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Author has written 7 stories for Furry Pirates, Kung Fu Panda, Discworld, My Little Pony, and Conan series.

Name: Ungol Gobblegob, or Ungol the Goblin

Species: Goblin

Age: 100 (That is in Goblin Years however)

Occupation: Wizard and Storyteller, occationally I'm a Pirate, Privateer, or Adventurer.

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Roleplaying, Magic, Magic the Gathering, Minecraft, Reading, Being a complete Nerd, doing Goblin things, Dungeons and Dragons and Furry Pirates.

I love almost all mammals and most other animals (except for shrikes which are just horrible, horrible birds) but I hate ratters regardless of species, rats are my favorite animal.

Information about my Kung Fu Panda OC Chin

Do Chin is a rat bandit and pirate who works both on land and at sea. He is highly intelligent, but his ingenius plans are usually ruined by the incompetence of his gang. Chin is a schemer and is constantly hatching new plots and ideas. He has a vast arsenal of weapons he carries with him, and although physically weak and cowardly, he should never be under estimated, nothing fights fiercer than a cornered rat.

Chin has finely honed the natural intelligence, dexterity, and adapatbility of his species much to his benefit. He would be a more formiddable foe if it wasnt for his lack of physical strength, terrible luck, and idiotic henchmen.

Chin's back story:

Chin was born in the Wing Cho province, his father was a ship rat who may or may not have been involved with the Black Moon Scavenger clan, his mother was a swamp rat. After his father tried to eat him and his siblings (Which isnt unheard of in rats) their mother fled and brought them to her home, a swamp near the coast.

At the swamp their mother had them help her with her smuggling buisness. One day when Chin was really young he was kidnapped (Or possibly sold by his mother) by some pirates. Chin learned much aboard their ship. Chin sailed aboard many different vessels in his early life. For sixteen years of his life he had sailed the seas as a pirate, but when the ship crashed and the crew captured, Chin fled from and joined up with some land rats and began plotting his rise to power.

While on land Chin lost his right eye, he does not like talking about how it happened and it remains a mystery.

Here is Information about another one of my characters, Bai-Ling:

Bai-Ling is a White Fishing bat who joined Chin's gang. She is loyal to Chin, and very timid. Bai-Ling considers Chin her best friend (Even if he doesnt think of her as anything more then a clever bat) Bai-Ling is very smart, almost as smart as Chin is, Chin himself stated that if he were to die Bai-Ling would be in charge of his gang. Chin mostly keeps Bai-Ling around because, as a bat, she brings good luck.

Bai-Ling was born and raised in a small house near the coast. She lived there with her mother and her sisters. She had no social life and often stayed inside reading or listening to the stories her mother told. when her mother died her sisters left, leaving Bai-Ling alone. Using her wit, Bai-Ling fooled any would be robbers into thinking she was a ghost, thus scaring them out of her house. Then one day Chin and his gang came along. After discovering Bai-Ling Chin encorperated her into his gang where she's held a prominent place in ever since.

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