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Hey. Name is Kailey McLean. I just turned 15 last Monday. My parents rules about me dating, is I can't date till I'm 16, NO EXCEPTIONS!, and the guy I date HAS to be a Christian or a good guy. I don't smoke or drink. I'm strongly against sexual activity and thoughts. I hate how guys will pretty much stop at nothing to get a girl to do something for them, but guess what?, unlike some chicks, I have control and ignore temptation.

Anyway. As for hobbies, I like to draw images from my mind, and draw cartoons off of my favorite shows like, CatScratch and Invader Zim. Everyday I listen to the radio on my Blue Ipod. I don't have songs on there cause my mom likes to know what music I listen to, and she can't find out if I only listen to the radio and lie to her that I'm not listening to anything bad. I got a PlayStation 2, PSP, Wii Console, Nintendo DS, and Xbox 360. I don't use my PlayStation 2, or my PSP, Nintendo, and I barely ever use my Wii console. But I am now playing my Xbox game called Shaun White, and I don't even know the guy, but its a fun game. The Game I played on the PlayStation was Ratatouille, but now I can't find the disk. On my PSP I used to play another Ratatouille game and a few Sim games. On my Nintendo I played a few horse games and Bejewled. On my Wii, I have a Dinosour game, Spyro, Sport games, and Just Dance 2. And Xbox I played Viva Pineta, Sims 3 pets, which sucks, a car game, and the scatebord game.

Websites I go on. project-massive.yolasite.com, smallworlds.com, hi5.com, twitter, facebook, hotmail.com, littlezim.smackjeeves.com, deviantart, fanfiction.com, google.com, and youtube. I have an account on youtube.

My favorite movie would defiantly have to be ''9''. Shaun Ackner directed it, and TIM BURTON produced it. Watched it 5 times. Sad thing is, I can't find the movie in stores, I can only watch it on my t.v. but it costs money so I can't watch it too frequently.

Favorite colors are Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Blood Red, Black, and Grey. Each color reminds me of things I love and create in my mind. I like to make movie scenes in my mind with colors, and music.

I'm a Goth. But not the sexual kind or emo type. I just feel like I need to wear all black in public or people will think of me as an innocent chick who doesn't have a dark mind. And I am here to prove that I am the exact opposite.