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Well I'm no one special. Just your typical anime obsessed drawing individual with the screenname TheDemonswordsMan. Aside from story-writing I often enjoy drawing ( specifically anime), reading, playing Role-Play-Games and chatting with my friends. Currently 16 I am proceeding on making my fist fanfiction Fushigi Yugi:Star Essence
which I already have done the remake, so it is now titled as Fushigi Yugi: The Star Essence. I am considering a possibly writing a NightWalker fanfiction aswell...

The Star Essence took me a while to finish editing it and finally getting the format right so the italics and features show. Second chapter is being created and typed right now and possibly I will launch a small mini site for my fanfiction. Mainly just to display soem pictures related to the story and other ittle bonus features. Maybe even outtakes! ^_^

Ok, well, it's been over two weeks and sadly I have not finished my second chapter. I'm still typing out the good-rough copy, and after that I will be editing it. It's abit undetermined when I will be getting my second chapter up, but please have patience and bare with me, I promise it will be a nice long one.Hopefully I'll have my site up by the time I have the second chapter up and around.

Oh yes, you can now veiw my fanfiction's full summary's here in my bio. Well, next time I update that is ^_^;

Alright! Remake is up! The only one with changes to be considered is my prologue, Forsaken Night. Many various things were added and taken out. Please read it and leave a review ^_^ ( Chapter one has some small changes)

In two weeks from now chapter two might possibly be done! Check back in my bio two weeks from now for more updates to inform you when the next chapter will arrive.

Thank you everyone!

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