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January 1, 2007

If you would like to be kept up to date with my Harry Potter fanfiction, you can e-mail me at and let me know. I'm willing to dispense advice if you want it or just talk--I like to talk.

Pick your poison...

Lust...or Love?:
The infamous story...come read and see what the stupid was about. This is a fourth post on the site at which I now permanently archive my stories. The following plot sounds contrived and perhaps it is, but I swear to you that this is a good story: Lily Evans is dating a Malfoy, and in her utter stupidity she manages to tell him that she a) is quite experienced and b) lost her virginity to James Potter. The only problem with that is she's a virgin and she has no idea what's she doing. So who does she go to--one James Godric Potter, of course. Thus emerges an intense relationship of passion and lust that eventaully leads two people down the path to love, heartbreak, and finally ends at the beginning of the road to healing.

James: Lust...or Love?:
I always promised this, but I never delivered. Now--I finally will. This will be a five part story arranged as a slighty-warped Aristotelian Tragedy. Each of the five parts will cover a set of chapters from Lust...or Love? until the whole general plot has been shown from James's eyes. Part I: Exposition, Chapters 1-10. Part II: The Rise, Chapters 11-17. Part III: Peripetia, Chapter 18. Part IV: The Fall, Chapters 19-26. Part V: Catharsis, Chapters 27-30.
Work in Progress.

Solid Gold:
Harry reflects on the coming new year. Angst. One-Shot.

Silences Between Leaves:
A new story that takes place from July 1977 to July 1978. James and Lily begin a friendship of sorts at the beginning of the summer that develops into more by summer's end--yet why did Lily change her mind about James in the first place. When he finds out the reason and overreacts, how do they move past it and put their ugly argument behind them during the school year? How do they manage, later in the year, to keep secrets from their friends? Most importantly: who is the real culprit in this story--Lily...or James? A story all about two people who, over the course of a year, learn that one can't have a mature and serious relationship without being able to stand on one's own feet and fuction alone. These characters act like teenagers--real teenagers. This is gritty and real and it shows what we all know--love can never be wholly pure and pretty.
Work in Progress, regularly updated.

The Interludes:
A series of interludes examining secondary and primary characters in Silences Between Leaves. Each interlude has a theme--each character has a chapter of about three single-spaced pages devoted to them. These are interludes about original characters and canon characters. Each interlude deals with a time span of three chapters in Silences Between Leaves.
Frustration (1-3): Marigold Evans, Becky Denby, Peter Pettigrew

Guilt (4-6): Miriam Holt, Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin.
Coming at a later date.
Nostalgia (7-9): Chandler Potter, Bellatrix Black, Severus Snape.
Coming at a later date.
Envy (10-12): Sarah Mercer, Reed Evans, Sirius Black.
Coming at a later date.
Resentment (13-15): Marlene McKinnon, Regulus Black, Petunia Evans.
Coming at a later date.

You Can't Hurry Love: My epic. Spans Seventh Year to death for James and Lily. The writing is terrible in the beginning and I've been poking fun at myself regularly as I repost. I'm not editing it--the story shows a lot of growth. Read the first chapter of this and then the first chapter of Silences Between Leaves and you'll see what I mean by growth. There are glaring plot hole and inconsistencies, but the writing gets better and the last five or six chapters and written in much better style than previous ones. This story is not finished, but I intend to finish it by late February 2007. There are two chapters and one EXCELLENT epilogue left to write--as of now, I'm posting every other day. It's a fun experience to see how crappy I was three or so years ago.
Work in Progress.

Sabia and Clark: Before Lust...or Love?: A story about James's parents before Lust...or Love?See how they become what they are in Lust...or Love? This story focuses on several defining moments in Sabia and Clark's eyes--read this AFTER Lust...or Love? or you will see spoilers for that story in here. Three chapters out of four posted--Sabia and Clark's initial romance, their enagement, New Years 1959 and their motivation for fixating on the Malfoys. To come is the final chapter, in which one sees Sabia's forgiveness, Sabia and Clark's conflict, Sabia and Clark's deaths and, thrown in there, a view of James and Lily years after the end of Lust...or Love. This will be finished in early January 2007.
Work in Progress

When They Were Here: A short, sweet one-shot about Lily and James and, subsequently, Harry and Ginny. Ginny reads the writing on the wall.

Summer Weddings And Teenage Hormones by Failte reviews
As friends and family gather for a summer wedding, couples come together and hormones run amuck. Major HBP spoilers. Various couples.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 7 - Words: 28,586 - Reviews: 150 - Favs: 85 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 10/17/2005 - Published: 8/28/2005 - Ginny W., Harry P. - Complete
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