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I love fanfiction a lot but how unfortunate I'm no writter or as genius as you people, so I prefer reading your stories to create my own. Thanks to all of you providing such high quality stories to all of us. I visit this site almost everyday since I've a lot of stories to read. I play video games a lot, my favourites are: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dynasty Warriors, Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Biohazard/Resident Evil and more...

Favourite Male Characters:

Dante Sparda & Vergil Sparda (DMC series) - Nobody, I mean, NOBODY can resist their charms.

Sephiroth (FF VII) - I admit myself that silver hair colour does magic on me.

Reno (FF VII) - He gives me impressions of FIRE and PASSION.

Leon/Squall Leonhart (FF VIII) - OK, quiet and handsome guy always dominate.

Snake (MGS series) - ULTRA COOL~~~

Billy Cohen (Bio 0/ RE 0) - This guy is absolutely attractive...way better than Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy.

Riku (KH) - Other than the silver hair colour thing, I find this guy is pretty similar to Sephiroth...a mini-Sephiroth I would say.

Favourite Female Characters:

Lady (DMC 3) - Cute and energetic, strong and independent. Typical a modern women sample.

Ada Wong (Bio2,4/ RE2,4) - She is an interesting character, people either like or hate her the most. She's no good girl but I don't think she's a bad girl either. She's seductive and mysterious, and has a Bond girl image. Not every gamer can accept this kind of woman. However, people do accept Bond girl in movies...strange!

Rebecca Chambers (Bio 0/ RE 0) - Cute little girl who's a medic in the game. Obviously inexperience when dealing with zombies, and her never-give-up attitude makes you feel warm.

Yuffie Kisaragi (FF VII) - Very cutie, over-energetic, optimistic and has a simple mind. Hard to find this type of girl as your best friend.

Tifa Lockheart (FF VII) - She can be your sister, caring and mature, strong and determine. A special girl.

Favourite Pairings:

Vergil or Dante x Lady (DMC3)

Leon x Ada (Bio2,4/ RE2,4)

Billy x Rebecca (Bio0/ RE0)

Weskerx Ada (Bio4/ RE4)

Sephiroth x Yuffie or Tifa (FF VII)

Leon/Squall x Yuffie (KH)

Reno x Yuffie or Elena(FF VII)

Vincent x Tifa or Yuffie (FF VII)

Least favourite characters:

All female characters in Dead of Alive. This game is too sexist, I don't like it at all.

Aries Gainsborough (FF VII) - Except the look, I don't see any good from her. Plus she is too girly, I can't tolerate to have such useless character in my team. AND thank goodness that Sephiroth kills her. Mind you, she's a whiny!

Rinoa Heartilly(FF VIII) -I think Leon/Squall deserves someone better, someone who's more energetic rather than this idiotic girl.

Ashley Graham (Bio4/ RE4) - Another annoying whiny! This one is SUPER! She's worthless and functionless in the game. If I were Leon, I would prefer taking a task on something else. Dealing with zombies is much more better than save Ashley. I can't tolerate her scream...just makes you headache.

Rosemary (MGS2) - Annoying woman...her call is a disturbance.

Least favorite pairings:

Leon/Squall x Rinoa (FF VIII)

Leon x Claire (Bio2/ RE2)

Leon x Ashley (Bio4/ RE4)

Aries x Anyone (FF VII, KH)

All slash pairings

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