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Author has written 2 stories for Doctor Who, and Rio.

Hey its me the red bishop if my penname updated but any way I would like to say my name is the name of an acual bird NOT a bishop thats red.

Ok first off I want to thank you for spending the time to look at my Profile have fun because you might not understand whats going on or maybe you will I don't care.

Ok so I've hurt my arm playing hockey so I won't be updateing soon. :(

Well I must admit I am NOT the best writer I do have lots of mistakes in any of my stories so yeah I really do not have time to update this sumer has been really busy for me. :( so it might be months before I van get a new update on my stories or even corrections. yeah now I think the only reasons I'm still trying to update is because of my sister. So yeah shout out to her for keeping me going without her I wouldn't have any stories at all.

Ok so Im not going to tell you where I am because I don't want stalkers so ill just tell u the country (real specific huh)

also Im really not a good writer but comments telling me how to make my story better would be apreciated

Yeah so anyways here is some stuff about me.->->

My favorite things are:

The movie Rio,


Birds, becuase they are sooo adorible, to me at least :P

and last but not least WATER :D

I would hope everyone likes that as well.

... :D

as you may see I like makeing randome faces.

Im a young ornithologist who loves to look at birds and their how the behave. If you don't know what ornithologist means it means a zoologist who studies birds. lol you can look it up I dont need to tell you but I did anyway. I love to Draw.

I'm a Male if you really care.

Location: A house

country : United States

State: NM

I where glasses (@-@) it sort of looked like glasses if you look hard. Yeah so...

I play Hockey, Track, Cross Country, and Basket ball

so any ways Ive writen two stories; the characters discription is to how they are before my story so dont get mad if it's not like the movie

1: Novo Amigos

Chapters = 6

Its about how Nico and Pedro became friends, but first they must get rid of Nico's old friend who is trying to kill them.


Nico, a fun, active canary who loves to sing and hang out.

Pedro, A very less active Red Crested Cardinal who loves to go to the club and party. He ends up helping Nico and also gets a bounty on is head by Roberto.

Roberto, One of Nico's old friends beause of something Nico said he now has put a bounty on his head and plans on killing Nico.

Tuvio, A small green bird who met Nico and Pedro and is trying his best to try and not get them and himself killed by the evil hands of Roberto. He keeps trying to help but alwas get hurt of captured in the process.

The Black Five, so basically they are a group of crows who have mastered the art of killing they are hired to work with Roberto on killing Nico. Mostly in it for the money.

Roberto's gang, Its a group of about 7 seagulls who agreed on helping Roberto. Only in it for the Money as well

Spoon Billed Flamingo, Part of the resistence of stopping Robberto's evil plans has only about two lines is story more of a minor. Gats hurt during Rebelion Barley survives it.

Rafael, a fun loving Toucan who is always there to help his friends. In story is one of the bird doctors that helps out

Eva, Rafael's wife who is a little bosy she mostly take cares of their ten kids.

Ramon, The manager of the club who helps Roberto because of a dept he ows him, he soon goes on Nico's side and helps to put an end to Roberto.

Extras, the other birds that are not main characters they may have some few lines depending on whats going on. Most Extras are part of the Resistance or guests at the samba club.

2: Dr. Hoot

Chapters = 2


Dr. Hoot, the reincarnation of the doctor, he is now a burrowing owl. He mmets up with Jewel and Blu and takes them on a wild adventure.

Jewel, she is an active macaw who is very free spirited

Blu, A nerdy macaw who keeps thining tha his adventures with the doctor are fake because most of them breack the laws of physics. He better not go all nerdy.

Its about a mix between a television series called Dr. Who and Rio.

A bird shows up at Jewel's house when she was younger and now with Blu Dr. Who is taking them on an adventure thruogh time and space. which Blu is feacking out because his time machine is bigger on the inside. wonder when he gonna realize thats not the biggest thing to worrie about how about the fact that your time traviling!!

Ok so my newer story Dark Past its one of my stories that I decided to re-write. It has one chapter but im not clos to finishing it hopefully it will turn out to be a better story..

by the way... look down vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

well so I hurt myslef so now I wont be able to update soon so yeah I'm only able to type with one hand :P

Hey if you like any of my stories you should leave a review if you find some error with the story I would be very greatful if you pointed it out so I can fix it for other veiwers. :)> He has a gotee lol


(0,0) Its an owl!!!!

(O-o) now its a randome face

(-.-) Its a cute little face

;) winkie face

:) and the one that dousn't take that much time to type The Smily Face

@_@ and I have no Idea what this face means mabye surprised or something like that

):) Its a evil smilely face, Muhahaha...

Oh yeah by the way Brazil is one my favorite country and America Because I live there. :P

I'm also trying to learn Portuguese, spanish, and also because of my sibling I am also learning Germen because she/he forces me too :O because she always specking new germen words well then I guess ill know four languages by the end of the next 5 years or so. Maybe

OMG lots to do this summer gwahhh...

mght not update that much.

:D yay so any way if you have any questions i might answer them.

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I would like to give a shout out to some of My favorite authors

- Kraft58


- Rapture at sea

- Corration

- EmmerzK

And here are some people that I love there story


also I would like to give a shout out to,

-The Almighty Pyro

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