity.

11. Sitting around on a freaking broom all day can do practically nothing to improve your physique...well, nothing to the upper body, anyway.

12. Disagree with anything? By all means PM me. I like debating, and I won't judge you because of your opinions.

Possible-Future Stories:

- Harry and Draco separately make the terribly awkward and morally painful decision to send wedding invitations to each other.

- Hermione's father was the doctor who switched to dentistry after fainting during the first human dissection. Her mother was the Shakespeare aficionado who changed her major from literature to something more sensible at the forcing of her entire family. Their story.

- Neville and Luna discuss why they wouldn't have worked out as a romance. At all. A humorous look at this supposedly "cute" pairing. And my way to say goodbye, because...I thought they were "cute" too, before DH.

- When Scorpius and his family are invited to Teddy and Victoire's marriage at the request of Andromeda, the Scorpius/Rose dynamic threatens to upstage the whole wedding.

I believe that's about it...for now. Check out my stories, review or PM me, and have a wonderful day!

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