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Welcome to the Ass You Like It contest!

We all love slash, don't we? Y/FY. But where's the bum fun when it comes to heterosexual couples?! HARDLY ANYWHERE, is the answer to that, ladies.

The Ass You Like It contest is here to change that, and show how fun, sexy and extremely pleasurable times can be had with the back end regardless of gender.

So get writing - any couple is fair game, as long as one is male and one is female. First time? Yup! Seasoned anal adorers? Woohoo! Pegging? Go for it. Ahem.

Find us on twitter: @assyoulikeit or on gmail:

1. Stories should be:

- A new one shot story featuring anal sex between a woman and a man
- Between 3,000 and 10,000 words long
- Beta'd or proofread (if you don't have a beta to help, get in touch with the amazing Project Team Beta!)
- Anonymous! Don't go bragging on Twittah, or you may be in for a spanking ;)

2. Stories should feature:

- A male/female pairing (pegging totally allowed!)
- Any pairing, canon or not
- Characters can be vamps, wolves, humans or a mix
- Stories should be rated M, simply due to subject matter!
- Collaborations are welcome

3. What's NOT allowed:

- Threesomes or more - this is about two characters exploring each other
- Any kind of slash, femslash or gay pairing. There's plenty of ass love online in that genre already - we're here to try and tease out the lesser know variety...
- Rape, incest, sexism, homophobia, paedophilia. Outside of what Stephenie already covered ;)


Submit your story between: NOW and September 30th 2011

Voting: October 1st - 15th 2011

Winners will be announced: October 16th 2011


Public vote: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes to the most popular stories

Judges favourites: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Judges: Grrlinterrupted, MeraNaamJoker and Donnersun


Contest banners for the winners will be made by Grrlinterrupted, and will be personalised to their story!

How to Enter

Send your story as an attached .rtf or .doc file to and we will add the stories anonymously.


Talk to or @assyoulikeit on Twitter!