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It's time to update this. Again. It took me long enough.

Go read my story, "If I Were a Herald." You don't actually have to have read anything Mercedes Lackey to understand it.

I am a seventeen-year-old girl, who has, hopefully, grown out of her annoying childishness, though I will always be a kid at heart. I was born on Friday, May 13, 1988. I have a driver's license and will hopefully be getting a car in a year. Make that two years; my sister has the car at the moment and isn't going to give it up until she graduates. I love PotC, LotR, and Harry Potter, in that order. I also like The Belgariad and The Malloreon. My favorite movie (and the wonder is that I actually have one) is Pirates of the Caribbean. On Friday, August 13th, 2004, I watched PotC for the 13th time. 17th time was on Friday, May 13, 2005. I've watched it 19 times now. Don't feel like looking up when exactly the 19th time was, since it doesn't really matter.

I like country music. Toby Keith is my favorite singer. My favorite song, as of May 13, 2004, is his "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue." My favorite song used to be my "Death and His Shadow." There's no music to it as of yet. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, I write songs. I now have the song "Death and His Shadow" on my computer, along with several other songs I wrote. Still no music to them; I sang thema capella (sp?). As of February of 2005, my favorite song is Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now." My second-favorite is Alan Jackson's "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)." "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" is my third-favorite song. That's what I get for listening to it umpteen times in a row after getting it for Christmas.

I am now boy-crazy, but this is my list of really awesome guys, either extremely hot or extremely cool or both.
Legolas (LotR)
Silk(Belgariad and Malloreon), man he's awesome
Althalus (The Redemption of Althalus), basically a reincarnation of Silk, but better-looking
Tobias (Animorphs) but only kinda
Marco (Animorphs), maybe
Skif (Take a Thief), very much like Silk
Captain Jack Sparrow (PotC), personality a mixture of all the best parts of Silk, Althalus, and Yarblek
William Turner (PotC), even though he's already taken
Dorian Gray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen); he looks freakishly like Johnny Depp, except he's handsome
Rafik (Acorna); he reminds me very strongly of Silk
Orlando Bloom (actor); Wow I actually have a crush on an actor. I think I'm turning into a normal teenager. Yesterday I even went to the store and bought two CDs. That may be because my parents got me a CD player for my birthday, though. So now I can actually listen to the CDs.
Colonel/General Jack O'Neill (Stargate SG-1): he has grey hair, but he's hot. And funny. And, surprisingly enough, actually a bit like Silk. Silk plus a strong sense of duty. He also has this problem with following dumb orders. He doesn't care what his orders are, he's not going to leave his people behind. "If you don't do what they want, they'll kill you. If you don't do what we want, we'll let them."
Mini-Jack: Colonel O'Neill's clone. About my age.
Angus MacGyver (from the TV show MacGyver; go figure): He's Jack O'Neill, but younger. Literally. He was played by Richard Dean Anderson, the same actor who plays Jack O'Neill in Stargate. Great sense of humor, even hotter than Jack, and way smarter. He can think his way out of any situation. And he's always making bombs. Only problem is, he hates guns.
Richard Dean Anderson: He's the actor who plays both Jack and MacGyver, and he's the reason they both have such a great sense of humor.
Murdoc (MacGyver): He's an assassin, and he's usually not all that hot, but he's a great guy when his sister needs rescuing, and you should see him in black leather.
Major John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis): Hot. Definitely hot. Great sense of humor, and about as likely to follow stupid orders as Jack O'Neill.
Doctor Daniel Jackson (Stargate/Stargate SG-1): I loved him in the first two seasons. Then he cut his hair. Ah well. He's still cute/hot, and he's really smart. He figured out the Stargate. Plus he knows twenty-three different languages. I know Latin better than he does, though. But I shouldn't tell him that. He might get childish. (Example of argument between him and Jack: "No I didn't." "Yes you did." "No I didn't." "Yes you did." Goodness, I love those guys!)
Johnny Storm: "I need shots, and names."
Matthew Jay Medina: My boyfriend. 3

I love to read, write, and draw (and write songs). I plan to be an author. My current work-in-progress is a revised version of "If I Were a Herald." I'm making it to where it doesn't have anymention of anything Misty-related.I also like to climb trees. I am technophobic, acrophobic, and I don't know the word for it but I get stage fright.

I have a cat named Princess, and she is the most adorable thing in the world. Except for the new kitten, Maxx. Oh, and except for Jacky and Jaimy, the calico kittens who live at the hunting camp in South Carolina, and whom we almost got to take home. But I think they're dead now. Very sad.

I started my Freshman year of college a few weeks ago. I go to New College of Florida, which has got to be the most awesome college ever. I'm taking Gen Chem, Calc III, Elementary Greek I, Norman Conquest of the Medieval World, and Early Caribbean History: Swashbucklers, Slaves and Servants.

Remember that song I mentioned earlier, "Death and His Shadow"? I hope you do, because it was only a few paragraphs back. Well, I decided to write a short story based on that song. It's set in Omalya (of course), and if any of you want to read it, I'm trying to get it published. Look for an author by the name of Rainwater, story title "Death and His Shadow." In addition, I'm now working on a pirate romance story, based on what I'm learning in my Caribbean History class.

My favorite character in LotR is Kalimac, called Kali. Most of you know him as Meriadoc, called Merry. In Westron, 'kali' means 'joyful'

In Angarak, 'Kal' means 'King and God'

Kali is another name for the Hindu Goddess Shakti, who embodies both creation and destruction. Kali is the Goddess of Death.

'Kalli' is the Greek word for 'beautiful.' Or, in Attic Greek, it's 'kale,' with a long 'e' pronounced like a long 'a' in English.

No, I'm not going to explain why I put in those last few tidbits. It's a riddle you must solve. I love riddles. Or you could just read either "Stargate SG-13 Episode 1: Excursion in Chaos" or "Goddess on Vacation." Or you could read my newest fic, "If I Were a Herald," which is actually a different fic from the original one with that title. It now has a plot, and some level of coherency.

Ha! I've figured out what 'rn' means. It means 'return.' I feel smart now.

Some of my stories are just a bunch of bs, but some of them I actually took some time on. Such as The Killer and Chaos at Hogwarts. But those were two of my first fics, so they have all the problems associated with first fics. Er, The Love of the Rings I think is pretty good, it's not my best but it's better than some. I Confused Legolas! is a mystery fic, and I've been told it's pretty good. I've also been told it sucks, and I'm more inclined to believe the latter review. I'm only leaving it up because I got lots of reviews, and I collect reviews.

I have discovered Pirates of the Caribbean as of Christmas, and I've posted two PotC fics: Daughter of a Pirate (failed Jack Sparrow romance), and Pirates, Ye Be Warned (which is supposed to be funny). I am also working on a sequel to Pirates, Ye Be Warned, called Into the Vortex, which is even crazier, and includes such things as Ultrasonic Flying Oranges, a high-speed chase down the interstate, and the pirates, the Coast Guard, Norrington's men, and the crew of the Enterprise being trapped on a tropical island with nothing to do. Since Pirates of the Caribbean has Jack Spa-Captain Jack Sparrow, excuse me, and writing him out of character would be sacrelige, I'm not writing any dumb PotC fics. Some crazy ones, yes, but crazy is Jack's middle name.

Wow. I just learned that Orlando Bloom's birthday is January 13. I wonder if he was born on Friday the 13th.

I've started a Stargate fic. A whole lot of Stargate fics, actually, but I've only started typing and posting one. It's called "Stargate SG-13 Episode 1: Excursion in Chaos." I also have a MacGyver fic I just started. "Goddess on Vacation." It's crazy. I wasn't planning to post it, but I was bored Thursday so I decided to start expanding on my outline, and the first chapter was absolutely inspired. It is so me that it's amazing. Totally the way I'd have written the story in my journal if it had really happened. Other than the bad language. Now don't get me wrong, I do use bad language occasionally, but not as often in real life as I do in the story. Or in the Stargate fic, for that matter. Actually, the two are related. The stories are supposedly written from my point of view, and the main character is me, just several years in the future and after graduating from West Point. Yeah, yeah, Mary-Sueish, what was I thinking, deciding that I could go to West Point? The truth is, I probably could have gotten in, if I'd gotten the congressional nomination. West Point was trying to recruit me. So I figured I could get away with it. If you don't like it, don't read the story. And if you think I'm being overly arrogant, feel free to give me a cyber-slap. I probably deserved it.

I just went through and removed all my stupid stories.

I just removed "The Love of the Rings," but it's only temporary. I'll put it back up as soon as I have the whole thing typed, which probably won't be for quite a while. Savvy?

"If I Were a Herald" has been posted once more, but it's been completely rewritten... as in the only thing the same is that I'm the main character. This version even has a plot. It's set in the reign of King Roald. Blatant self-insert with some Mary-Sue overtones, but I've tried to keep that part of it toned down. I've actually worked quite hard on this story, when I really should have been doing homework. But that's how this sort of thing goes. Please, please, please read and review it, especially if you've ever read any of Misty's work. In IIWH, I'm continuing my exploration of my own personal writing style, and I want feedback: what I'm doing write, what I'm doing wrong, what I can improve. So far I have two dedicated reviewers. Kudos to Fireblade K'Chona and Nawyn. I had another, but he dropped off the face of the planet. Now I've acquired another dedicated reviewer: Tempeste-Silere. And my boyfriend Jay is going through and reviewing every chapter. note to self: must bug Jay to read and review some more after Calc exam today (12/6/05)

I'm planning a rewrite of "Daughter of a Pirate." Make it more original than it is at the moment. As it stands, the first paragraph is good, and it goes downhill from there.

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