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Information: Hi, welcome to my profile ;). I'm Loomena and I write - or will write - stories for Blue Dragon and The World Ends With You :). If you have any questions, requests or ideas, send me a PM - I'm going to reply as soon as I can ;).

News: 10-29-12: I changed my avatar picture - it's an edit of Joshua done by me xD Apart from that... I have holidays and stupid assignments, of course, too Dx School's always finding a way to spoil things xD And soon, it's halloween :)

Avatar: Shows Joshua, as ALWAYS xD It's an edit of Joshua done by me...; Hope you like it.


- The Ramen Don: A Forum for all TWEWY fans :). Why not talk a bit while waiting for your noodles? ;) And since this Forum is still pretty new, don't even think of calling the noodles old-fashioned, 'kay? ;) I mean, a freaking PRINCE (not a real one, but you get the idea) f'd them to high heaven! ;)

FanFiction.net Family:Ok, so one of my friends suggested to make a FFN Family :). A FFN Family is very similiar to a friends list, the difference being that I label my friends as family members ;). I will simply call my friends either Brothers or Sisters xD. They are in no particular order :).


- Inita: Inita... Where shall I start? xD Ok, first of all, she's an amazing writer :) That's how we met - I started to review one of her fanfics, and soon after, I made an account here ;). And she also helped me with my fanfics - a lot, and I'm pretty thankful for all the critiques she gave me :). But of course, writing isn't the reason for us being friends; it's the fact that she's a great friend ;). She always listens to my problems (and I can really talk to her about everything ;)) and helps me as good as she can - and that IS good, because her advice is pretty useful ;). And I really look up to her - to her independience, maturity and her writing, of course :). Besides, when we chat, we often roleplay as Joshua and Neku (I'm Joshua, she's Neku), and this is just hilarious xD Although even without that, she's got a lot of humor and often makes me laugh like crazy ;). Also, whenever I see she responded to one of my PMs, it always brightens my day :). And last, but not least, she was the one who suggested I should watch TWEWY walkthroughs, and I can't begin to express how thankful I am for that *.*. Still, that's just one of her earnings - there are too many to list ;). Let's just say I value our friendship a lot ;).

- XxZolaxX: Arielle is a really close friend to me :) She's got a lot of humor, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot xD Her randomness is just incredibly funny, and she's the one who made me an unicorn - literally. The rainbow-eating kind ;). I'll never regret sending her - after laughing my head off while reading her profile - a PM which commented on said profile ;). Recently, we noticed that we've been talking about one year now :). We talk about lots of things, really - especially about obessions (currently Kung Fu Panda ;)) ;). I really trust her, and I hope I can also be a help to her ;). Also, I like her fanfics, and we often discuss ideas for later fanfics together...;) Seriously, this tells it all: she was the one who made me an unicorn - the rainbow-eating kind! xxD

- AxelXIII07: Ok, we've sadly not been talking much lately - but I still consider her a friend :). If I had to use only one word to describe her, I'd say: cool ;) She's a really strong person, and she strikes me as someone very loyal, too :) Besides, she's not afraid to say what she thinks, and I really hope that we can talk more from now on :).

- Yamadori: Even if we haven't talked much yet, she was always nice and kind to me and helped me with a few fanfics :). She also seems pretty mature, and is a very good writer ;). Even if she often doesn't have much time, it's nice to talk to her every once in a while - and read her fanfics, of course ;).


- wingzero95: Jarret is a pretty good friend of mine; we talk daily, and it's always funny ;). Besides, this guy has a serious obessions with cars - if I ever had to fix a car, I'd definitely ask him for advice xD We often roleplay (which is pretty hilarious ;)), and he often tells me about the fanfics he has in mind and about his OCs - he's bursting with ideas, no kidding xD. We talk about lots of other stuff, of course, too - we really jump from one topic to the next ;) Really, I'm glad we met over at the Blue Dragon Archive :).

Favorite fandoms: I'll list my favorite fandoms and my favorites characters below; don't read the descriptions if you haven't finish watching/playing the series/games, because there might be some *SPOILERS* (so, I think that was a big enough warning).

Favorite Game

THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU: A good friend of me made me watch this game's walkthrough; and I'm really thankful for that. It's an awesome game, and even if it's actually more serious, it's full with funny scenes. The characters are adorable and not 'typical' characters; they are all unique. That's because they aren't some Marie Sue's and actually have flaws, what makes them look pretty human in my eyes; and they also change during the game, especially Neku. Lots of the remarks in this game are pretty cool; even the name (the message) of the game is rememberable. The pairings/friendships are also epic and particularly hilarious, for example Joshua and Neku.

Favorite Characters

1. YOSHIYA KIRYU (JOSHUA): He is definitely my favorite person out of every game i ever played/watched; call me obsessed with him, and I will agree, really. After the first shock that Shiki was gone, he immediately won me over. I just love his cynical, arrogant attitude and his impressive intelligence; being somebody whose actions may speak an entire different language than what he actually says, he is definitely a person full of contrasts, therefore mysterious and fascinating. He never takes anything seriously and his sarcastic remarks underlining this feature are just adorable. But he is also an arrogant little snob; although that only makes Joshua look more shady and obscure. And he smirks his 'wolf grin' (only one corner of his mouth lifts) about 24/7; even if the situation gets pretty uncomfortable, he still makes some witty comments and annoys his partners as much as his enemies - although concerning Josh, there seems to be little difference between these two groups. Honestly, Josh makes provocation an art; he never wastes an opportunity to make fun of the world in general and Neku in special. Besides, Joshua's remarks are always witty, cunning and in every case rememberable; he seems to be superior in every situation and absolutely nothing seems to throw him. Furthermore, he's also very intelligent; a genius even, and one of the insane sort at that. Also, he is not a guy that shows his true emotions or his good sides. Which doesn't necessarily means he doesn't have them, but they are hidden very well and he would never have a sudden breakdown and tell someone about what he really thinks and feels; ok, maybe someone he really likes (Neku), but even then not without teasing himself, so that nobody would realize how serious he is (or that he is serious at all). All in all, he's a very fascinating and captivating character; not just a typical black-or-white character.

2. NEKU SAKURABA: The anti-social protagonist definitely manages to come second - along with his friend and partner Shiki. First of all, Neku is not the typical hero-guy who permanently wants to save the world, is a cheerful and stubborn - and only for not being such a cliché, I'd already love him. Due to certain events in his past, he is as closed-off as a shell, trying to shut the world out with his famous headphones (therefor his nickname 'Phones'). In the beginning, he also claims he doesn't get people, never did and never will, and that dealing with them would only hold him back. He's a pretty depressed loner, but when he meets Shiki and is basically 'forced' to deal with her, he slowly starts to open up a bit. But not in the way that he completely changes into a cheerful, typical hero-guy; he still manages to stay himself. That's one of the reasons why Neku's character development really is great and doesn't seem forced at all.

2. SHIKI MISAKI: The talented seamstress, is, along with Neku, on the second place. Shiki is a really interesting character, too; since she is a very unconfident person and claims to hate herself during week one, she tries her best to act all bubbly and cheerful, although the real Shiki - that shines through during the end of the week - is actually more serious, delicate and sensitive. Still, Shiki is always willing to help others - seeing how she stops by several times to help for example 777 - and pretty determined. But under her permanently happy attitude, she hides her envy of her best friend Eri; a treat that makes her pretty seem pretty human, since we are not free from negative emotions, either. All in all, Shiki is just a helpful, sensitive and actually pretty desperate girl; and i can relate to her in some ways.

3. RAIMU BITO (RHYME): She strikes me as a pretty wise and intelligent girl, especially considering her young age. She is selfless (when she sacrifices herself for Beat) and she cares a lot for others. But actually, she is nearly a bit too perfect; but that is maybe because she does not appear very much in the game. Nonetheless, I like her understanding nature and her great knowledge of sayings.

3. SANAE HANEKOMA: Mr. H. is a pretty obscure man, but he's very cool! And of course, he's pretty intelligent and wise. He's also pretty funny, especially when he calls Neku 'Phones' all the time. Besides, he really helps broadening Neku's horizon and I guess without him, Neku would have hardly changed so much. Furthermore, he really never looses his cool, and he's all in all pretty interesting.

4. DAISUKENOJO BITO (BEAT): As one of my friends once pointed out pretty aptly, he reminds one of a big teddy-bear. Although he may seem a bit harsh and stubborn at first, he actually has a heart of gold. But to be honest, he's not a really interesting character in my eyes, because he is pretty predictable and not very intelligent (to put it nicely). Still, especially that he is not so sharp makes him look pretty funny sometimes, and at least he is able to admit that he's not the brightest and doesn't claim he is (unlike other cliché idiots (so he isn't one, and I wouldn't call him an idiot, too)). In the end, he's a loyal and underneath nice person, but I personally don't find him very interesting.

5. SHO MINAMIMOTO: Seriously, Sho is pretty funny and so random that he is always good for a laugh. Since the whole game is about the power of Imagination, he is a proof for the saying: there's a thin line between genius and insanity. I agree that his talks about Maths are pretty annoying sometimes, but because of that he seems so abnormal that it makes him very interesting again. Talking about quotes, I like his very much, too. Besides, Sho zetta knows how to heat up a game!

Favorite relationships (friendship, triangles, pairings)

1. NEKU AND JOSHUA: I like them as both a pairing (although one-side, which somehow makes it even better in my eyes) and as friends; but I suppose a relationship could hardly be possible, because Neku is obviously in love with Shiki. But I suspect Joshua of being bisexual - and loving Neku, although due to the fact that Josh never reveals his true feelings and covers everything he says with teasing, it's difficult to tell. Then again, even if the love might be one-side (from Josh, if even that), or simply platonic, it doesn't stop me from favoring them as both a couple and 'just friends'. Why? Because I seriously love their interaction during the game! Josh really takes every opportunity to annoy Neku, and he provokes him to his breaking point; I've never seen a game in which the main person (Neku) must suppress the need to kill his partner in many cruel ways so often, and in which this partner (or enemy?) really does his very best to get out the main character's worst. Also, the mind games he plays with Neku are just amazing - really, Josh doesn't only make provocation but manipulation an art. With all their permanent teasing, they still have a real chemistry, and are not like so many friends/partners/enemies the complete opposite of each other - if anything, especially their similarities seem to cause much of their arguments. They are both rather cold and closed-off, although Joshua's coldness rather shows in his snappy, numerous comments, his permanent teasing and his provocative manner - even if the latter includes calling Neku pet names - while that of Neku shows in him refusing to talk to people or even take notice of them. Their talks have a special depth, and although most of them are pretty manipulated by Joshua, Joshua still sets the right tone to get things across to Neku - because he actually agrees with him, Neku starts to think things through and changes. Not as much as with Shiki though, but that's another story and should be told another time. Anyway, those two together make me laugh like crazy and they have in my eyes just the most interesting and captivating relationship in this game (in all games, seriously).

2. NEKU AND SHIKI: As much as I love Neku and Josh, they don't really work out as a couple; no, the 'dream couple' in the world ends with you is definitely Neku and Shiki. In the beginning, despite Neku's cold attitude, Shiki tries her best to bring him out of his shell and determined on helping others, she doesn't give up on that for the rest of the week (nearly). There's a lot of chemistry in this couple, too; not exactly as much as with Joshua and Neku, but that isn't very bad in this case, because they are still not so different that they wouldn't be able to profit from each other's presence. They are both rather calm (the real Shiki is it, too) and they are willing to help each other; and to forgive each other, which was shown when Neku tried to kill Shiki and she still would forgive him. As for them helping each other: without being forced to work together, the two of them might have never talked, and they both wouldn't have learnt things from each other; for example, when Neku cheers Shiki up with telling her that being jealous isn't just a pathetic emotion but a choice to outgrow, and when Shiki tells Neku of the value of friendship. In the end, it's a win-win situation for both of them; they are different, but not too different to get along, and their relationship broadens the horizon of both - after all, the world not only ends with them, but it begins with them, too.

3. NEKU AND SHIKI AND JOSHUA: First of all: I'm aware of the fact that those three don't really interact (both Shiki and Joshua interact with Neku, but Joshua and Shiki don't), but in my head, i imagine Shiki and Joshua fighting over Neku - 'fighting' in a pretty hilarious way. Shiki would be - more or less sadly - be, along with Neku, mocked by Joshua all the time, but I suppose that he (Joshua) would be a bit jealous (deep down). And Shiki would probably try to be nice to Joshua at first, but she would soon be pretty... scared of him, so Neku would get the feeling he has to defend her, and Joshua would use that for even more teasing. As I mentioned, that would be simply hilarious, but with a serious side to it, as in Joshua's jealousity (even if he wasn't in love with Neku, simply jealous that Neku isn't only his possession, or something) and Shiki's sadness about how she is treated; and how Neku wouldn't - couldn't - do much about it.

Survey: May include *SPOILERS* Sorry about that..xD

1. Who’s your favorite character, and why? JOSHUA! *.* Of course, Joshua's pretty snobby and sometimes very arrogant, but that makes him look quite superior, and no matter what the situation is, it just seems to leave him cold (ok, he's the Composer, but still ;)); and he always has a witty comment to annoy his enemies and friends - although there seems to be few difference between these groups, at least concerning Joshua. His sarcasm and his numerous innuendos, especially those on Neku's mental abilities or on spending some quality time with him, are pretty funny, too ;). Besides that, Joshua is really intelligent, has a great knowledge, and is also quite a poet and philosopher xD. But then again, he seems pretty reserved sometimes, and despite making all these innuendos, he has something that makes him look pretty aloof . However, even if he may look feminine and somewhat weak, he must be pretty ice-cold, for example when he shoots Neku (whom I believe to be his only friend at this time) with a smirk, even after seeing that his friend was obviously not going to shoot him. Then again, that was probably just Joshua's way of making sure that there's at least one person who puts him above all Shibuya, since not even Mr. H did that... But Neku did xD. Speaking of it, his relationship with Neku is just adorably funny ;) (not in the end of the game ;). Nonetheless, I suppose he's (deep down) pretty serious and very lonely :/. And he's adorable ;)

2. Who’s you least favorite character and why? This pudding-guy! He's annoying, spineless and BORING.

3. Favorite Reaper? Kariya of course, because he's cool, and he is always so relaxed ;) I like how he hates working up a sweat xD In contrast to Joshua though, I think he actually is like that, while for Josh, I doubt he shows much (or any) honest feelings ;)

4. What’s your TWEWY OOC? ... Usually, I try to write them as they really appear to be me and keep them in character, but oh well... I guess it's Joshua being friendly to Neku, and saying one nice thing without teasing...(a bit like in Dream Drop Distance) But I doubt this could happen (expect when he gives out information, but even then, he seems... mocking almost) xD And it's actually part of his charm that he makes fun of anyone and anything...xD I'm not even all that sure if I really wanted that...o.O

5. Any OTP's? I love the triangle Neku/Shiki/Joshua, but if I have to be honest, Joshua doesn't have much of a chance because Neku's hetero (in my eyes)... So, I guess the dream couple in TWEWY is definitely Shiki/Neku :)

6. What surprised you in the game? A lot of things, beginning with the game being more about the meaning of enjoying life and not only about the power of friendship xD And that Joshua turned out to be the Composer, but that made him somehow even greater in my eyes :)

7. Any TWEWY pet-peeves? YES! That there's not already a sequel!!! :O *curses* Sorry you had to hear that :/ Besides, it was too short! :/ I wish it would've been longer, especially the second week, because I adored every moment*.*

8. What did you lol at in the game? Mostly Joshua teasing Neku, Neku's dry humor, and Shiki's seriousness and how she 'stalks' Neku... but also Beat when he didn't get that someone was making fun of him, lol xD You saw that..?

9. Do you like TWEWY's art concept? Heck, yeah! *.* The art style is cool, and the characters look so. CUTE!*.*

10. Do you have a favorite quote from the game? Basically every moment of Joshua teasing Neku, but also some sweet moments with Shiki... And the parts of Joshua and Neku discussing their view on the world (especially Joshua's parts, sorry Neku...) But Neku's dry humor, especially the things he thinks! xD I'm too lazy to write them down... xD I'm quoting them sometimes xD

11. Favorite pairing(s)? Joshua and Neku as friends at least (they are just the most hilarious friendship pairing ever! xD), then Shiki and Neku, and as a hetero couple for Josh, Eri and Joshua xD someone brought me into them, hmm? ;)

12. Least favorite pairing(s)? ... Do crack pairings count..? (not that I hate all of them, but I dislike some) If so, Shiki and Beat, definitely; I just can't see them being a couple, because they just don't fit, in my eyes, that is... They can be friends, but a couple? O_O That's like eating salty crisps mixed with strawberries... O_O

13. Favorite Partner? JOSHUA, of course ;D He's so cute and hilarious, and still pretty ice-cold ;) And very intelligent *.*

14. Do you believe that Joshua is gay? Bi, not gay xD But I think he's not one for romantically falling in love, more for a "a little fun" xD Still, I think he's got a thing for Neku ;) He seems pretty fond of him ;)

15. Would you like Squeenix to make a sequel? I'd literally die for it xD

16. Who would you like to meet from TWEWY? JOSHUA!*.* I suppose he'd be fun to be around, and he's so intelligent and such a poet, and cute as hell ;) and Rhyme and Shiki, because I'd get along with them quite well, I think; Neku and Beat are cool, too, of course ;)

17. Have you cosplayed as a TWEWY character? Nope xD If I did though, I'd cosplay as Rhyme... Because I like her "style" xD And I sort of have her colors, although the point of cosplaying is more the change, isn't it? Dx

18. What was a "omg! wtf" moment for you when playing TWEWY? When Joshua pretended to die for Neku! :( I nearly died, too ;( But I was so glad when he turned out to be the villain of this whole incident.. xD

19. What would you like to see the characters dance to? Um... Dunno? I can't imagine Beat or Neku DANCING... ;)ok, maybe Beat in a Disco, but NEKU? (but it'd be funny as hell when he was forced :D) O_O and I think Rhyme's not one for dancing, too xD Anyway, I don't think I'd like to see them all dance, just a few and the other staying around with pis*ed off expresssions.. xD I'd love to see Joshua force Neku to dance, while everyone watched :P xD (josh: I hate to remind you of the actual question, but you still haven't mentioned the music's title) ... That's because I honestly have no idea xD Maybe something.. classial, maybe something for a disco, both is just fine :P

20. Which would you be: Reaper or Player? ... Player of course? I'd do almost anything to get out of the game, but I wouldn't want to live just because I kill others permanently - of course, the Players kill the Reapers, too, but.. They don't do it to survive, or have fun while doing this... Besides, you first have to be a Player before becoming a Reaper, no?

21. What’s your favorite TWEWY fanfiction? My favorite fanfiction for TWEWY is definitely Fragements of a Dream ;) It's very well-written, the characters seem perfectly in character and Joshua has a big role ;) With Neku, and I adore those two together to the breaking point ;D Anyway, when you read this, Inita, give yourself a hand ;) (again, quoting Joshua, just without being sarcastic xD) and of course, if you want to read some short but very great drabbles, check out the fanfic "Threading into the Heart" (by Inita, too :)) ;) The character's emotions are captured more than just good in this, too ;)

22. Any relatives know about TWEWY? My whole family (parents and sisters), since I'm annoying them with pictures from Josh (and the others), talking about Josh (and the others), and quoting several TWEWY characters, especially Josh ;P I'm obsessed with TWEWY (and Josh), really.

23. Do you have an OC for TWEWY, if so please give some info on he/she. ... To be honest, I don't like OCs; if I love a fandom, I want to see the original characters, and not some OCs. Besides, the mostly end up being melodramatic Mary Sues... No offense. Some might be good, but if they appear too much, it gets more than annoying. So, I'd use OCs just very seldom and give them minor roles xD and a reason to exist, other than replacing one of the main characters ;.

24. Do you believe that Sho should be Composer? ... And turn Shibuya into a factoring Math's Wonderland? I mean, sure, any other insane wishes? O_O

25. If they came out with a TWEWY anime, would you watch it? Sure, but when I see that the changed all the characters into fanservice ones, I'd stop. Because there's no point in watching my favorite characters without them BEING my favorite characters in the first place...;(

26. Would you like to know how Joshua became the Composer, How Mr.H became the became the Producer, why Joshua chose Neku as his Proxy, and who was the previous Composer? Yes, and I also have my own theories ;) But I'd just love to see others (broaden my horizon :P) I'd adore to know more about Joshua! *.*

27. What is it about TWEWY that makes the game sooo fun? ... First, this "sooo" sounds like irony ;) And then, TWEWY is just an awesome game with unique characters (and Joshua) and with a great meaning :)

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